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It took him almost all day, but Bob finally came in with his truck loaded down with all his traps and floats!  Lucky for him he had his Grandson helping out.  I should have anticipated his arrival and been ready with the camera, but I wasn’t.  The truck could not have held another piece of trapping devise…IT WAS LOADED!

We unloaded it and then the true test of the trapper came shining through…how many rats did Bob catch on such a cold night?  9!  Now that is a great catch considering he had a layer of ice on all the water covering his line when he left the field the day before and then a very cold night on top of that…he said there was a full inch of ice on everything out there when he pulled the traps and still he managed to catch 9 rats!  Every one was caught under the ice in traps set for that purpose…what a GREAT way to end the trapping season for him!  Congrats to Bob!

Something I have not told you until now, is that Cole did some Fall trapping last year and caught quite a few rats.  Those rats were skinned and then frozen to be included with our catch this year.  So, toss those numbers into the mix and we end up with a total rat catch for 2013 of  784!  That is a lot of rats in anyone’s book!

Today is Sunday and normally a day to get away from the daily trapping things, but this one will have to include some trapping duties.  We have to put the rats the Bob caught yesterday on stretchers, which means fleshing them first.  It won’t take long to do that.  Then there is some preparation work to get ready to put up the rats that are in the freezer…119 of them…so down will come at least 60 rats on stretchers, and 120 if they are ready to come down.

My plan is to take a short video of the inside of the trapping shed once the nine rats are put up today and then I’ll post it up here.  Don’t expect a whole lot of top quality video, as my camera is not the best, nor are my abilities to make it work the way I would like to make it work, but you should be able to see the high quality of the stretched hides and get a feeling as to the size of the rats we have hanging up…the average is XXL across the board!  A TOP LOT of rats for sure.

Bears Butt

March 24, 2013


Written on March 24th, 2013 , Daily Trapping Events

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    Wapiti commented

    Way to go Bob. Nine rats on frozen ponds and traps. People now days who know how to trap fur bearing animals are very hard to find. Bob has always trapped. He and I trapped Bobcats a few years ago. I was very fortunate to be able to trap as many as him, but only because he was such a good teacher. Nice year on the trap line, many rats and some trophy ones were had.


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