By: Bears Butt

Got back frum the mountains bout two hours ago.  Been ta rondeevoo ya know an it wuz a heap o fun!  Just like always.  This time we dun had sum rain ta deal with, but heck, that just kept us closer.  It were cold too, but then, just kept us closer yet.

We had sum spectacklar shootin, I must say.  Old Edjukateer, he wuz the one what wuz hard ta beat.  He cud thread that there ball round corners I swear, an hit what wuz spost ta be hit.  I think when they wuz through handin out prizes, he dun had hisself a pack mule full.

An fer a real gud time, we dun went on a venture wherest four of us teamed up and went ta deliver up a message ta the fort Cache Valley.  We dun reel gud on that one an had ourselves a great heap of fun doin it.

My captain was Hot Spark an the other team members wuz, Weasel, Trap Dancer an me.  I’m here ta tell ya, Hot Spark is one heck of a captain.  She dun guided us through the most miserable of savage attacks and we dun cummed out the winners.  Well, we dun cummed out winners, but not the winners what won any prizes.  We wuz behind the winners bout …this much….!  Which wuz way close.  Later we dun found out we dun sum real gud stuff an we dun sum not so real gud stuff but we did perty gud.

Onest we made it ta Fort Cache Valley, we had a heap of savages cummin down on the fort ta make trouble sure.  They had one friendly with them, but in our hast ta take out the problem ones, he dun caught some ball shavins an he didn’t make it out with his hair.  But, I’m here ta tell ya, the rest of them savages will think twice next time.  Corse there won’t be no next time fer them.

In one of the skirmishes I looked up an saw this one savage an he wuz lookin right at me an my hawk cummed out and smashed him real bad.  Fact wuz, I dun smacked a whole heap of savages whut dun had holt of a perty white woman in her cabin.  I dun took real gud care of them all with my hawk.

Whilst I wuz taken care of the savages, Hot Spark wuz callin out orders ta the rest ta git fer safe doins.

We caught us sum real fine plews to an we cached them next ta the river real gud, sos next time we go that way, we kin pick em up an take em ta rondeevoo.

Bears Butt

May 28, 2012

Written on May 28th, 2012 , Just more stories

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