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Today is a very special day for us here in the big town of Willard.  Old Fat Duck has pulled together an event called “Let’s get Big Bill to rendezvous” and just as the name implies, we are gathering to shoot clay pigeons on the farm and the proceeds from the event will be sent to Big Bill to help defray some of the expenses for him to hopefully join us for the Willow Creek Free Trappers, 29th anniversary rendezvous!

The old Duck is being very stingy with the prize money, however he is offering 3 places to win.  $30 for first, $25 for second and $20 for third.  That is what we are shooting for and the rest will go to Bill!  I hope we have hundreds in attendance.

We talked yesterday about the number of pigeons he has on hand and I believe he said he had 5 cases.  If that isn’t enough then we will throw up beer cans for the rest of the event.

My camera will be with me and I hope to take some pictures of the event and the happenings to post up here later.  It will be a fun event!


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July 22, 2012

Well, Bill done read what I wrote this morning and already made a comment!  Thanks Bill, that was mighty nice words you said!  Thank you!

But now for the update.  I’m not sure if I should put up a few videos on You Tube or right here, but I know one for sure I will put up right here.

There was a very nice crowd that came to the event.  Duck always has interesting and fun trap shoots and this one was nothing but the best.

Bones was on hand to keep track of all the misses and the hits and Fat Duck pulled the cord to let the birds fly.  Of course when it was Ducks turn to shoot he turned the controls over to No Grimace to let the birds out of the house.

The crowd was a good one, with only those wanting to have some fun showing up.  Who else would interrupt sleeping in on a Sunday morning than a bunch of folks who want to have a great time outdoors?

I wasn’t able to get everyone on snapshots but I got quite a few with this short video clip.


There were a lot of people who said things like “Bill, get your butt out here”!  Others who said, “Bill, this double is for you”!  And then they would shoot their two shots and sometimes they even hit the birds!  The Weasel even said that if Bill didn’t get out here he was going to kick his butt.  I’m not sure how he would do that if Bill is clear out East and Weasel is clear back here.

Anyway, I just had to put this one on here because it sounded so much like Bill saying the words coming out of Baby Boys mouth.


I’ll try and post some more on Youtube and I’ll let you all know what the links are.

Thanks for the fun time Fat Duck!  Bones!  Thanks for keeping tabs on all of us.

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July 22, 2012 p.m.

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By: Bears Butt

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time helping to stack some 400 bales of hay on a couple of trailers for some good people and after word I realized my cell phone (case and all) were lost!  Panic stricken, my thoughts immediately went to “the phone is inside one of those trailers”!

When helping to stack a trailer you don’t have much time to do much thinking or standing around.  It’s go, go, go until the job is done.  The folks on the ground are picking up the bales, walking to the trailer and throwing the bales at you.  You have to grab the bale as quickly as you can and do something with it, even if it’s wrong.  Hopefully what you do with it is actually helping to keep the trailer and the stack organized and filling.

So, here I am with a missing phone and I just spent the last hour and a half loading these two trailers.  Where else would my phone be?  Deep within the bowels of that stack of hay bales, no doubt about it.

I turned to Wapiti and asked him to call my cell phone, which he promptly does and he says it is ringing.  I walk slowly around the two trailers listening intently within the stacks for that tell tale sound of the ringing…..nothing.  One of the owners says that if they find it when they unload they will either send it to me through the mail or will drop it by on one of their trips to Idaho.  I’m relieved somewhat by that and wish them a safe trip back to SLC.

Tracker and I begin to walk slowly across the field we had just picked up the hay from.  Wapiti continues to redial.  As Tracker is approaching one of the crossing points into the field, he hears the phone and then sees it laying in the field still in it’s case.  He holds it up and says, “It’s for you”!  I take it and answer it “Hello!  It’s me!”  And I hear Wapiti on the other end say, “I’m glad!  Let’s go get a beer”!  Which we did and everyone was happy.  End of story.

The last phone I lost went into the creek and is probably bubbling near some catfish lair.

Bears Butt

July 21, 2012

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At a rendezvous one year a shoot had just been completed where every contestant had their own raw egg to shoot at and if you didn’t hit it you had to eat it.  All us losers were standing in a large circle holding the eggs we had just taken the top of the shells off and with the white oozing and dripping down the outside of the remaining shell, we said a toast to the club and sucked them down as quickly as we could.

After all the choking and spitting and yuk saying and drinking a bit of beer to help keep the yolks down, Just George yelled out, “Don’t forget to pick up the dishes”!

What he meant was for everyone to pick up the egg shells they had tossed on the ground.  I’ll never forget that saying.

This posting is not about eating raw eggs, far from that, but it does have to do with the egg shells.

Earlier I have posted about a new world record that could just possibly be the first to be attempted and that was to see how many eggs one could crack open using a single egg to do it.  Crack eggs until the one being used as the “hammer” finally breaks.  But again, this story is not about that.  But it does have to do with the egg shells.

God was pretty cleaver in everything he did.  Eggs are one of those things.  A very neatly packaged source of protein and other stuff we need to keep our bodies going.  If I had to pick only one choice of something to eat I think I would choose eggs.  You can boil them, fry them, poach them, pickle them, eat them raw and last night I discovered you can grill them!

Grill them?  Yes.  I put an egg on the bbq grill and slowly turned it around and around for about 15 minutes and then cracked the shell off and Sherry and I shared what was a perfectly done egg, much like a hard boiled egg.  Salted and yummy!

Who needs to fry them when on a camping trip?  A dozen grilled eggs coming right up!

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July 18, 2012

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If you ever have a boss or friend or neighbor or whoever and you need to find just the right gift to give them you have to put a lot of thought into it.  DUH!

But for the boss, friend, neighbor or whoever that easily makes the wrong choices in their every day life that makes it a whole lot easier.  Mostly because the answer to the question “Why did they…..?” is  “Because they have their head up their…., that’s why”!

So the obvious gift is a “glass belly button”.

Why?  So they can see where they are going!

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July 17, 2012

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Where did the name “Indian Tobacco” come from?  A question that was asked of me twice yesterday, by two different people.  I did not have the answer and so “the all knowledgeable one” went into action.

When Lewis and Clark were on their travels across the wilderness of America, they encountered Native Americans all along their route.  In a lot of cases those people would bring with them trading items to show that they meant no harm and so Lew and Clark would trade them something they had for what the Native Americans had.  L&C usually had beads and shiny mirrors and an occasional strip of ribbon to trade.  And the all but common in the Native American world was a small leather pouch that contained tobacco.

I found many times a note that Lew wrote of such trading.  Although I did not make note of the date that notes were written, so there may have been only one note written and I read it on many sites over and over.  However, it did not look like the same note.  Nuff said.

It is my surmization (good word huh?), that is was either Lewis or Clark that first coined the bag of tobacco as “Indian Tobacco”.  The curiosity of where these Native Americans were getting this “good stuff” lead them to be shown the plant from which the leaves were picked and dried and crushed to make the stuff they packed into the peace pipe.  A plant commonly referred to as Yellow or Curly Dock.  I’m sure there are a whole ton of other plants from which the leaves were dried and made into tobacco as well, but this baby stands out.

This is a picture I took several years ago of a very large stand of Indian Tobacco.  And this shows you just how bad a field can look when the plant is not kept in check.

I had always grown up thinking it was the brownish red seeds at the top of the plant that gave it its name, but it is not.  I did find out that some people who claim to live off the land, I’ll call “herbologists” for a lack of calling them something else use the plant for several purposes.  One site said they use the dried reddish brown seeds as a replacement for coffee.  Another grinds those same seeds up and makes a flour out of them and mixes it with normal all purpose flour and makes Indian Tobacco cookies out of it.  And other sites give detail as to the leaves being smushed up while green and rubbed over areas that have been hit with poison ivy and stinging nettle.  One said “When the nettle goes in, out comes the dock”!

Medically speaking, the Native Americans also used the pulp of the leaves as medicine to either cause a person to “up chuck”, or to calm their nervous stomach down or to give them a quick purging.  My research found that the leaves contain something  considered an “emetic” (inducing vomiting) and as a natural Alkaloid that contained substantial amounts of  Labeline a substance that is used to curb peoples desire to smoke and that there is a lot of research going on that is investigating that same product to help with other addictions and even hypertension.

To me, all of the above means one should be careful if they are going to ingest either the leaves themselves straight off the stem, or make a tea from them or put the dried leaves in a meal, that the amount they use just might not give them the desired result.  I can envision a person with things happening out both sides against the middle.

This might also lend credence to the saying “Turkey Squirts”.  Did that turkey just ingest some Curly Dock leaves?

On a positive note my extensive research also showed that the plant can be eaten like spinach, either raw or boiled and that the root is also edible and that it contains one heck of a lot of iron.  So if you are anemic and don’t mind taking the chance of using up all your bathroom tissue paper you might just consider this plant as a savior.  Please don’t do it on my account.  Get with your doctor on that one.

So, bottom line, it is my thinking that our buddies Lewis and Clark were the ones who first called this plant “Indian Tobacco”.  I’ll stick with that one because it was the white man coming to America that called the Native Americans “Indians” in the first place.

Bears Butt

July 17, 2012


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We have been working hard in the fields lately trying our best to get hay into bales and into other peoples barns before any rain had a chance to hit.  We have been pretty successful so far with just short of half the remaining field to cut, rake and bale.

I’m always trying to think of bigger and better ways of doing this job and do it with less man power.  My latest thoughts have been on a way to cut the hay, dry it and bale it all at one time.  So far that piece of equipment has not been invented.

So, I went on line and started to look for equipment that just might help a guy out and found this one that bales and loads the wagon for you!

What do you think of that?!!!!!

Here is another!

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July 15, 2012

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God put some amazing things on this earth and in so doing He created something for everyone.  And I’m not sure why some people think up crazy things like what you are about to see, but they do.  Do they just have too much time on their hands, or are they students who think outside of the box.  At any rate, here is a very interesting link I found.

In case you think this link will not be interesting, trust me, it is.

This guy is using an apple, a tangerine and a banana to make electricity.  And to think one day I tried to light my brothers cigarette using a small battery and a piece of wire.  I burnt my finger.

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July 14, 2012

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Have you ever thought about margarine?  I remember growing up in the early 1950’s we could not afford butter, even with our own cows, because the cream yielded some good money from the dairy check.  So, mom would buy what we called “Oleo”.  It never really looked like butter as it was more whitish than yellowish like butter is.  But we used oleo as anyone would use butter.  It tasted ok and when you are hungry usually anything tastes just fine.

My research on margarine showed me it was actually first discovered by some scientist in Europe in the early 1800’s.  What he was looking for is unknown, but he found that animal fat actually broke down into little white balls when you break it up enough.  Of course scientists like to use their microscopes alot and the one who could break things down into the smallest of particles usually got the credit for finding neat stuff.  This guy did and so they coined it some sort of “acid”.

We all know that once you have an acid, you can usually combine it with other stuff and it will turn into something entirely different than the two parts.  You have heard that the results of the  sum of the two parts is not equal to the two parts by themselves?  Well so be it with margarine.  Add vegetable oil to the animal fat acid and vuella,  Oleomargarine.

Over more than 100 years it was a known fact that this stuff could be used to replace butter, but the “better butter board”, as I call them lobbiests, did not want to see this “junk” take over from their dairy producing folks and cause an upset imbalance of funds being taken from them.  And so laws were enacted and strictly enforced against the manufacture and sale of oleomargarine.  And not only in the U.S. was this done.  All over the world.  And if a manufacturer could actually make quantities of it and offer it for sale, they were taxed heavily and were told they could not put yellow coloring in it!  Actually they were told to put red coloring in it in hopes to make it less appealing to the consumers eyes as a replacement for good old yellow colored butter.

As time marched on, we saw two world wars and a great depression here in the U.S. and from those came limited supplies of butter and the demand for oleomargarine became more and more a part of American ways of lives.  Suddenly the “Better Butter Board” was faced head on by the “Oleomargarine One for All, All for One Board” and so the battle went but in the end, the Oleo Board won some big battles, repealing laws and getting some of their own ways.

There are still a lot of laws prohibiting oleomargarine from doing some of the things their board would like to see done, but at least we now have an open enterprise and can choose between the use of butter or margarine.  Ain’t that nice?

As with most things, there comes change and the days of oleomargarine have seen a biggie come along.  Someone in England tried an experiment one day and found that by mixing real dairy cream with vegetable oil and blending it over and over and then tossing in some yellowish color they could make a pretty good substitute for butter.  In taste tests all around, they challenged folks just like you to tell them which piece of toast was spread with butter.  And the result was a product coined with the slogan “I can’t believe it’s not butter”!

So, there you have the nutshell version of the history of margarine.  Pass the oleo please!

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July 12, 2012

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I was headin down the back road toward Brigham when I spotted Eddie out on the tractor disking up his corn rows.  He was stark naked from the waist down out there in the hot sun.  I thought maybe he had lost his mind, so I stopped and waited till he got back to my end of the row.

He stopped the tractor and asked what I wanted.  I said Ed, what’s with the naked from the waste down business?

He said without hesitation, yesterday I was out here with my shirt off and when I got home I had a real bad stiff neck.  This is my wifes idea.

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By: Bears Butt

Kids are great, but grandkids are wonderful.  They all make me proud to be their grandpa and when they do something out of the ordinary they especially make me and grandma very proud.

Recently there was an art contest to paint pictures of wildlife, especially birds and animals that frequent the Bear River Bird Refuge.  Many of the local childrens’ pictures were entered into the contest and the better of them were made into vinyl posters and hung on the sides of the streets of Brigham City, Utah.

Our 10 year old Sydney drew this one and was picked to have her Marsh Wren as one to be displayed.

Isn’t that about as good as it gets?!  I love it!  Congratulations Sydnie!

Bears Butt

July 9, 2012

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