By: Bears Butt

SmartBeaverAn update as to our beaver issue.  We have been very busy with the hay, but that doesn’t mean the beaver has been standing by watching.  Nope!  He has been his regular busy little self.  Last week we thought he was done in for sure as the land owner next to our field shot him 3 times with his 12 gauge shotgun.  Bob watched as the beaver rolled and flipped after each shot.  Well, as of even last night, he had re-built his mess over the spillway where we take water to irrigate the fields.  I was there at about 10 p.m. and cleaned off the spillway.  I also shined my headlamp across the pond hoping to see his little beaver eyes, but nothing.

Meanwhile, there are traps set in one of the ditches as well as the creek.  We have caught 5 raccoons but no beaver.  One of the traps had a big wad of grass stuck in it, so that was a close one for Mr. Beav.  Last night Bob had a raccoon in a trap that had died and Mr. Beav used its carcass and the trap as part of his new dam!  Beavers don’t care.

So, are we dealing with more than one beaver?  We think, yes.

The beaver activity is getting to be an all year event so far and it’s our feeling that they are getting more active right now as they are running out of time to get their dams built and a food supply stashed under the deep water before winter sets in.  Even though our day time highs are near 100 degrees, the little beavers know it won’t be long before the waters freeze.  It’s a bad thing that the beavers in the bay were treated so good after the discovery of the fuel line spill last year.  Little Beaver Heros…..They would have been taken care of real good for a lot less money if I would have been in charge of it.

Bears Butt

July 27, 2014

Written on July 27th, 2014 , Daily Trapping Events

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