By: Bears Butt

Wall I’ll be danged.  It be a fine time fer rondeevoo.  Kint hardly wait til I git the team an the wagon on up ta the meetin spot.  Left fork o the Blacksmith is where they is meetin this year an I got a lot o fur ta trade.  Ha!  I even got a story ta tell, kin you imagine me wid a story?

Rain an snow ain’t gonna make no never mind neather, cuz it be rondeevoo time an that only comes onest in a while.  Gittin ta see sum folks what I aint seed in a whole heap of a year.  Got sum drinkin ta do as well an them folks is gonna see me shinin fer sur.

We dun had some what didn’t make it since last time, but then none of us is promised even so much as tomorrow.  So, we will be biddin them so long until we git ta that rondeevoo where they be.

As fer me, well, I’ll be gone fer many days, so don’t fergit ta check inta this here spot long bout maybe mondee er tuesdee.

The wagon is pullin out!

Bears Butt

May 25, 2012

Written on May 25th, 2012 , Just more stories

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