By: Bears Butt

How can this be? When does it end? Is Bears Butt a Nimrod, or a dumb shit?

It’s November 14th, 2020, the day after a great Friday the 13th. We had a very good cold front come through yesterday and last night, one that surprised most of us…about 12 midnight the sky opened up with a spectacular light show and thunder like most have never seen…lots of hail, snow, rain, wind…you name it! The dog never came back to bed, but chose to sleep on the floor just inside the bedroom door next to the hallway. I guess for a quick escape should the lightning hit the house.

Anyway, we awoke to a beautiful but cold morning with just a skiff of snow and very cold wind.

Notwithstanding, the day went as pretty usual for a Saturday. Willard had a carnival of sorts with crafts made from a variety of people from in town and out of town. Lots of other things going on as well with the Radtkes having their baby alpaca days.

Life is good here in good old and little Willard, Utah. Except for Trump about to be de-throned. We are a Republican State by the way.

So, as the day progressed, everything was pointing to a great evening hunt down on the farm. About 3 pm, I prepared myself for some practice archery shooting and at 4 went up to Weasels to participate in our usual daily activity.

We both shot extremely well during our 45 minute practice session and then it was time to head for the farm.

Arriving at the farm about 5 pm, Weasel reminded me that the last shooting minute was 5:40….not a long sit tonight. We hiked into our respective spots and took our stands.

About 5:25, I stood from my seat and took my usual standing position during the last few minutes of hunting time. It took about 30 seconds to see a buck moving across the meadow in my direction. Sure enough, I know this buck…I missed him the other night…the 3X4!!!! My heart began to race.

Digressing: After the last couple of misses, I have been reminded that I’m practicing at 20 yards and my arrow is “point on” at that distance. Shouldn’t I be shooting “lower” when the target is closer than that? I’ve thought long and hard about this. So, tonight as the buck is coming across the meadow toward me, I remind myself that if it gets within the 15 yard or closer mark, to aim a bit lower to make the arrow count.

The buck continues to come in a bee-line, straight to my position. My heart is really starting to pound at this point. As it stops at the edge of the short grass, on my side of the clover, (10 yards), I slowly raise my bow and prepare to draw for the shot. The buck will have to take three more steps and it will be a slam dunk 10 yard shot, broadside! My heart is racing. The buck takes the first step and is completely hidden behind a tree between he and I. I draw and anchor…I’m totally conscientious of what is going on….The buck takes a second step and I place the tip of the arrow right where his right front leg leaves his chest. He takes the third step and I release the arrow!

Thwack, and the lighted nock is sticking out of the dirt! Did I get a complete pass through? The buck runs toward Weasel’s position across the meadow. I can see no evidence that the buck is hurt in any way. The 200 yards he has covered should have been more than enough for him to drop dead. But NO! He parades in front of Weasel and gives him a shot! SWISH! A miss by Weasel!. I continut to watch the buck as it saunters around the meadow like it owns it. And then it wanders off to the South and out of sight!

I look into the meadow in front of me and see my lighted nock sticking out of the dirty some 15 yards in front of me. I think to myself…There is NO WAY I missed that buck. That arrow has to be covered in blood.

As the evening gets darker, I realize it’s past shooting time and I leave my blind to retrieve my arrow. Without much light I can see tell-tale sign of something that looks like blood and maybe hair and stuff.

I join Weasel and we both head for the truck. At the truck I pull out my flashlight and examine the arrow closer. It has blood the full length of it, but the fletchings (feathers) only have a trace of blood. Where did I hit the buck? Only God knows, unless Weasels trail camera has this shot recorded, afterall, if was right in front of it. My guess, the buck ducked and rolled to his left. The arrow, being aimed lower than I would normally shoot, hit right behind the right front leg, right where it leaves the chest. Passed through this loose skin and into the dirt. The animal is hit but not with a killing shot. He runs off as if nothing has happened.

Had I shot my normal shot, the arrow would have hit him right behind the right front shoulder, penetrated through at least the right lung and probably taken out the top of the heart.

From not on…I’m aiming for where I want the arrow to go.

How many more chances with this Bears Butt get this season? Maybe I’ve had my last one.

I think Weasel needs to trade me places so he can show me how to do this!!!

November 14, 2020

Bears Butt

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