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As I am waiting for the decided upon hour (minute) to arrive to go off turkey hunting I figure I might as well remind you one last time about the application period for antlerless permits.  The application process began last Wednesday and continues to June 20…for some of you that is a long time, for others it isn’t.

Weasel and I decided we would group up and apply for a CWMU unit for cow elk, rather than take a chance on drawing another unit that would coincide with the muzzy deer hunt where we like to hunt.

Why?  There are more permits available for this CWMU than the general area that was considered and secondly, it’s an “almost guarantee” of getting an elk on the CWMU, IF we draw.  No draw means more points for future draws…we now have 3 points.

The biggest drawback to the CWMU, as I see it, is the hunting dates.  It is left up to the CWMU land owner and his help to determine when to call us to come up for the hunt.  Which isn’t a bad thing, because usually when they call it’s because the animals are there and generally causing problems for them.  The issue with me is “planning”…I like to know ahead of time when the hunt will take place and by accepting this tag I am at the mercy of the others and must accept the fact that I might have to go hunting “in the morning”, when the call comes on the night before.

If it means a freezer full of super good meat, well I must sacrifice.  Much like “Grog”, who got wakened by “Sluff” to grab his club and try to intercept the migrating Trachodons.  This had to be done before the fire went out, which meant gathering more wood as well.

Well, I’m off turkey hunting for one last time this 2013 season!

Bears Butt

May 31, 2013

Written on May 31st, 2013 , Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Stories

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