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Last weekend I was afforded the opportunity to work as a range officer at an archery event.  After putting in several hours on Saturday, my legs and feet were feeling the pain of being on them all day long and walking 120 yards back and forth every 10 minutes or so.  Sunday morning I was to be back at 9 a.m. to do it again.  My legs were feeling cramped from the day before and so I ate one of the HuntNdurance energy bars just before my shift came on.  The energy bar tasted GREAT!  I didn’t bother looking at the flavor on the outside of the package, I just opened it up and ate it.  I have to say it did what it was advertised to do.  I didn’t have any issues with my legs cramping for the 3 hours I was on the line!  NONE!

I still have a few more to eat and I’ll keep things posting up based on what I experience.  As for right now, I think these guys are on to something very good!

Bears Butt

April 15, 2015

Turkey hunting season:

I took 3 HuntNdurance fruit bars with me on one of our turkey hunts.  And had Weasel, Hot Spark and of course me, try them out.  They tasted wonderful!  A whole lot better than the other snack granola type bars on the market.  As for what they did for our stamina on the hunt, that is impossible for us to know.  But I can tell you they Tasted Great!  They filled the void in our bellies from no breakfast and got us through until lunch time!  I’d have to say they are worth giving a try next time you go hunting!

Today, May 7, Weasel and I were hunting and had been since before daylight.  It was about 1 p.m. and we had a gobbler crossing an opening about 300 yards ahead of us.  We needed a boost of energy to get us over to the other side to try and intercept him.  We each gulped down one of the 2 oz Energy Shots and then off we went in hot pursuit of the gobbler.  I’m 65 years old and after that I never looked back as we busted our way across the hillside and up to intercept that bird.  Ya, we never did see the bird again, but I didn’t feel any ill effects from having my butt kicked by not having any energy to get there!  I had lots of energy!  And it didn’t taste bad either!  Berry flavor!  Get yourself some!

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