By: Bears Butt

And so it was. Sir Butt explained all he needed to say to Huff. The rest you might say is history.

Huff thought about what Sir Butt had just explained to him and after several hours of non-talking as they traveled, he suddenly told Sir Butt what his thoughts were.

“Sir Butt”! Said Huff suddenly. “Sir Butt, you have answered the question and the question is going to come in a statement! A statement that all in Common Land will be able to relate to Sir Butt, without actually saying your name. Although some will still say it, they won’t have to and the people hearing it will know who is being talked about”!

“AH, OK. And what is this statement”? Questioned Sir Butt

“It’s so simple, Sir Butt”! Said Huff. “Here it is!

‘Whenever Cache is withdrawn from His Account, serious Charges are in store! Something always makes sure of that’!

What do you think of that, Sir Butt”?

“I guess so”. Said Sir Butt in a quizzical manner.


Well folks, as dumb as that was, that is the end of this story. Well, maybe not the end, but close enough to call it the end. There is another in the making but it won’t be tied to this too much, I’m sure you are glad for that. It has to do with the sharpening of Cache’s blade…but we all know that Cache’s blade never needs to be sharpened. You’ll read about it soon enough.

Bears Butt
August 23, 2015

Written on August 23rd, 2015 , Sir Butt
By: Bears Butt


(Pay close attention to the far left side of the hill behind this picture of camp, you will hear something special about it later on)

It’s the 2015 bow hunt in Utah and I’ve been invited to go with Weasel and Conner on their hunt.  Actually, Squirrel and I were invited in order to be the cooks and chief bottle washers for the two hunters.  Weasel also purchased an over the counter elk tag, which allows him to shoot either a spike bull or cow of his choice.  So, since we were going to be in pretty good elk country, he might as well do that.

Weasel and Conner took our camp trailer up the week before the hunt to secure a spot.  Now, before you go off telling me that was as illegal as all heck, I have to say this…I know it!  The forest rules for camping are pretty strict in Utah, but since there is nobody enforcing those rules, they become a mute point.  Nearly everyone does it who wishes to secure the same spot each year.  If they ever started to enforce those rules they would have one heck of a confiscated equipment auction some time in the future.  Nuff said.

Our little camp spot is right along side a main road and there was a lot of room for others should they like to camp there too.  We stayed to one side to allow lots of room for bigger rigs, but nobody wanted to join us….well, except for the domestic cows and bulls being grazed in the area.  We had to do a lot of “camp patrol” to scoop up the big dump piles they so dearly love to leave right where you least expect it.


The grass was green and tall (which made for finding the piles of cow poop harder).  In fact the grass all over the mountain was that way.  Not dry and crackly like down lower on the mountain.  It actually made for a wonderful little camp spot.


(Wow I feel like an eagle with this picture).

Well, we arrived in camp about noon the day before the opener, got things unpacked, packed, organized, disorganized, setup and ready for the next 6 days of camping and hunting.  We didn’t pick out what we commonly called a “Ying-Yang” tree in which to hang our bagged game, instead knew up front we would be boning out any animals we might have the good fortune to harvest.  But we did manage to cut up 6 nights worth of dry firewood from the nearby forest.  The work of cutting up the wood was done by the two boys and myself, while Weasel went off down the trail to recover his trail camera pictures at a near by spring.  By the time he had travelled up the road to the trail head and then took the 4 mile round trip in and back, we had the wood secured and enjoying the afternoon shade!


One of the big things we have started to do the past couple of hunts is to eat our supper meal about 4 p.m.  That time of day usually finds us back at camp waiting for the evening hunt and it’s a good time to take the time to cook up the meal and relax while eating it.  We accomplished our meal of hamburgers and chips and were ready to take a drive around to see who else was camping near us and to see if we could find any deer or elk.


Our real goal is to find some “nice” bucks, but this little guy just might be in trouble in the morning.  If we don’t get a chance to see him again, at least he gave us quite a show tonight.  He had a big brother with him, but big brother left him to the savages and took off before I could get the camera on him.  This little guy has a lot to learn.


On the other hand, we did see a pretty nice one up on the skyline before the evening ended.

Whenever we are on a hunt like this one, we always like to have a little fun with the other hunters.  This night was no different.  We had decided, as a group, to put up a fake “harvested deer” in a bag and place it where people could see it from the road.  Just to make them think we are the mighty hunters we think we are.  We grabbed up a nice game bag and stuffed it with sticks in the shape of a deer.  We called it our “Sticks By Sticks” buck and hung it close to the road.


To the casual driver and passengers, it would look to be a nice little buck hanging in that bag.  Of course having it hanging the night before the opening day should have raised a few eye brows.  We had fun with it, as we listened to people passing by on 4 wheelers and in trucks pointing and saying “Hey, they got one”!  We just chuckled.  But then when the game warden came into camp on Sunday to see our big buck, he got a kick out of it being a “Sticks By”!  I think it made his day as well.

As with all our hunts the days get all mixed up and you lose track of which pictures come from what day, but still the stories the pictures tell are great no matter what the order.

Opening day had us all excited.  Weasel was going to still hunt into the area he has had his trail camera all summer long, while Conner will be sitting in a strategic spot overlooking a well used trail.  The three of us will sit until about 8 and then still hunt our way into a trail leading up to where Weasel will be.  Radio communication will put us together with him and then we will go in search of a second water source we heard about in the area.


We did managed to see “an animal” of some sort running off around a bend in the road as we made our way toward Weasel’s position, but did not get to see it good enough to know what it was.  There were elk tracks in the road where we saw it, but there were also deer, coyote and domestic cow tracks as well.  All of them fresh.  When we got to our meeting spot we had a candy bar and talked about our hunt so far.  None had seen any deer or elk that could be positively identified.  So, we made our way to see if we could find the water.  It was very easy to find but very few tracks of anything coming into it.  So we scratched if off our “we need to be here tomorrow” list.

As it turned out, we spent the first two mornings sitting on well defined trails hoping something would come through and that strategy just caused frustration, especially to Conner.  Young people are either antsy or sleepy and sitting for long stretches of time just doesn’t cut it.  They would rather be up walking around or driving in the truck.  We did find a new water guzzler with a ton of deer tracks on it and Conner decided he would like to spend an evening sitting near that.


But to no avail.  This would be the last “stand” for Conner as he is convinced sitting in one spot does not mean you are going to get a shot.  We saw nothing that evening.

The next few mornings found us looking at beautiful sunrises!  Little did we know that the fires in the Western States around us were causing all the smoke that we were seeing in the distance, but it sure made for some nice views.





And our days continued to begin and end quickly.  It’s very funny how time leading up to an opening day go soooo slowly and then when the big day arrives the whole hunt is over like a flash.  Mornings began for us at 4:30 a.m. and ended before 10 p.m.  All of us exhausted.  As for me, I got a big kick out of watching Squirrel as the day progressed.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid that liked to sleep as much as he did.  I took a picture of him on one of the morning stands.  It reminds me of “Can you find the Critter” pictures.


15CodySleepingMorningDay3 copy

He was cammoed up pretty good.

But on the other hand I have to give it to him, he stuck with the plan that he and I were to be the number one and two cooks for the camp.


On this day, he cooked everything and left me the job of grilling the garlic toast.  The spuds were crispy as we all like them and the meat was perfectly done!  I think I burnt the garlic toast a bit.

And when we took our road day trips and found ourselves a bit too far away from camp to catch lunch, we popped open a can of Kipper Snacks and munched away.  Cody wasn’t sure he would like them, but found out quickly just how good they are.


It’s times like these that makes a Grandpa real proud.  His son showing how fun the out of doors is to his two sons.  Everyone pitching in to get the job done and everyone having a time of their lives.  I think the best picture I took of the entire hunt was this one, where Weasel and Connor are trying to outsmart a nice buck just off the trail.

17Day4MorningHunt copy

Of course Mr. Buck was too smart to be taken out by these two guys.

And on the last day of our time there, we encountered this little lady coming at us down the road.




Not a care in the world.

During this hunt we saw eagles, hawks, a moose, a coyote, tons of squirrels and chipmunks, a cow elk, a few antelope and hundreds of deer.  We saw some amazing things, like that fawn walking down the road and going past us.  We watched as the timber guys cut down an entire hillside of the tall pines that grew there.  Stripped them of their branches and cut them to length and laid them next to the road.

On a sad note we saw lifeflight take some poor guy off the mountain who had been injured in an atv accident.  We also talked to another group of hunters who witnessed another atv rider drive off the edge of the road and roll his rig, possibly breaking his arm.  But that one could have been much worse.  We also watched one camp with three hunters in it continue to sleep in morning after morning when we were counting 50 to 60 deer mornings.  They always say, the deer are where you find them and when you find them.  Well, we never actually saw any in their camp, but we did find some not too far away.  And speaking of away, we met a couple of hunters coming down the road who had just past our camp and they said there was a small 2 point just outside camp on the hillside….A perfect scene for Muskrat.  He always said he would rather sleep in and then shoot one out of camp as he sat there with a cup of coffee.

There is more to this story, but you will have to catch the four of us around a camp fire to hear the rest of it.


Bears Butt, Conner, Squirrel and Weasel!

Bears Butt

August 21, 2015




Written on August 21st, 2015 , Hunting Stories
By: Bears Butt

“Well, Huff”. Said Sir Butt “There are lots of things that can be said about bravery in the face of a two headed dragon. But you must know how a two headed dragon works within and I’ve been taught by the best…..well second best, because I’m the best, but I wasn’t always the best which then made me second best until I was taught and learned from then the best, when then I became the best and he became second best. You see?

I won’t go into how a two headed dragon works from inside, you can read about that in another story on if you so desire to know. What I can tell you now is that my trusty steed Something has everything to do with bravery in the face of ANY dragon. He is fearless as he CHARGES forward into the face of that danger and edges me so very close so as to allow the sharp cutting edge of Cache to take the dragons head off with ease. All I have to do is hold the sword out and hang on as the steed makes the charging force and hits the dragon perfectly with the edge of the sword.

As the rider on the back of Something, I get really proud to be a part of dragon head lopping and if my sword, Cache, had a brain it too would be proud of how it performs! We are a team you know. Cache, Something and Sir Butt….oh and don’t forget My Account, as I don’t always need to be yielding Cache. Like right now! There is no danger, so no need to have it in hand. My free hand can hold my pouch of ale…see”?

Sir Butt likes his ale and so to have his hands free to hold at least one pouch of ale is always a good thing to him. Way back in the day Sir Butt explained just how a two headed dragon works and you should go in search of that story. It will help you understand that two headed dragons might not be so dangerous as most folks think. Besides searching for that story will take up a good portion of your not so productive of a day anyway.

Bears Butt
August 21, 2015

Written on August 21st, 2015 , Sir Butt
By: Bears Butt

They slept well too I might add and awakened to a full sun shining down on them. After a quick breakfast of hard roll, jerky and a cup of hot tea, off they went down the road toward Point B. Point A being where they had just spent the night!

The conversation continued where it had left off the night before. All three pieces of this puzzle must be included in a song or statement or some such other thing that people can say or do or whatever before they make that ever so important “Toast to the main man! Sir Butt”!

Huff questions Sir Butt about how he slays dragons and how in Common Ground he knows when a dragon is waiting along side the trail ahead.

How does he do it? How can he be so brave as to ride ever so close to a fire breathing double headed dragon and lop off both of its heads with one swipe of the sword?

Of course Sir Butt just gets all swelled up inside thinking he is the bravest of the brave, the most knowledgable of the knowledgable in all of Common Ground and even though he can’t sing, he can do most everything else.

He also prides himself on entering town after town and being hailed to the center of each for drinks on the house in the tavern. He loves his drinks of ale and often times over tips the glasses as he tries to please everyone in town, accepting their hospitality! (This is one reason he likes the solitude of being away from town most of the time. Hangovers are not one of his favorite things).


You are probably thinking to yourself…Where is the stupid story taking us? Well, you will just have to continue checking back to find out. In the mean time, I’m off on a bow hunt with my son and grandsons!

Bears Butt
August 14, 2015

Written on August 14th, 2015 , Sir Butt
By: Bears Butt

HippyLeRouxWinemaker and I made a trip over to Hotchkiss Colorado last week, the birthplace of my mother.  It’s a quiet little town tucked away in the foothills of the mountains.  It appeared that most people there were “visitors”, at least that is what I saw, as there was a county fair going on at the same time as we were visiting.  The local store “City Grocer”, honored our Smith’s discount card, but they didn’t carry Oly beer.  That was OK, as we had plenty with us.

So, we went there hoping to find some of my relatives from Mom’s side that were supposed to be buried there in the Riverside Cemetery.

When I think of anything named Riverside, I think there will be a river near by…. Well, this cemetery is up on a high plateau looking over the valley and some of the grave stones we saw were perched right on the edge of the plateau ready to be exposed to the air at the next rain storm and eventually will end up in the valley below.

Well, we looked at almost every one of the headstones in that cemetery and never did find any that we were looking for.  Even after Winemaker had been on Ancestry dot Com and seen pictures someone had taken of the very grave stones we were looking for.  We saw the opening wall of the cemetery, just like the one on Ancestry, so we knew we were in the right place, but no such gravestones were to be found.  We spent 3 or 4 hours wandering around there in hopes of discovering them….but to no avail.

What I did find was a very interesting one.  Someone carved into a rock the words written on the picture above:



Cemeteries are interesting places to visit.

Bears Butt

August 12, 2015


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By: Bears Butt

As most of you know I like my beer. I came across this today and thought it worthy of posting on my site. I hope you enjoy it!

Bears Butt
August 12, 2015

Written on August 12th, 2015 , Jokes I like!
By: Bears Butt

And off they went, Sir Butt sitting tall on Something and Huff walking alongside talking about the task at hand.

That evening as they settled in for the night they discussed the days discussions in brief and decided that perhaps, just perhaps, there could be some statement about Sir Butt and his trusty steed Something. After all, Sir Butt is nothing without Something! I think we can all agree to that. Add to that, Sir Butt is nothing without his sword Cache. After all, once again, no dragon would ever be beheaded without the ever sharp, non dulling edge of Cache!

So which is more important, sword or steed?

Well, one could surmise that without those two things no dragon would ever be killed. And none would be killed either if it were not for the brave (or stupid) Sir Butt riding atop Something and swinging that sword. It’s a combination of the three that make for dead dragons hither and yon.

And the three companions drifted off to sleep.

It’s probably not an issue at this point to say that Cache is the sharpest sword ever made. The steel it is made of is not steel at all but a special blend of whatever was molten in the pot when it was poured and drawn. It’s been said that the edge is so sharp it can cut your stare! And it is also said that you can not see the very edge of it as it is so very thin it is invisible, and yet it will cut at the slightest touch.

Picture if you will a standard “in your knife drawer” cutting knife. The blade is sharp…I assume…and you can touch the cutting edge if you are careful and it won’t cut you. Sir Butt’s sword Cache is not like that. If you ever even THINK about touching the edge it draws blood. So I advise all of you not to try to touch it…that is…if you ever get to see it.

Bears Butt
August 9, 2015

Written on August 9th, 2015 , Sir Butt
By: Bears Butt

Things settled down a bit and Sir Butt dismounted from Something in order to talk to the man face to face.

“What is troubling you Huffing? You don’t mind me calling you Huffing do you? Or would you rather be called Puffing? Or Huff Puff”? Asked Sir Butt.

“Sir Butt, please call me Huff. All my folks and friends call me that”. He answered.

“So be it Huff”! Replied Sir Butt “Now what is the trouble that caused you to run out across Common Ground to locate me”? He asked.

“Sir Butt, I have been running straight for many days without rest and for a good cause I might say. You see the people of the land have no reference to Sir Butt except for your name. And since you are SO VERY FAMOUS in all of Common Ground your name comes up at all the pubs every day and night. People will toast good things in your name but there is just something lacking. Perhaps a song or statement that we could all prost to”. Said Huff.

“Hmmmmm”, hummed Sir Butt. “A song about Sir Butt? I don’t know about that. You know I’m the worst singer in all the land and I won a big contest as being such a while back. The Best of the Worst as I recall. I don’t think a song is a good thing Huff”. Replied Sir Butt

“But Sir Butt, there has to be a song or poem or statement that makes people realize we are talking about the all knowlegable one, the only Sir Butt in all of Common Ground! Our protector of travel”. said Huff

“Huff, perhaps you and the people of Common Ground are right, but I don’t think it necessary to have such as that. Why can’t they lift their glasses up and just say ‘Here’s to Sir Butt’ and let it go at that”? Sir Butt asked.

“That is what is being done today, but there must be more”! Exclaimed Huff and then he went on….”You are a hero to us all! None of our lives would be what they are had it not been for you taking out the dragons in the deep canyon! Nor the mini biting dragons on the highlands”! Said Huff.

“Well, Huff, let us travel together back to where you came from and perhaps we can come up with something in light of what you are asking of me. We can work on it together”! Said Sir Butt.

And so the tale continues. What is it exactly that the people of Common Ground want. Sir Butt is trying to figure this one out and as yet has been unable to determine why they people wants anything more than what they have now. Very troubling to Sir Butt, but he does not let on to Huff about his concerns. He just hums his little tunes in his head and lets Something take the lead.

Bears Butt
August 5, 2015

Written on August 5th, 2015 , Sir Butt
By: Bears Butt

Part 2

Something is not in the least concerned with what he hears as he knows it is not a dragon that is approaching at a fast pace.

Then there appears a man running as fast as he can down the trail about 100 yards in front of them. And as he gets closer he stops running and begins walking quickly, slowing his pace as he gets next to them. “Whew”, said the man, “I was wondering if I would ever find you Sir Butt”! And he put both his hands on his knees and bent over to catch his breath.

“I do not know if I know you my man”! Said Sir Butt. “But it is obvious you know me. That does not surprise me however, because being who I am and the fact that I’m the most knowledgable one in all the land, most folks know me even though I do not know them. You are huffing and puffing. When you catch your breath, we will talk”.

And then Sir Butt just sat astride Something and waited for the man to catch his breath. As they waited, Sir Butt thought it would be appropriate to offer the man a drink.
“Would you care for a drink of hot tea or perhaps a cool drink of ale. I just removed my pouch of ale from the cold stream up the hill”.

“I would love a drink of cold ale, Sir Butt”. Said the man, “But how in all of Common Ground did you know my name is Huffing And Puffing”?

Sir Butt looked a bit surprised, but then in his own mind decided he had just had one of those moments where all things come into place at the same time and is recorded in time for all and eternity (whatever all of that means).

“Well”, answered Sir Butt, “When a man comes running up to me and has been running for a very long time, he is automatically huffing and puffing. Isn’t that obvious”? He asked.

“Why yes, Sir Butt…You are the smartest of the smartest”. Said Huffing and Puffing

By this time Sir Butt has removed the pouch of ale and handed it to Huffing and Puffing, who then took a very long and welcomed drink of cold ale.

Please do not think this is the end of this tall tale. More in the series will be coming within the next few days. Check back often as you never know when the next posting will occur and for sure YOU will want to be the first to read it and know exactly what is happening in the land of Common Ground!

Bears Butt
August 2, 2015

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