By: Bears Butt

A little background first:  Many Steps, Dry Dog and I went on a turkey hunt in May 2011, it was Dry Dogs first real turkey hunt.  We were all using our blackpowder shotguns to take our birds.  This poem was written by myself the night prior to our hunt and it ended with a big bird going to turkey heaven.  After the hunt Many Steps altered the ending to reflect the “real story”…Enjoy!


What’s that I hear upon my ear?  The closing of a door?

It’s too dark to see, my sleep is broken, this day is on for sure.

I sense the air is brisk and clean, no rain, no wind , just spring .

The sky is getting lighter in the East, a sure sign tis near time to feast.

Was that a thump I heard below?  A deer?  A buck?  A Doe?

It matters not this time of day, I’m sitting high above.  I have no worries I’m just waking like a dove.

Ah!  The sounds of morning are filling the air.  The hoot owl calls from his lair.

A distant crow, a nearby pheasant.  Spring is just so very pleasant.

Again I see the Eastern sky is begging for the sun to come.   Another day like yesterday and all my work will be done.

My ladies are around me.  Just waking,  calling soft.  It’s such a pleasant place I live in, not a barn and not a loft.

The tall tree I call my  roost is all I really need.  It gives me safety while I sleep and keeps me safe indeed.

Again a thump, a broken branch!  I’m sure I heard this time.  Oh well, it’s just morning and time for me to chime.

I gobble out a good long call.  To wake my ladies one and all.

They purr and cackle at my voice.  They love it when I sound such rejoice.

The sky is brighter in the East.  I can see the ground now, it’s almost time to eat.

I’m so hungry from a night of sleeping.  I hope to find some grasshoppers leaping.

A bug, just any bug.  Fresh green grass or even a slug.

The ladies are all awake!  I’ll give another gobble just to let them know I’m on the take.

They all love me, this I know.  Especially that one there, just  waking  on the branch below.

Woops!  There she goes!  Flapping down to the fresh green grass.  I’d better follow before she goes over the pass.

The glide down is refreshing.  Through the branches and the limbs.  Another great spring day  begins.

What’s that I see?  Just over there!  Not another Gobbler!  Not on my hen!  I’ll kick his butt!  You dirty bird!

Now why are these two standing so still? Would they flinch if I gave a shrill? Oh well, I guess I’ll have my meal.

I’m scratching and pecking, eating these delicious bugs when suddenly I hear a sound I’ve never heard before.

Not a breaking branch, I know this for sure. Could it be a human child’s toy? Maybe something for a boy?

I look towards the sound only to see the ugliest bush in all creation suddenly move, and pop goes that sound again.

I don’t know what it was, and I don’t care. I’m getting outta here, and warning all the others, “DON’T GO OVER THERE!”

Co-Authored by Bears Butt and Many Steps

May 2011

Written on May 24th, 2011 , Poems (or sumthin)

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