By: Bears Butt

Today is going to be a “go for it” day with tons of things to do to catch up with the yard and other stuff.  The weeds have really g0tten a root hold since most of my efforts of late have been in the hay, so they have to be pulled and sprayed.

Then to help us celebrate our anniversary we have decided to use a two night stay with extras at a fairly local gambling hot spot to get away from anything that is real and we will be gone tomorrow and the next day.  So, don’t count on any Bears Butt dot com updates for at least a day or two.

But, the reason I’m writing is because of the National holidays that are on us::

Today, July 25 is National Threading the Needle Day!  Tomorrow, July 26 is National All or Nothing Day and July 27 is National Take Your Pants for a Walk Day!

Now it all makes perfect sense to me, let me explain:

National Threading the Needle Day.  A day to make sure all your ends are tied up.  Like I explained before.  Those weeds have gotten way out of hand and need gathering and pulled.  Arrangements have to be made for a dog tender.  The lawn has to be adequately watered.  The potted plants too have to be tended to.  The garden has to be picked and the close relatives notified of our absence for the next couple of days.  That should take care of National Threading the Needle day for us.

Tomorrow is National All or Nothing Day.  That’s right.  When you go to a gambling place you are not there to expect to win but more to have a great time be entertained by those little beasts that back themselves into a corner or up against the wall and challenge the world!  Come on they say, I dare you try and milk me out of the money I have stored inside!  Or the gaming tables with the “hoovers” waiting to suck your last dollar from your wallet without saying a thing.  They just put the cards out in front of you and know that you are going to double down on a pair of sixes hoping for a nine to come up.

Of course we all know that there isn’t a casino in the world that is going to allow a player to double down on two sixes, right?  It’s just a saying.  Double down on sixes!  I like it.  You know you are feeling very lucky if you have a pair of sixes in front of you and you double your bet!

So it’s All or Nothing tomorrow!  A man’s gotta dream you know and this is for sure a dreaming kind of day!  And around midnight, if one is still awake, the day changes to National Take your Pants for a walk!

What that says to me is that you might lose your shirt on the 26th, but be mindful not to lose your pants too, you are going to need them on the 27th if you are going to take them for a walk.  Wearing a barrel will not do on a day like National Take your Pants for a Walk.

And there you have the wrap for the next few days!  Enjoy these dog days of summer!

Bears Butt

July 25, 2012

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