By: Bears Butt

Twas some time ago, me an my brother was trappin up near Willer Creek.  We was after the wiley bobcat this particular spring.  Seems they was a bunch in the area an  botherin the pilgrims.

Spring done come early that year, most ‘o the snow dun melted by late February an the little critters was out of hibernation..special the skunks.

Now I aint too bad fer  kitchin what I is after, but this year them skunks was gittin in my way real bad!  I’d figured Mr. Cat was ta come round a rock a certain way an dang if a skunk wouldn’t beat him to it, get caught ‘an ruin my set.  Time I git him out, take the sets back ‘an boil the smell out, re-blacken the traps ‘an get em re-set, spring be pert ner gone ‘an the cats startin ta rub.  A rubbed cat aint worth no cash.

Well, I was kitchin skunks left an right, an my brother he was advising me on the stuff I was doin wrong.  One day I asked him ‘bout the right way ta kill one ‘o the critters when they aint no water around, soes I woulnd’t have ta boil my traps.  He perceives ta tell me..ya gotta move slow round ‘an round till he gits the trap and chain all tangled.  Thin ya shoots him twinx the eyes and he aint got no time ta spray.

OK, next day there is a skunk—a big’un—done caught by a front foot.  As I approach, he turns and raises his tail; givin me his best end view.  He aint sprayed the area ‘an I’m feelin  good  bout that.  Now ta try my new found knowledge.

Round ‘an round I go, with Mr. smell bad keepin a rear eye on me, till he is so dang tangled nuthin more of him cud move.  I keep roundin him till I’m lookin him dead in the eye.  This here teckneek seems ta be workin.  I raise my gun an plunk him twinx the eyes.  A perfect shot.

OH….NO!  Down goes his head an up comes his backside!  Time has now slowed to a crawl.  All kinst of stuff is runnin thru my head.  I sees a blue mist sprayin as his rear end is comin up ‘an he is doin a back flip.  As his circle is bein completed, by legs aint movin my body.  My head is sayin “GET”, my legs is sayin “STAY”.  The blue spray hits my hat and slowly paints the ‘tire front of me, head ta toe!

Back ta normal time speed now..I kint see, I kint catch a breath; I’m gonna die!  Stumblin an wheezing an coffin I go, down the hill.

Twas sum time till things got sorta normal an my brother done shows up.  He made sure I was OK but woulnd’t  git nun too close, stayed bout two horses back all the time.

Whenst we got back ta the lodge, the Chiefs squaw made me dis-robe and burn my clothes afore I could enter the lodge.  Theyes a good set a skins too.

Bears Butt

Jan. 1994

Written on May 23rd, 2011 , APFO Aerial Observer, From The Bears Butt

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