By: Bears Butt

My lovely wife Sherry bought me a wonderful little rifle for Christmas.  What a sweet heart she is.   You will be hearing a LOT about this little weapon in the future as the Weasel also got one for his Christmas.

We have plans to go out hunting and we will have our videographer Windy along to capture it all on video.

First we have to do some sighting in and ballistics calculations to make sure we have enough gun for the game we intend to pursue.  We don’t want to have too much gun, but in dangerous situations it’s always best to make sure you have enough gun and that is why we need to do some practice shooting to determine.

I took mine out this afternoon and killed my first game with it.  Actually my first shot took out a big boar Calliphoridae.  My second shot missed a brightly colored Trivittata, but the third shot took him out like a sling shot on a street light.  My fourth shot knocked another Trivittata flat out, but then I had closed the distance for that shot quite a bit, he didn’t even know I was in the same county, and that was with open sights mind you.

I’m quickly learning my distance limitations with my new rifle, what with the open sights and all.  But believe me even though the trigger pull is a little stiff, it is  still quite smooth.  I’ll post up some stats on that as soon as I get my digital trigger pull scale out of the box.  Along with that I will be setting up my high speed HD camera to capture the muzzle blast and impact on a gelatin block.

In the mean time the Weasel is practicing up on his calling skills and setting blocks of decoys out.  We aren’t going to waste these great days sitting idle while we wait for the weather to change.  We are taking every advantage we can to prepare ourselves, our weapons and our gear to be able to bag as many as we can before they put limits on just how many we can bag, what types of ammo we can use and how many bullets we can have in our magazines at any one time.  I’m convinced it is only a matter of time before “they” put laws up to restrict the projectiles we can use, impose game bag limits, shooting hours etc.  Until they do, we are in hot pursuit.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress and you will see any video on here long before it goes viral on Youtube.

Bears Butt

Dec. 25, 2012

Written on December 25th, 2012 , Bug-A-Salt Adventures

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