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There are times when the space allowed on Facebook is just not quite enough for a response.  One such incident happened yesterday and I feel bad that I was not aware of the posting until today.  It was a funny one.

One of my nephews and someone I consider a very good friend at the same time, asked why no body told him how good his new hair cut looked on him.  How when women go into a beauty shop and have their hair cut everyone praises them on how nice it looks.  (I don’t think anyone would dare to say how “not nice” it looked….ever!)

My dad once said (he probably said it more than once because my memory still has the saying stuck in my head)…The difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is about a week.

That statement makes real good sense.  If the barber somehow cut an end off too short, in one weeks growing time, it will catch up with the rest of the hairs and look just fine.  Or, it could be that people who associate with the person with the bad hair cut just get used to it in a weeks time and nothing more needs to be said about that.

First off Softball, guys usually don’t need to be told their hair cut looks good.  After all, how many ways can you cut the hair on a guys head and have it look any different than it did the last time it was cut?

Perhaps the kids of today are changing that for their generation, but with our age of guys…there just isn’t much change happening.  In fact, I could save myself two trips to the barber a year and $25 if I just shaved my head everyday at home!  Bald is bald!  Bald is beautiful!  And (if you get my drift and spell the words differently) Being bald is not half bad!  That’s what I say.

So, since I’m lazy enough not to want to shave my head everyday, or even every other day…look at my beard…I don’t shave it but twice a year.  The difference between my head of hair and my chin of hair is that gravity pulls down on the chin hairs and makes for a pretty full look, while the gravity attraction to the hair on my head tends to make them suckers fall out when they get just sooo long.  The ones on the side of my head get long and stay pretty thick but the top ones….well, there aren’t many of them left up there.

You my friend have the same genetics I have, only maybe a bit more.  Your hair retention genetics have saturated just a little more than mine and so your side hair “stand” isn’t much different than your top hair “stand”…see what I mean? For you, you can look in a mirror and see it.  Tip your head down and look out the top of your eye lids, or get someone to hold a mirror over your head so you can see what’s up there and on the sides too.

So, here you go…it might be brutal, but here it goes.

Softball, I have to tell you that the English language is quite the thing.  Sometimes when someone says something, it can have a couple of meanings at the same time and “hair” is one of those things.

When you are looking at a person with a “full head of hair”, what do you imagine in your own mind….just that, a head with lots of hair above the eye brows, above the ears and on top of the head.  As for the hair above the ears, well that hair might be growing down over their ears and that’s ok, the fact remains the hair is there in abundance!

So, when this person steps into the barber shop for a “hair cut”, that term is used in a very generic way and it means they are in there to get “all of their hair cut at the same time” and it will be shaped in some fashion that they like when they come out.

In your case, you go in for a hair cut, it’s just that “A hair cut”….sure there are several strands up there that will get cut, but the barber really has a tough job with your “head of hair”, maybe I should rephrase that to “head of hairs”…see the difference?  He has to be very precise in his cutting as he doesn’t want to miss one as then it would be much longer than that rest of them and it would look awful!  I’d hate to be you if that happened, because Grandpas saying would last until you got your next hair cut.

Softball you just have to give it up buddy!  No body is going to notice you getting your head of hairs cut, unless something tragic happens like the barber missing one.  If that ever happens you can be certain someone (a friend) will pull you aside and offer to trim that little sucker for you.

So, from here on out, please just leave the barber shop knowing that what has been done on top of your head is all good and you don’t need someone telling you how sharp you look!  You always look sharp, with or without a hairs cut.

I’m just trying to be honest with you!


Bears Butt

December 29, 2013

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    And now I have had another great laugh. At my expense. Great read!

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