By: Bears Butt

We just checked the lottery numbers for last night’s Powerball and unfortunately none of our numbers came up.  What does that mean?  It means that we did not hit the lottery in 2012.  That should not come as any surprise as most people do not win the lottery.  We keep our hopes up for at least a token win on occasion.

Today is our day to renew our “subscription” and begin the next 10 draws with full faith that the balls will fly up the chute and show us our pick of numbers was the right ones…..ya right.  But it also means the beginning of the drawings for 2013!

So, the lottery didn’t come through for us last year, but we are entering another new year and 2013 just has a ring about it that says it will be our year.

In addition to my dream of winning the big pot in the lottery, my dream goals for 2013 include drawing the Limited Entry Bull Elk tag for the San Juan late elk hunt, after all I have 3 points.  Securing a turkey during the turkey hunt.  Catching a lot of fish including trout, catfish, perch and bass.  Bagging a muley buck during the muzz hunt (I missed two last season).  And finally being a real help to the booshway at the Willow Creak Free Trappers Rendezvous this Labor Day!

My other goal, which is totally out of my control, much like the lottery, is to have the spammers who visit this site to quit coming around.  I know they don’t read my postings as some of them are advertising handbags and such and post statement like..”I really love coming to your site and getting such valuable information that will help me with my life..blah blah blah”;  And a posting like that is associated with my post titled  WHAT IS WASSAILING???? or  REDNECK LOGIC.

If they truly get anything out of my postings I would think of the two I mention here they would get the most out of  Redneck Logic.  Remember, “Do you own a lawnmower”?….”No”….”Then you are a queer”!

So, like I have said before, you still have today and tomorrow to get your goal done for 2012.  In reality that is enough time to get quite a bit done.

Bears Butt

Dec. 30, 2012

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