By: Bears Butt

National End of the Middle Ages Day!

I’ve often heard about the Middle Ages but never really given it a whole lot of attention.  What does it mean?  When were the Middle Ages?  How did anyone ever figure there was a Middle Ages?  Yet alone, when it ended.

Sir Butt could probably lend us some valuable information because I think that is about when he was around slaying dragons and making safe the paths and roads of Common Ground.  How can I get in touch with him to ask about the Middle Ages?

Oh, Hey!  Here he comes now!

Sir Butt!  Sir Butt!  Can I ask you a question or two?  Good to see you!

Yes!  My good man!  What can I do for you?

Today is National End of the Middle Ages Day and I was just wondering about the Middle Ages in general and if you could shed some light on what it means when someone says “middle ages”.

Well, I’m glad you asked.  If you think about it “middle ages” are the times of your life when you aren’t young any more, but then you aren’t old either.  Aren’t those the Middle Ages?

I suppose you are right Sir Butt!  After all, you are the all knowing one.

Yes you are right!  I am.

In our history books we learned there was a time in the history of the world called the Middle Ages.  Can you tell us about that time period as it relates to mankind in general, in stead of being so specific about one persons age?

If you insist.  There was a time when kings ruled the world.  There were several of them scattered about and each had his block of the world that he ruled over.  In order to keep others from taking his lands, he had to have a slew of knights and servants and a staff of many thousands to keep things going.  The foods of the day had to be planted, cared for and harvested in order for the king to make sure all were fed and kept alive.  Of course the further down the pecking order  the less food you were provided.

As time went on, however, people began to educate themselves and with knowledge came inventions to make life easier.  So eventually, the need for lots of farm workers (serfs) changed because of the way the land was being tilled and harvested.  The kings could then have more food for themselves and did not have to supply the laborers because he didn’t need them.

So where did they go?  They went into the villages and picked up good paying jobs and provided services and goods for others who were gaining freedoms they had never had before.  The kings were beside themselves at first, but then got used to the idea that people should be able to come and go as they wish.  Besides, the kings were smart enough to realize that with trading and travel came funding for them to tax.

Well, once the taxing came into play, that pretty much ended the Middle Ages as they knew it at the time.  Besides, everyone began to think for themselves and created towns and villages and chose their own leaders of them and then came churches outside the way the king thought.  Chaos was what the kings all thought.  They had to give up their knights and their other servants because someone invented what is known as the long bow and the knights riding along on their steeds could not battle against a line of men with long bows and arrows flying in all directions, mostly at them.

You can imagine the troubles of the day.  Poor kings anyway.  But eventually the people took rule and so the true end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of what we see today.  Still chaotic, but better than being a slave on the farm, working for “the man” in the castle.

Sir Butt, you are a wealth of knowledge!  Thank you for the insight!

Right on my fellow man!  You owe me!  I’m off now to do what you interrupted me doing.

Well folks!  There you have it!  Right from the Butt, Sir Butt that is!  Enjoy your day!

Bears Butt

May 29, 2012

Written on May 29th, 2012 , Just more stories

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