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A light dusting of snow this morning on the foothills above town.  More snow is forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  A quick look at the National Weather map and I see the Wind River Range in Wyoming is also getting hit with snow…..This is all looking up for a great Crawford Dream Hunt in a month or so.

Let’s not wish too hard for snow however, remember two years ago?  WAY TOO MUCH SNOW for that hunt!

Bears Butt

Oct. 23, 2012

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As most of you know I like Olympia beer, it is by far my favorite adult beverage and I have enjoyed it since the early mid 1970’s (1973 I believe).

Olympia looked as if it was about to die on the vine a few years back, but do to a total change by the companies officials it has a new look.  But looks aren’t everything.

The company was taken over by the makers of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer some time back and they remarketed the Olympia without the “made in Tumwater” on the can.  So obviously it’s being made somewhere else.

Olympia Beer!  MMMMMM!

Here is one old time consumers report on Olympia that I found in a very discreet place on the internet.


Anther CAN from Chaz who deserves a nice return package from me for the gem that he shipped out! Someone recently inquired as to whether I am holding on to my spent CANs and the answer is generally “No” with some exceptions, especially those with cool graphics, like this one.

I have a distinct fondness for Oly, dating back to the mid-1980’s when I was a young, (usually) broke punk sailor who loved to frequent Annie Newsome’s El ‘n’ Gee Club in New London, CT. The best night was Oly Night, when CANs were on the cheap, the music was loud and I was having a rockin’ good time. I know that it is no longer brewed in Tumwater (I spent a lot of time staring at the label back inna day), but the mere logo speaks volumes to me. I like that they are willing to tweak the recipe to bring something even slightly different to the table. Yeah, I could be a smartass about what CANstitutes the other 5%, but its Oly and it gets a pass from this aging rocker. Anybody know what became of Circe? Was that The Reducers that just took the stage?!?

A nice example of the Crack & Glug resulted in two-plus fingers of thick, rocky bone-white head that held in like a champ, finally falling into nothingness. Color was a deep golden-yellow with NE-quality clarity. Dang, I wish that I had poured this into a schooner glass, as was the standard. I may have been hallucinating, but I could have sworn that I smelled Saaz hops on the nose. Hey, it’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Mouthfeel was medium and the taste was maltier than many AALs to which I have subjected myself, but it was not completely unadulterated, either. I got some cereal flavors in there, but still … better than the standard. Finish was semi-dry, not sweet at all as that grain bill might suggest. The lacing was phenomenal for the style. I would put some in the cooler for both nostalgia purposes as well as the aesthetics of a cool looking CAN.

Serving type: can

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Thank you Woody!

Bears Butt

Oct. 22, 2012

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Two years ago I ran a series of  “how a beaver can kick my butt” as I attempted to catch a couple of adult beavers that had the Willow Creek dammed up real good.  Last year No Grimace got his butt kicked by another (or maybe the same one) beaver and then Magpie announced he saw a dead beaver on the freeway close by.  All beaver activity stopped and we dismantled the dam.

Just the other day No Grimace found that a beaver has once again decided our creek was a fine place for dam building.

Bones has taken the challenge on to show us how to trap a beaver.  Although she has never set a beaver trap, she is determined to catch this nuisance.  And since she has never before attempted such a feat, I have included a little video as to how to set a couple of sets.


Good luck Bones!  May the beaver trapping Gods be on your side!

Bears Butt

Oct. 22, 2012

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By: Bears Butt

Plan on voting this November 6th!

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Oct. 21, 2012

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For a quick breakfast today we decided to have bacon and tomato sandwiches on a single slice of toast.  Of course I cut the toast lengthwise to accommodate the length of the bacon pieces.

My problem this morning was the fact that I only had 3 slices of bacon to work with.  SOOOO, I cut one slice of bologna in two and used that on MY sandwich along with the third slice of bacon.

There was some doubt as to how it would taste, but it was actually quite good with the bacon sort of adding the smokey flavor to the relatively un-flavorful bologna.

Well, as usual, that got me thinking about bologna and what is in it.  Perhaps I should not have ventured into the internet world to find out exactly what goes into bologna, but I did and to my surprise there is nothing in there (or supposed to be in there) that violates USDA rules.  I suppose occasionally a worker could slip up and toss the floor sweepings into the grinder instead of the trash container, but then that worker would not be considered a true bologna chef.

In my research I found that it takes a true connoisseur to be a master bologna maker.  That meat is ground and pureed from beef, pork, chicken, turkey and even venison all mixed up together with seasonings and actually smoked or cooked to perfection.  I like bologna.

I even found a recipe for making it and I’ll share it with you right here.  Thanks to “E-How Foods”!

One of these days I’m going to try making some, but I don’t think I will make it in 15 pound increments.  At least not at first.

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Oct. 21, 2012



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I have cousins that live in the San Fransisco area of California, but they have kids elsewhere in the U.S.A.  Each year during the hunting season Mike Campus likes to go hunting with his son, Marcus, out in Illinois (I think that is the state) and of course Mike likes to roam around during his hunt.

Marcus will tell his dad, “Now Dad, you go sit right over there and stay put.  The deer will funnel past that stand and you will get a shot”.

Of course Dad knows more than his son about deer hunting and about how compass bearings work and all that woodsy stuff.  So, Mike heads off in the direction Marcus has pointed, but as he is looking for his favorite fallen tree stump to sit by and wait for it to get light enough to see a deer, he is disoriented a bit and can’t seem to find the tree stump.  Now this tree stump has not moved in 50 years and Mike has sat by it almost every year since Marcus moved to Illinois, but this particular day, Mike can’t locate it.  But he tries.

Soon, Mike finds himself back at the truck.  He has come full circle and it’s beginning to get light enough to see.  Mike heads back out to find that tree stump.  As he approaches a deep ravine, he sees movement across the way.  A very big buck is standing there.  A buck bigger than life itself and bigger than any buck Mike has ever seen in all his days of hunting.  He raises his rifle and takes a shot.  BOOOMMM!

The deer kicks and disappears into the ravine.  Mike is sure he hit the animal in a vital spot and that the deer will be laying right down near the bottom of the ravine only a short walk from where Mike is standing.  Mike sits down and waits as he knows Marcus will be coming along very soon.  Marcus is like that.  When he hears a shot from his dads position he will come running to find him and help him with his animal.

It doesn’t take long for Marcus to show up and he is all upset that his dad is NOT where he is supposed to be sitting.  Mike tells him about the big buck and the two of them proceed to go look for it.  Sure enough there is blood where the buck was standing and a good trail for them to follow.  It is a short tracking job to find the animal and both of them are very much surprised by the size of it.

This took place back in 2011, last year.  And here is a picture of the buck as it hangs on the wall in California somewhere.

Very nice Mike!  Congratulations!

Bears Butt

Oct. 20, 2012


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All the grandkids and parents came over last evening to paint pumpkins.  We had a blast doing that and once done, Grandma cooked up a couple of pizzas and everyone ate.

After lunch, the youngest, age 3, Chase, went into the play room where his “cars” are all placed and began playing by himself.  This is a normal thing for him to do.  He spends hours and hours in there playing with his cars.  There are legos in there as well and he likes building things, especially air planes.  He obviously had built one to his specifications and was playing with it and the cars.

I was making my way down the hall when he came out and closed the door quickly behind him, looked up at me and said “Plane crash broke cars” and was on his way to the kitchen and the other kids.

I did not think much about what he said until later when I went to make sure the light in the room was turned off.  That is when I saw what he meant.


Sirens were blasting in all the towers around the airport and nearby city.  Emergency crews were responding to all the 911 calls that were pouring into the dispatch offices all over the city and county offices.  Police, Firemen, CERT teams and volunteers everywhere erecting and readying temporary emergency facilities.  The whole scene was a mass of quick movement in every direction at the same time.

It was chaotic to look at from the outside, but very well orchestrated if you were a member of one of the emergency staff.

Everything had to be quickly put into place to accept the hundreds and hundreds of injured and/or deceased persons involved in the horrific accident that had come from a single large aircraft crashing into a parking garage filled with people hurrying about their daily business lives right at quitting time.

Bodies strewn in every corner of several blocks right in downtown city of origin.  Emergency and non-emergency people helping where they could to get help to those poor souls caught up in this terrible accident.  Luckily for all the area was not engulfed in flames.  Lord knows there was plenty of gasoline from the aircraft and the vehicles spilled everywhere in the streets.

And this is the scene as taken just after the accident was revealed.

How could anyone survive such an accident?

Bears Butt

Oct. 19, 2012


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Just an update on my proposal to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources about making muzzleloader hunting for antelope a statewide hunt.

I sent my written proposal out to the 5 RAC committee members and also to each of the Wildlife Board members.

Yesterday I received an email from Ernie Perkins, the head of the Wildlife Board suggesting 3 different avenues that get results on proposals such as mine.

His number one suggestion is that I contact the Division and set up a meeting with them to discuss the proposal at length.  He suggests this because it is the one way that most suggestions either get approved and/or modified to approval of all the ways to get it accomplished.

I contacted him vie phone today, He did not answer and so I left a message for him to get back with me and that I wanted to know who I need to contact at the Division to set up a meeting to discuss this proposal.

If this proposal even has a ghost of a chance of being accepted it does not look like would  be implemented for 2013, but if it is approved it might go through in 2014.  However, there is an outside chance it may be approved before the application guidebook is printed for 2013.

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Oct. 18, 2012

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Playing on the computer in our own ways last evening with rain and wind going on outside, suddenly, PARUNCK! (new word)  the power goes out!  I calmly turned the switch to my hard drive off and headed to the top of the stairs to make sure Sherry is alright down stairs…she is still on her computer as she has a battery backup, just no internet.  She shuts her system down and then we find ourselves sitting side by side on the couch discussing the days events.

This is a normal thing for us to do each evening, sitting there discussing what went on that day, what we were going to have for supper, what big plan we have for tomorrow and we watch the world go by outside our front windows and the shadows getting longer and longer as the daylight turns to dark.  What is not normal is the fact that the power is out.

We have a gas furnace in the house for heat, which is all well and good, unless the power is out and then the blower doesn’t work and so the furnace is worthless.  Such is the case this evening.  But, not to fear!  We have both a fireplace upstairs AND a wood burning stove in the basement!  We are good on wood and have all the necessary tools to build a nice fire if we need it.

What about food?  Supper?  We can cook hot dogs over the fire if need be.  OR we can cook whatever we want on the stove downstairs if we want and let’s not forget we have a camp trailer AND a motor home outside and both are equipped with full kitchens, including microwave, generator and battery lights.  Heck, we have it made in the shade.  OH YA, and the BBQ sitting on the patio.  Talk about made in the shade with bells on!

So, with no fear about the food issue, I pop myself another cold drink of choice and we relax and continue to watch the world outside as the natural light dims.  Sherry decides that perhaps since we can still see with the light from the outside that perhaps we should get some candles lit and maybe even open up a Christmas present of touch lights and place them around the house in case the power stays off for a couple of hours during the dark times before bed.

We are quick to find out that those wonderfully smelling candles that sit atop the heating elements of candle warmers don’t have wicks sticking up anymore.  Lots of those baby’s sitting in the pantry, and all worthless as far as candles go.  But there is one she was saving for Thanksgiving that smells like Sugared Pecan pie.  It is quickly lit and set on the window seal over the sink in the kitchen.  MMMMM smells yummy.  Another is salvaged from the candle warmer that has been heating all day and we were able to get the wick to stand up before the wax solidified.  There, two candles are lit and we are good to go.

Too bad we can’t watch the presidential debate on tv, oh well, we have better things to do, like watch the world go by outside and cuddle a bit closer as the temperature in the house begins to cool.  I’d rather not put on a sweater or coat.

There goes a Dominos car….somebody is having pizza tonight!  As for us, I will start a fire in the fireplace.

That feels nice and toasty!  I’ll get myself another beverage.

We discuss our unpreparedness and a 72 hour kit.  We have something down stairs that is called an emergency kit, but I don’t recall even opening the box.  We don’t have any water stored but we have a lot of food on the pantry shelves.  Beans, bottled fruit and tomatoes, a couple cans of Kipper snacks, more beans, some tuna…enough that we could make do for longer than 72 hours if need be.  We could even invite the neighborhood over to help us if they didn’t have enough.

So, in the end, we decide we need to have a 72 hour kit, but not have it all stored in the basement.  What if the emergency was a flood, we would not have anything because the basement would be filled with water and mud.  So we need to make our 72 hour kit and have it stored upstairs someplace.  We need some good candles, matches, flashlights, batteries, radio that runs on batteries, a battery operated clock, food upstairs enough for 72 hours and yes, water.

We could always walk down to the field and fetch water if we absolutely needed to.  Then boil it up before drinking, but it would be much easier if we has some stored to use.

Hey, look outside, there are some dark figures walking down the road.  That looks like a good thing to do on a night the power is out.  I wonder if they were the ones that had the pizza?  Is it time I broke out the hot dog sticks?  The fire is really nice right now.  Na, too early, I’ll get another beverage of choice.

I made a comment to Sherry, when the power comes back on, all this ambiance will be gone in a flash, we better enjoy it while we can.  But then, we will be able to watch the presidential debate if it’s still on.  I’ll go get some more wood for the fire.

And so, there you have what we did during the power outage last night.  I think it came back on just a bit before 9 p.m., so we were able to fix our supper of chili dogs and watch the news before retiring to bed.  What a wonderful evening.  I hope yours was just as nice.

Bears Butt

Oct. 17, 2012



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