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Well, well, well!  Guess who is coming over to archery?  He made a simple trip to the farm to check on something, found me shooting my bow and decided to give it a go!  This group was one of his first ones with my recurve!  Then the next day he showed up at Weasels with a bow he bought used from a guy!  Not sure that was a bow he should have bought, but he did it anyway.  Since then I have not talked to him about bows or anything but I’m sure he is hooked.  There is something rewarding about flinging an arrow down range and actually hitting what you want to hit…instant reward.

Well, the farm has had my time lately and will continue to have it until the hay is in the barn.  These pics are from a couple of short trips to the field with the bow.


My practice if two fold:  One, to fling arrows and try to hit what I’m aiming at.  That is a given.  Two, is to get my strength up pulling that 55 pound set of limbs.  I might be doing it wrong, but my strength building is being accomplished by drawing back and holding the bow until I begin to shake.  Then I concentrate on my point of impact and release.  Each time I shoot, it is the same routine.  The last time out I noticed how much easier it was to draw the bow back.




Did you happen to notice the middle group is at a different target?  Weasel made a comment the other night about teaching my muscles to only shoot at the lower bale.  I had not thought about that and so I moved over and shot at one of his 3 spot targets which is on the upper bale.  My point of concentration on the 3 spot target is that triangle portion of white between the 3 circles.

Do you like the yellow circle in the single spot target?  Ya, me too, but unfortunately for me it was Weasel who made it all go away.  I can only hope that someday I could actually make a target like that myself.  Until then I’m just happy to be hitting inside the rings (most of the time)….there is still that one haunting arrow in each end that doesn’t want to play with the rest of the arrows (middle target above).

Bears Butt

July 14, 2015

Written on July 14th, 2015 , Archery stuff

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