By: Bears Butt

When one finds himself looking for some bit of useful information on the world wide web and then suddenly realize they have just spend the last 20 or so minutes looking at some of the dumbest definitions in the world, one has to wonder if perhaps they have way too much time on their hands.

Case in point.  I was wondering if there is some funny Redneck sort of things that are related to the Super Bowl.  After all the 46th annual enactment of the event is coming on Feb. 5 2012.  I love it because I have a number on a board that just might give me my money back, or better yet, make me a buck or two.  And don’t forget the commercials.  It seems the big companies really put their best people to work on the selling points of their stuff and they hold off debuting those until the Super Bowl.  If they can get you to talk about their commercials than people will remember their name when it comes to buying.  I digress.

And so, there I was looking for Redneck Super Bowl stuff and suddenly realized I was looking at the “Urban Dictionary”, a dictionary that seems to cover just about any word anyone has ever said, used, thought up or whatever.  And then I came upon “Super Redneck”…..there is no definition for it!  WTH? (what the heck)!  We need a definition and soon!

Bears Butt

Last day of 2011


Written on December 31st, 2011 , Uncategorized

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