By: Bears Butt

Christmas and the holidays is always a special time of year.  We think and act on helping others this time of year and we really should do that throughout the year.  But this is a special time, always has and always will.

I think about our military being away from their homes, family and friends and can’t help but reflect on my own time when I was away doing what they are now.  Different place, same time, same issues.

We had our mission and that kept us busy, but when we had some down time thoughts of home swelled each of us with the memories and the “what are they doing at home” thoughts.  We would sit around drinking our drinks and telling our personal home stories.

One thing I recall was that it didn’t matter what the person’s background was, it didn’t matter what their religious beliefs were, it didn’t matter whether they liked other guys or girls or if they were attracted to the opposite sex, it didn’t matter if they were 18 years old or 50 years old, it didn’t matter if they had been in a lot of trouble in their past, it didn’t matter if they didn’t have many friends…each one had their favorite remembrance of Christmas and what they or their family did to celebrate the Birth Of Christ.

Some were so poor they only received gifts that were either hand me downs or hand made.  And those guys were the most grateful when and if they received a new pair of shoes.  Most  grew up in average families with lots of friends and plenty to eat.  The stories were always interesting and very telling about America and the way we have all been brought up to care.

None of the guys in my “outfit” had much money and I guess that was one reason they were there in the first place.  We were sort of a family of misfits, each with our own way of doing things and we became pretty good friends.

I wish each and every one of our soldiers, no matter where they are in the world a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….2013 is going to be a very good year for us all!

Bears Butt

Christmas Eve, 2012

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    mike ayala commented

    Thanks for your kind thoughts, and Merry Christmas.

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