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There are gimics in everything we do, especially outdoors.  The saying in the fishing world goes something like:  Well, it caught what it was intended to catch….YOUR MONEY!  And that is usually the case.  I’ve bought a lot of cool looking fishing gear and it still sits in my tackle box without so much as a strike hitting it.  Definitely caught my money.  And it goes into the archery world as well.  Tons of way cool looking stuff to help you hit your target.  Some of it actually works and I’m sure when (for instance) bow sights first came out on the market the died in the wool traditional archers raised their eye brows.  Well folks, today I came across another interesting tid bit that was introduced to the archery world a few years back.  It is the first I have heard about these and thought I would share a video of someone actually testing them out.

The product is called “Twister Nock”.  (As opposed to when Twister comes over for a visit….that would be Twister Knocks….just sayin) It is touted to begin the arrow spinning at the point the string on the bow is released.  Adding the spinning motion at the beginning of the arrow flight is supposed to stabilize it quicker, just like a bullet from a rifle.  They actually say in their advertising the arrow will be nearly completely stabilized within inches of leaving the bow.  That is something that takes a few feet by the action of the vanes or fletchings on the arrow shaft catching the wind and turning the arrow shaft.

Maybe some of you have heard of these or even tried them out.  Give us some feedback on it AND would these be legal in archery contests around the world?


Bears Butt
April 28, 2015

Written on April 28th, 2015 , Archery stuff

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    Dale Harding commented

    Here is a slow mo of what a Twister Nock really does. It can only rotate an arrow 1/4 turn then locks up.

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