By: Bears Butt

No time to do anything other than check the beaver traps yesterday as we were busy with the hay for the season.  But a quick look revealed one jump trap set off below the snare and the snare was again tripped.  The two coni bear traps below the snare set were untouched.  However, when Bob went down by the railroad tracks the two traps down there were gone!  Including the big log that they were tied to.  He didn’t have his hip boots and so as he searched around he could see the big log stuck inside the pipe down stream and when he ventured that direction he could clearly see a rear leg of a beaver in one of the traps sticking out the end of the pipe.  He had chewed it off.

There is little doubt that he continued downstream and ended up in Willard Bay.  I don’t think we will be bothered with that beaver ever again.  However, we also know there is still a beaver in Neff’s pond because as I went down to get ready for the hay early in the morning, I saw the large ripples moving out from the bank which were caused by a fairly large animal jumping in off the shore.

The drama continues!

Bears Butt

July 20, 2014



We just came up from resetting the beaver traps and Tracker removed the foot from the trap down by the Railroad….it was a raccoon foot….not a beaver foot!  So, the title of this should read…Another Raccoon tagged!

Bears Butt

Written on July 20th, 2014 , Daily Trapping Events

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