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The lanes were filled to near capacity last night as it seems most everyone was there to post up league scores for week 4.  Being new to this whole deal it seemed VERY crowded, however, everyone stayed in their particular portion of their shooting lane and it was quite organized.  Here is a picture of the shooters down range scoring their targets.



With that many shooters there has to be some kind of “safe” and “organized” method to allow everyone equal opportunity to shoot and not be disturbed while doing so.  From my limited knowledge, when it gets this crowded, the lane captain (in last nights case, the lane captain was Weasel), will call for “double line” shooting.  What does that mean to you and me?  I suppose right now I should show you what the range looks like when nobody is around.


This picture shows a double row of “bunks” (bunks is what I call the big blocks of foam material that stops the arrows).  The Brigham Bowmen have a range that looks almost exactly like this one.  So, you have upper bunks and lower bunks on which to put your target.  When the shooters come up to shoot, they will place their target on either the upper or lower bunk to start with.  And with any competition, there are stinking rules.  No matter whether you place your target on the range, upper or lower bunk, after half way through the shooting, you will move your target to the other bunk.  HEY!  Don’t ask me!  I just follow the stinking rules.

So, folks come down to shoot and do as well as they can, but remember, no alcohol is allowed in the range building, but also remember, you left it at home and it’s getting warmer by the minute.  So, you want to get down there, shoot your target, get is scored and signed off and get back home as quick as you can!  Here is where the double line comes in to play.


Multiple targets down range!  Some on the top bunks, some on the bottom bunks.

If you are shooting in a lane with someone else and their target is on the bottom bunk, you honor their position and let them shoot first.  When they are finished, they move out of the way and allow you to shoot your target on the upper bunk.  It stays organized and civil.  However, if you are the only one with a target on your bunk it doesn’t matter if you are on the top or bottom, you can go ahead and shoot whenever you wish.  It’s the “lane sharing” folks that have to live by the stinking double line rule.  That is the price you pay to have someone who likes to be close to you.

So, last night was week 4 scoring for Weasel, Squirrel and I.  With this weeks trapping and archery and orchestra happenings, I felt Monday was the only day I could go up and have a “sort of relaxing” shoot in which to score.  And it was obvious that a lot of folks felt the same way.


Squirrel did not want to take my soda money away from me last night and so we just shot for our scores.  I offered, he turned it down and I’m glad.  Wait till you see the results of the scoring last night.  Conner came up as well just to get some practice in and both he and Squirrel were shooting some impressive groups.  Squirrel even took more quarters from Weasel with his “X” shooting!

Conner kept his score on his target and came away with a very impressive 212 (I think).  When you think about a 212 against a 300 that is not a bad score for someone relatively new to this sport.  The target we are shooting requires 60 shots in sets of 5 p/end and to shoot a 212, that means you gave up about 1 1/2 points each time you shot, or in other words, with a 5 being the most you can score p/shot, you averaged 3 1/2 points each time you shot.  Averages are meant to make you feel good.

(I worked with a guy who liked to golf and when he shot a bad hole, he would always put his “average” score down on his score sheet rather than the score he actually shot.  I know!  I know!  That is not how you are supposed to do it, but that was his way of making himself feel good).

Squirrel was shooting extremely well last night and came away with a scratch score (no handicap added in) of an even 200!  Someday I’m going to grow up and shoot a 200 score.

We were scoring a couple next to us and they were scoring us (that is another example of following a stinking rule) and he said to me “That little guy is kicking my butt tonight”!  I told him to get used to it, he is just now getting his game on.

Well, let me remind you of myself.  Recurve bow, no sights, 7 lessons under my belt, limited practice time, old, tired out from trapping, arrows I’m told are not made for my bow (is there anything else I can throw in here?)… raw score….144!

I was ON FIRE last night!  I only gave up 2.6 points each time I shot!  AND, I’ll add, I only missed the target (paper) 6 times!  AND…I got an X!

That 144, my friends, is my personal best!

Bears Butt

February 24, 2015


Written on February 24th, 2015 , Archery stuff

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