By: Bears Butt

As dawn once again cracks the night sky, Sir Butt and Something find themselves in a very nice and secluded shelter surrounded by several clear and cold flowing streams. Something needs to be unteathered and so nestles his nose against Sir Butt’s cheek and gives him a push!

“Whaaa”! Exclaims Sir Butt in a startled and half awake voice. “Oh, it’s you Something! You must need to go”!

And up jumps Sir Butt to unteather Something.

Sir Butt then goes about his business and prepares himself a hot cup of tea, reusing yesterdays grounds for added flavor!

Before long, Something comes wandering back into the shelter of the tree canopy where they spent the night. It’s such a beautiful spot that they found for their nights stay.
Sir Butt spends almost all his time out searching for the nasty evils that are found here and their across the land of Common Ground. With his vigilance, there aren’t as many dragons as there have been in the past, but still enough of a presence that travelers fear they will encounter one as they go from their Point A to their Point B and they are all very pleased with the work Sir Butt has done to keep them safe.

Sir Butt realizes this and is more than happy to continue to travel and make safe the passages without pay.

As Sir Butt and Something begin their travel for this day, they hear running foot steps pounding the ground coming their way! Not knowing what the danger might be, Sir Butt draws Cache from His Account and sits upright on the back of Something, waiting for the danger to present itself.


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Bears Butt

July 31, 2015

Written on July 31st, 2015 , Sir Butt

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