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Don’t give up on me!  I’m still trying out the Fixed Crawl method of shooting.  I was down on the farm on Monday (the only evening fit to shoot so far this week) giving it another go.  I decided to shoot all my arrows for each end and before the practice session was over, I had ruined one arrow and damaged a second nock.  That is a sure fire way of knowing things are coming together for you.  When you are punching arrows into the same hole you are becoming a machine.

With so many arrows being shot during one end, it doesn’t take long to wear yourself out and that is exactly what I did.  The strength endurance is quite demanding and holding 50 or so pounds of draw weight gets to this old guy pretty quickly.  I keep thinking….. Butt, you are only going to get one shot so make it count!

I recorded my first two ends and this is what they looked like.




For some of you old time archers this is probably a pretty disgusting set of arrows, but for me they look pretty good.  I still have all of the months of June and July and half the month of August to get them tightened up.  I think I’m on the right track.

I need to place a stump at the 25 yard mark and do some sit down practice like I was doing before this new method caught my attention.  I’ll be doing that when this evening shower and wind issue leaves us.

Weasel came down after I had been shooting an hour, so I think I had probably shot 10 to 15 ends of 12 arrows each end and I was quite tired.  I recorded this end and then called it a day!


I call it my “Smiley End” and a good one to quit on!

May 25, 2016

Bears Butt


I was shooting last night with Weasel and I noticed most of my arrows were hitting lower than the target.  Similar to the two pictures above.  With that I decided to move my fixed crawl point up toward the nocking point.  I moved it the width of the clamp and this was the result.


A closer look:


Only 4 out of the 11 arrows are not in the target!  I’m very pleased and will continue to use this method and practice, practice, practice!

Bears Butt

May 28, 2016

Written on May 25th, 2016 , Archery stuff

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