By: Bears Butt

It were rondeevoo time back in ’93 up on the left fork near Cache Valley.  Gonins on was goin fine.  Folks was still arivin, settin up camp and in gereral  havin fun.  It were a warm clear day an a bunch of us was sittin in the shade a drinkin an a jawin.  Reminicin bout past times, in particular the night afore.  When “ol Fat Duck took a low level  flight back to his lodge an cost himself a broke rib, several cracked ones and bruises where most folks  aint  got nuff meat on theys bones ta bruise.

Inta camp comes some horse riden foks all duded up fer rondeevoo and hitched next ta some alder bushes near by.  They was readily welcomed and some amongst us knowed who they was frum other doins at uther times an places.  The jawin went on!

Sudden as a stampeed ‘Ol Wapiti Dung dun leaps from his restin spot just a yellin!!!  In the grass next ta his behind was a diamond back rattler pert near ready ta strike!!  Buzzin plenty as a low ta the ground kin do!

Now don’t take “ol Wapitis actions to light—he dun cleared a heap of ground in no time atol and tipped lots a stuff ‘or doin it.  He ain’t a bit skeert ta tell ya no snake gona be close ta him.

Wall that snake got a mite skeert too an crawled, fast as litnin under Wapitis lodge.

Waptit would sleep out in a pourin rain, litnin storm, ahailin snow afore he’d think about gettin close ta his lodge.

We had ta git mister buzzworm out from under wapitis lodge, weren’t no two way about it.

It took some brave boys ta corner mister snake, but once done his head come off and da rest was quick ta the pan for those who’d worked up a hunger.  Thanks ta the snake-snak  twerent  onone  went hungry that day.

Pleeze don’t ask me too much detail bout getting da snake frum under da lodge cuz me an Wapiti was neck in neck getting gone.  An  no snake gonna be close ta me; no snake gonna be in my belly neither!!

Bears Butt

March-Dec 1993

Written on May 23rd, 2011 , APFO Aerial Observer, From The Bears Butt

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