By: Bears Butt

What is a “Beaver Sharn”?  Well it’s pretty much a stick what has been chewed by a beaver.  It brings very good luck to the one in possession of it and when several of them are placed together as outside your lodge or camp, it wards off evil and makes the camp a safe haven for all who participate in the fun of the camp.

Again we find ourselves at a rondeevoo, high in the Rockies, on the famous Curtis Crick.  Fun was not only what was goin on in camp, but fun was bein had outa camp as well.  The day was warm and fall was in the air.  A beautiful day indeed.

Tracker and me was up stream some lookin at all the things that was up there ta see and we wuz having ourselves a good time.  Seein  fish  swimming, birds  flyin and chirpin.  Little  water critters  scuryin about.  A great day to be alive for sure.

We wuz comin back toward camp when we noticed a large beaver dam what had the crick water all backed up and deep.  A great place for large fish to live.  There wuz this stick on the dam that was calling out to me to pick it up.  So I goes over and picks it up.  Oh the powers of that stick still come over me just thinkin about it.  A warm and wonderful power.  One of contentment and peace.  Like having a very close friend next to you all the time.

I said to Tracker, “You better git you one of these!  These have magic in em”.  And so Tracker finds him one and we are joyous indeed.  Tracker asks me, “What are they called”?  “Well”, says me, “Since they been brought offen a tree by a beaver and chewed up real good.  Aint got much bark left on them from him chewin round and round on it.  I’d say we call em ‘beaver sharns’.  Ya know, they has been ‘sharned’ by a beaver”.  (Sharned is most the same as Chewed on, but with a lot more character).

We dun took those two beaver sharns  back to camp and wuz the talk for sum time ta cum.  Perty soon we seed others what went up to that same beaver dam, (or others, don’t want ever one to git a beaver sharn offn the same dam, cuz then the dam would break the water would flood out the camp below, ya know, use yer noggin), and came back with their own beaver sharns.  Now we kin put them in a teepee sort of arrangement and stand them in our camp for letting the power protect the camp.  And we did just that.

Over time, the one what owns the sharn adorns it with more powerful things whut makes memories an such.  Ya kin carve on the sharn too, iffn ya wants.  The only thing ya just gotta do is make sure it was cut out of a tree by a beaver.  Other than that, it’s all youren to do what yous wants.

Sum mountain folks use their sharns as walkin sticks too and they work real well for that.  Others use them as “talkin sticks” around the fire too, and they work real well for that.  An  you can use it to pertend it be a gun when tellin a story too and they work real well for that.

Beaver Sharns is GOOD MEDICINE!  Go git yerself one.

Bears Butt

May 24, 2011

Written on May 24th, 2011 , Just more stories

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