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Sir Butt lives in the land called Common Land and travels from point A to point B, rarely stopping for more than just a few days at any one place.  His travels takes him through some of the most horrid of places inhabited by biting dragon flies and full grown fire breathing dragons!  He is constantly on alert as some of these beasts will hide with utmost skill and pounce on unsuspecting victims before they can even utter an amazed breath.

Sir Butt has some items always with him!  His sword called “Cache”, the sheath that Cache is stored in is called “His Account” and his trusty steed, always found between his legs when traveling,  “Something” and of course his shield made of pure silver and decorated with his name sake and year of commission.  Sir Butt!

For the mountain man rendezvous this year (2015), myself, Bears Butt, was asked by the Booshway if I could contact Sir Butt and find out if he was planning on making a visit to our fun and frolic event!  I have contacted him and he told me he wouldn’t miss it for the world and that he would be watching from “afar”, but would make a visit into camp sometime around dark on the Friday of the camp.  This will be wonderful!  I have never met him and I’m always away from the fire when he has come to visit in the past.  Maybe this year will be the year I get to actually see him.

As I understand it, Sir Butt comes to us with a great message each year and this year should not be anything less.  He is, as he says, “The all knowledgeable one”!  Words of wisdom come from people like him….most are dead…but none the less, we shall see (or rather hear).

In preparation for this event, I must remind you all that whenever Sir Butt takes his sword from its sheath there is certain reasons for concern!  He doesn’t do it just for fun.  Dangers are present and with Something always ready to jump into the action, he will charge forth with vigor and swing a stinging death upon the creatures in wait.

Some of you are very familiar with Sir Butt, some are not.  I encourage you to read the stories about Sir Butt in the category to the right and make yourselves familiar with this character of characters, the all knowledgable one.  The one with a singing voice only a mother could love.  But a brave sole his whole country loves with all their hearts.  And he enjoys his travels from one point to another to enjoy a festive drink of Ale from the center of town.

Bears Butt

July 30, 2015


Written on July 30th, 2015 , Sir Butt

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    jody wise commented

    Bear Butt when and where is this years renedvous going to be!?

    July 30, 2015 at 9:29 am
      Bears Butt commented

      Down on the farm. September 3 through 7. We camp between the creeks (by the bridge) but you don’t have to camp to come and play. We have 4 full days of fun and games. Muzz shooting begins Thursday from 9 to 5 and shooters each have a packet of targets to shoot. Once you are done shooting your packet you don’t have to shoot any more and can free up time to enjoy other activities. Friday again shooting 9 to 5 and then we have evening traditions such as flag raising, honoring those mountain men and women who have gone on before us, booshways message to the camp and Sir Butt is supposed to be there that night. Saturday shooting 9 to noon and then a host of activities mostly for the kids. Saturday night awarding shooting prizes, story telling and general fun. Sunday no rifle shooting but most likely a shotgun shoot 9 til noon and then an afternoon of mostly adult games…you won’t want to miss the “Mountain man Limpics”….$20 buy in all proceeds go to Homeless Veterans Association. Sunday night awarding the days prizes won for various events. We have raffle prizes and loads of fun. Usually 100 to 150 people will attend during the 4 days. Private message me for more info!

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