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With the temperatures solidly in the 100 degrees it would be very easy to forgo shooting a few ends at the close of the day.  But like its been all week, I headed for the field to shoot and try to get my muscles used to the 55 pound draw weight.  Tonight I had some things on my mind and I’ve read where you shouldn’t shoot your bow if you have anything else to think about.  Well, I figured if I went down and shot it wasn’t for score or groups or whatever, it’s more for muscle strength.

I set up at the 20 yard mark with my usual 8 arrows…you know, the 6 good ones and the two odd balls.  Actually they are all good arrows, just the two are those 3050’s that seem to like to go wherever they want to go.  I will continue to shoot them just for the muscle work.

I don’t have a thermometer to let me know exactly how hot the temp is, but it had to be OVER 100 degrees down on the range.  The shade of the vehicle made it feel 20 degrees cooler sitting there, when in actuality it was probably still in the mid 90’s.  Lots of liquids were needed.

I did my usual and shot to warm up and then went for ends for pictures.  End one looked like this:


It doesn’t always work this way, but my first arrow was the one that hit way up over the target.  It was then that I had to force myself into forgetting about what was bothering me.  The remaining arrows found their way into the rings.  Between ends there was that haunting “non-shooting” pain going through my head.  I could feel my muscles especially in my drawing arm when I drew back, but even though it let me know it was there and in some pain, it also let me know things were getting some strength built up.

End 2:


By the time I released the last arrow, I knew my head was not in the game.  And as I studied the target and the arrow in it, I thought, “What the heck, Butt, only one of them missed the rings!  Keep shooting”!  I also made a mental note to forget my problem when I was shooting and concentrate on my form.

End 3:


You can guess why the two missed the entire backstop on this end.  Get your head in gear Bears Butt!  What you are worried about will all be gone in a day or two!

End 4:


For sure the daunting thoughts swirling in my head are controlling the evening!

End 5:


I took 3 to 5 minute breaks after two back to back ends and sat in the shade of the truck.  But my thoughts were always on “that other thing” than on archery.  And this wild group is proof positive I might as well have been home in the air conditioned house.  But, I decided that while shooting this end I had noticed the noise the bow was making had gotten louder.  Was it my imagination or had my brace height changed?  I pulled out the tape measure and gave it a look.


It’s under 8 inches, but would that little bit make that much difference?  I wish I had more knowledge about these things.  And I made my mind up I would take off the string, twist it 4 turns and restring it.  I got to thinking that perhaps this string, the one that came with my 30 pound limbs, isn’t strong enough for my 55 pound limbs!  Anyone out there with thoughts on that?  As tough a task as that is for short little old me, I got it done, pulled the tape out again and checked it!


I actually expected to be closer to 8 1/4 inches than what it actually ended up being, but I went ahead and shot the next end.  The bow was much more quiet.  Did it shoot better?  Well, you can say what you will when you see the next end, but again, my head just wasn’t with the program.

End 6:


By now my shoulder and right arm were feeling very fatigued and I knew it was time to head for the barn (home).  One more end and I’ll head that direction, besides it’s hot!  🙂

Last End for the day:


HEY!  I can only count 7 arrows!  I know I shot 8!


There you are you little stinker!

So, with all of this, there is something to be said about having something bothering you when you are archery practicing.  Of course we should not use that as an excuse to not practice.  We all have something bothering us all the time…it’s part of life.  7 ends plus a practice round = 8 ends….8X8 = 64 arrows on a hot day!  Will I feel it in the morning?  Probably!

So I’m writing this “the next morning” and can tell you I feel my neck muscles on the right side of my neck.  My right shoulder muscle is sore and my bow arm muscle below the elbow is also sore.  Not so much to stop me from doing anything…I haven’t injured myself, they are just toning up!  I won’t be shooting today but should be back at tomorrow!

Bears Butt

June 28, 2015

Written on June 28th, 2015 , Archery stuff

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