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Headed for Evanston Wyoming in the morning…going with Weasel and Shipley to the Sulpher Creek fishing tourney.   Proceeds this year will go to the Primary Childrens Hospital.  We are looking forward to a great day on the ice!

The weather is expected to be partly cloudy with lows around ZERO!  It should be a great morning and then warming to about 20 during the day!  A great day for sure!

We have the magic fishing bait…gummy worms, orange marshmallows and of course Mac and Cheese!  All suggestions by the Ogden School district kids.

I was going to take the “spitter” and another can to try out the idea of keeping the holes clear of ice and I still might depending on space available.  We are traveling light tomorrow as we just don’t have much room.  When you weigh out whether to take a spitter or a sandwich, it’s pretty easy to figure out which one will win.

We have our visions of “The Big One” in our hog troughs and hope to catch one that can at least be measured for the contest…must be at least 16 inches long and a member of the trout family!

In years past we have not had much success, but who knows and we just might be the lucky ones this year….fishing is all about luck right?

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By: Bears Butt

Here is a twist that Winemaker and I came up with, a left over Taco Burrito!

Whenever we make tacos, there is inevitably lots left over.  It’s kind of like making spaghetti,  I always make too much.

So, you make the taco’s like usual, a pound of ground meat, add the packet of taco seasoning, heat and mix as directed and serve with shredded cheese, shredded lettuce and assorted other stuff you like on your taco, add a side of re-fried beans and you are good to go!

After indulging in that to satiation (completely full), the leftovers of the ground meat mix is blended with the leftovers of the re-fried beans and put into the fridge for the next day’s lunch or whenever.

So, Winemaker was going through the fridge this morning and said, Hey, there is just enough left over taco stuff we could make a burrito for each of us for breakfast this morning.  Just add some egg and you’re done!  OK!  I said…done!

I got out a couple of large burrito shells and fired up the burner.  Put the taco blend into the microwave and heated it for 2 minutes.  Broke 3 eggs into the mix and blended that all up and back into the microwave for another minute.

In the meantime I timed the burrito shell being done at the same time as the taco mix.

I had to stir the egg/taco mix two times until the eggs were done and cooked for a total of 3 minutes with the eggs.  Then I added a cup of shredded cheese and stirred that in.

This mix was scooped into the burrito shells and rolled as usual to make a burrito.

I ended up with 4 burritos, and so there will be another breakfast with those!

Pretty yummy if you ask me.  It’s looking like almost anything can be made into a burrito, EXCEPT, Kipper Snacks and Viennas!  Stay away from that combo!

Bears Butt

January 31, 2014

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If everything goes as planned Weasel, Shipley and I will be on the ice at Sulpher Creek this Saturday.  We always have big plans for big fish and as long as a guy can dream, he will keep trying.

Well, I came across this today and thought you folks just might like to see it.  A word of caution however, since this is a “family show”, there are some swear words being used in this video.  You can turn off the sound if you want, the verbiage in the video really does not add much to it.

Bears Butt

January 29, 2014

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By: Bears Butt

Our home has had a bad case of “being sick” since before Christmas!  When will it end?  There are days when we feel pretty good and think it’s all over, and then whammo…the “feel bads” are winning again.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  By 4 p.m. I could feel the fever beginning to attack and by 9 I was had!

Some day it will go away and it can’t be too soon.

So, about 3 a.m. this morning I awoke to the need to hit the bathroom and noticed my side of the bed was wringing wet from me sweating!  I did my duty and then drank 2 big glasses of water and went back to that damp environment.  At least it was warm.

Now is when things started to get interesting.  I could feel I had a fever and the sweating began almost immediately, but I lay there trying to go back to sleep.  For the next two hours this is what I remember:

I found myself at a rendezvous and I was carrying my possibles bag, rifle, powder horn, No Grimaces’ rifle and possibles bag, Trackers favorite movie camera and a tri-pod.  I was wandering around through this large gathering of mountain folks trying to find anyone that looked familiar.  None of them had I ever seen before.  All of them seemed to be “traders”, with their blankets stretched out and they were sitting in small groups discussing stuff and trying to lure people closer to look at their goods.  The land where this rendezvous was being held was not flat, it was filled with deep, rocky crevasses and cedar trees barely hanging on to the edges by what little root systems they had holding them up.

Somehow I  got away from the burden I was carrying….I laid it all down someplace…and now I was frantically trying to relocate it.

Still nobody looked familiar.  I scrambled trying to scale one of the many rocky cliffs to get up on the top of it.  The rocks I grabbed gave way and tumbled down the narrow crevasse below me.  People down there, out of sight from me, were yelling up for me to stop tumbling rocks down upon them.  I had to make a mad scramble back in the direction from where I had come.  A traders blanket drooped over the edge of the cliff I was on and partially kept me from reaching the far side.  I made it after a very tough struggle.  And there lay my rifle and all the other things I had misplaced.  I tried to pick it all up, but it was too much to carry.  I looked around and there were no people who looked trust worthy enough to leave any of it with.  I was in a very big dilemma.

And then, just as quickly as I had misplaced and found again, my load of guns and camera equipment, there were two young boys insisting I join them in finding something.  What that was I’ll never know, but we ended up at a large bleacher filled with people watching young people perform on a stage far below them.  And then I was alone.  Someone called out that they knew I hadn’t voted yet and that I needed to get down to “the building” and vote before it was too late.  I scrambled up the bleachers and over the other side, suddenly finding myself in a wood shack with extremely steep stairs leading down to a door.  The stairs were filled with old rusty tools of every sort.  A hammer fell and someone above me yelled at me and asked why I dropped that hammer down on the table below.  I looked down and there were lots of hammers laying there, I kept struggling to get down the stairs through all the tools, trying my best not to knock any others to the floor below.

When I made it to the door, I opened it to find a long narrow room filled with people.  It was pretty dark inside and a guy was carrying a wooden box, like an old fashioned shoe shine box and yelling if anyone wanted to vote as the time was closing fast.  I yelled out that I needed to vote and he proceeded to hand me a paper and pencil……


I awoke to Winemaker getting up to go and do her exercises.

So, what does a dream like this one tell you?  Pretty confusing if you ask me, but it was so vivid I was able to recall all of this later on when Winemaker and I were having coffee.  A fever dream for sure.

Bears Butt

January 29, 2014

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By: Bears Butt

I just came across this on the internet and thought I’d share with you guys.

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January 26, 2014

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These computers are really something else.  I remember when I was working (at a real job) and they brought in “MY” computer….it took the tech guys almost all day to get me hooked up and running.  And then in came the sweet little gal to teach this old dog how to operate it.  I didn’t have any clue as to how this thing was going to help me.  I was new to my job (the boss) and I was eager to learn and then to show “my people” how to make their computers work for them.

The whole deal of modernizing our office was in the hands of a few.  We were to become what eventually was state of the art in the world of aerial photography.  And here I sat, in total obliviousness!  The gal showed me and I took lots of notes.  She kept saying, “Now don’t write down your password!  Someone could come in and find it and get into your computer and really cause a lot of problems”!  But, how in the heck could I remember my password?  After all, by tomorrow I will have forgotten it.  Unknown to her I did write it down on a sticky note and put it in a special place only I could find it.  I used it every day, until finally I could remember it.  I also remember after a year of using my computer I had sticky notes all around the screen.  Notes of every kind!

Now, it seems like the computer is something I just can’t do without!  I use it every day…well, every day I’m not hunting or camping or whatever, away from the house.  But if I’m home, I use it daily and some days….ALL DAY LONG!

It can get frustrating and I really appreciate when someone calls and says something I have sent them won’t print.  Today was one of those days.

I sent out a “jpeg” file of the Super Bowl Board…gambling is illegal you know, so keep this one quiet….besides we aren’t gambling…we are going to enjoy watching a football game and have to have a reason to watch it…that is why we have this board.  It’s our incentive.  We could care less if the Broncos or the Sea Hawks beat each other up and one of them wins.  What matters is if our square on the “incentive” matches with the score when the game is done.

So, Muskrat was having a time trying to print the jpeg attachment I sent yesterday.  He was sort of “fit to be tied” and called asking if I could redo the attachment in “pdf” format and resend it….Of course I can.  I had to ask Winemaker how to do it, but together we got it done and off it went as another attachment to an email to Muskrat.

I waited a few minutes and then called him to make sure everything was alright.  He was sitting at his computer and just opened it up.  It was important that he get it printed and have it in his hand when he met the “boys” at the coffee shop this morning, I completely understand.

As we conversed and he was working diligently on his end talking to himself as he went…the mumbling kept reminding me of myself when I first started playing with my computer at work.  I also went on a short memory lane trip in my head about how fascinated I was the first time I sent an attachment from my office to an office in Washington DC….the person was on the phone to me and asked if I could sent a certain file I was in charge of keeping updated.  I sent it via the computer and while she was on the phone, she said…”OK, I got it!”  And the amazing thing was that I had just pushed the “enter” key…zingo!  She got it!  That was my first mouth dropping event of the “new age” of computers.

So, today as I listened to the mumblings on the phone I could not help but grin and think about what he was doing trying to get the document to print.

As it was looking very promising on his end, he related a story about “last week”, when he was having printer problems.  He said he printed these things over and over and nothing would come out of the computer.  His frustrations got the best of him and he left the room.  Later in the day, or the next day or whenever, he came back into his computer room and had pieces of printed papers all over the floor and in the printer catch bin!  How could I not laugh at that?  I laughed and laughed!

So, with my coffee cup in hand, I solute you Muskrat!  Job well done!

Bears Butt

January 26, 2014

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About noon or so, up pulls this red truck into my driveway.  Actually up backed this red truck into my driveway and out of it came Weasel, Austin and Brian…they were on their way ice fishing and needed to borrow some of my stuff.  I had been invited, but decided to stay home because of “stuff”….you know…”stuff”.

Well, they took the things they needed and headed off.  Soon after they left, Winemaker came home from what she was doing.  Her first comment to me was, “Why didn’t you go ice fishing”?  My response, “Because there is ‘stuff’ that needs to be done”.  “What stuff”? was her response.  I had no answer.

Almost immediately at that, my phone rang….it was Weasel…Hey!  Dad, you are missing it…We have caught 10 fish already….You need to be here…I’ll see about that with your mom…maybe I will come up, maybe not.

I turned to Winemaker and said, That was Brandon and they are catching fish like crazy, do you mind if I go?   Not at all, I thought you would go while I was gone earlier……

I’m all over this now.  A quick change of clothes, throw stuff into the truck and then realize we should probably eat lunch.

So we had a great lunch of leftovers and then I was outahere!

By 1 p.m I ‘m on the ice with them and they have a BUNCH of fish laying there.  KEEPERS!  And all bluegills!  Half the size of dinner plates.  I have not seen bluegills so big in a long time.  I’m excited to get into the water and they have drilled a hole and cleaned it for me…I told them they only invited my for my quarters.  And was quickly told there was not any betting going on, just fish catching.  Too fast of action!

So, I dropped in with my usual….nothing….in the mean time, they each catch a fish….I stay with my usual…nothing.  How high up?  One crank….I drop down and one crank it….nothing.  They each catch another fish….OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..I see that they each have the “secret lure” on!  I pull up and grab my pole with the secret lure and bait up!

I drop the secret lure in and hit the bottom, one crank…BAMMMM!  Fish on!


Of course the fish is small, but you get the idea!  Sometimes you have to sort through the small ones to get the keepers!

This guy was about 8 inches long and didn’t have enough meat on its bones to make a bite for a meal and so it went back.  LOTS of them went back!

And when we got back to the truck two hours later, there were at least 25 keepers in the bucket and Austin was about to have his best fish meal ever!  Fresh caught Rocky Mountain Blue Gill!

As you can see from the picture it looks like the “secret bait” is a whitish blob.  You can pick those up almost anywhere good fishing stuff is found!  (smiley face)

I only fished for 2 hours and had a blast.  I probably caught 10 or 15 fish and only one keeper.  But everyone around us caught fish.  Even those without the secret lure!  So, don’t think that just because you don’t have one of the secret lures you can’t catch a fish or two, don’t let that stop you from going fishing!  DO!  There are only so many more days of ice and then we will have to wait until next December to enjoy it again!

Happy Fishing…Oh, we were at Mantua!

Bears Butt

January 24, 2014


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Yesterday Winemaker and I were sitting in our usual spots enjoying our morning coffee when she said, “It sure seems cold in here this morning”.  I checked the temp and sure enough it was only 63 degrees…brrrr!

I went to the thermostat and it was set on 68, just where it’s been for a hundred years, so I kicked it up to 75, pulled the cover off it and blew out the dust!  I thought maybe a spider had crawled in there and gotten himself between some contacts or something.

And so the day went on…later I told her I thought I could hear something strange with the noise the furnace was making…you could hear and feel the blower working, but then there would be pulsing noises like it was trying to fire up and then it would shut itself off.  This would occur about every 10 seconds.  On…Off…On…Off.   She could not hear what I was trying to describe….until this morning!

When she heard it her first comment was….”We need to call Scott and get him to come and look at the furnace”!

Scott Pettingill is his name and he lives in Brigham City.  He owns Box Elder Heating and Air Conditioning and he was the man who installed the furnace and central air in the old house.  I have worked with Scott quite a bit over the last 10 years or so.  A good, reliable and reasonable heating and air conditioning man.  He knows his business and doesn’t bite the hand that feeds him!  If you want fair and honest!  Scott is the man…435-723-3151

It was about 7 a.m. at this time and so I texted his number asking him to call me when it was convenient.  My phone rang less than 15 minutes later.  I told him we had an issue with the furnace and he said he would be out about 8 a.m.

At 7:55 Scott pulled into the driveway!  Grabbed his small bag of tools and headed for the basement.  He stood there listening to the noise the furnace was making and said…”We have a water problem”!

Our furnace is going on 19 years old and it is of a type that creates condensed water and that water drains into our floor drain in the basement.  Scott knew right away the water was not draining.  Something had it plugged and the way the furnace is designed, if something in the workings of the furnace is not right, the sensors tell it not to operate.  So, as a little bit of water would drain through the plug, the furnace would ignite, then when new water built up to the stop point, the furnace would shut off…thus the On again, Off again stuff.

Scott found a drain plug on the main drain, opened it and drained out some very ugly stuff!  That ugly stuff was little bits of rust mixed with water and over the years it has been building up until it completely covered the main drain pipe outlet.  Who would have thought?

So, with all the BS’n and stuff, Scott was here about an hour….his charge?  $40!

The furnace is working just like new, the house is warm and the thermostat is set back to 68…Winemaker has a big old smile on her face, I have a big old smile on my face, MaPa’s is looking at us wondering why we have big old smiles on our faces, and Scott is off to another job!

Does it get any better than that?

Bears Butt

January 24, 2014


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We were heading up toward Hardware Ranch the other day and I saw a Bald Eagle gliding down the canyon.  I made a comment that he was a little early to be migrating through at this time of year.  Usually they don’t show up until around the second week of February.

Of course Winemaker informed me that I don’t always see the individual ones that come through early, I only see the masses of them as they glide around at the peak of the migration.

As for my thoughts on the subject, I think I observe lots of things, and I still think this one eagle is early.  So I believe that this sighting is an indication of an early Spring!  That’s what I’m saying and I’m sticking to it!

At the ranch, while we waited for the others to show up, we observed a small band of six wild turkeys on the hill side.  Several of the Toms were fanning their tails out and strutting around like they were meaning some business.  That is another indicator to me of an early Spring…Strutting Toms!

So there were two signs in one day!

This morning while we were eating our breakfast, a bird flew down and picked up a stick that was laying on the brown grass and flew off with it!  What does that tell you?

And even though we have not heard from Punxsutawney Phil, the ground hog over in Pennsylvania, I’m here to tell you winter’s back is broken and you best get your Spring stuff ready to do!  Bears Butt went out and got the paper this morning and saw his shadow!  Only six more weeks until you see a 70 degree day!

This just might turn into something big, so mark your calendars!  People just might be flocking around Bears Butt’s den waiting for him to come out and see his shadow….who knows!?!

Bears Butt

January 23, 2014


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AnxiousElkHerdToday was a beautiful day to be up in the mountains and especially at the Hardware Ranch to assist with feeding the elk.  This picture is of the hungry herd of elk that are currently on the ranch.  Marni, the assistant manager says the herd can vary by up to 100 head from day to day, plus or minus.  This looks to me to be between 200 and 300 head.

We arrived about 9:30 a.m. and the temperature was brisk, but not extremely cold.  The ranch manager, Brad, was out feeding the elk that are in a holding pen awaiting brucellosis testing.  And soon he would load the feeding wagon with 5 large, 800 plus pound bales for today’s feeding.

Tracker, Bones, Winemaker and I waited patiently as we knew there was to be some kids from the Mount Logan Middle School coming up to help.

We immediately saw a small band of turkeys near by.


Before the day was over, we saw close to 30 birds in varying band sizes.  All of them look very healthy!

It didn’t take long before a lady with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources showed up to help as well.  She is actually a graduate student working on her doctorate and she had been called late last night to go up to the ranch.  Her main job was to pick up “test” food that had been left on the ranch for the elk to pick through.  The Utah State University students studying wildlife habitat (I’m guessing at this) are looking for alternate food supplements for elk and had eight different mixes of various food products out in feed bins among the elk.  Her job was to pick up the feed that was left in the bins and bring it all back for weighing and comparative testing.  We would do our part to assist her with that task as well as the feeding of the elk.

Pretty soon the students from the middle school arrived and we were all set to go.  All of us were involved in some way.  The object of having the kids there was to give them first hand experience in the feeding program, but also to teach them a few things about the ranch, about elk and with this special feeding program being tested, they even got a bit of High Tech stuff to learn.  I really enjoyed listening to Marni, the “Doctor” and the students teacher fill them with good information and also test their thinking by asking pertinent questions.

These kids are all in the sixth grade and the program they are working in calls for them to have all their other assignments completed in all their other subjects before they are even considered to go out and play on a day trip like this one.  These happened to be all boys today and they were all very willing to step in and do their part.

Marni was called upon to drive the tractor that pulled the 2 tons of hay out to the meadow where the elk were herded up.  The first order of business however, was to load the catch pen up with fresh hay and get the trip wire set to close the door behind the elk that venture into the catch pen.



If you can see the open red gate in this picture, that gate gets closed once the hay is loaded into the catch pen.  The bars on the gate keep the larger bull elk from going into the pen.  Brad told me that if you get big bulls in there, they start to fight and will hurt the other animals and even cause enough damage to the other animals that they would have to be put down.  So they don’t want to catch big bulls.  Mostly cows and calves.

Inside the pen is a long string that is attached to a boarded and hinged panel.  When one of the elk inside the pen happens to “trip the string”, the panel closes, covering the red gate and their avenue of escape is cut off.  Then it’s a simple manner of getting the group of captured elk to move through a small chute and into a larger holding pen.


When they have captured up a given number of elk in this pen, they will then take the time to catch each one and take blood samples to be tested for brucellosis and other diseases.  The animals will be aged and weighed and even tagged before being released back into the wild.

I have to say, our Utah Division of Wildlife Resources people don’t have much time to relax.  There is always something for them to be doing!  The search for “the right answer” is never that easy!  Keep it up folks!

Now for the fun part!  Feeding the big herd of elk!


As the wagon began to move, it was our jobs to pull off slabs of hay from the bales and kick them out to the sides of the wagon and on the ground for the hungry elk.  The elk know the routine, but they also know that people mean trouble and so they kept their distance.  Today, Marni drove the wagon in a zig zag pattern, quite close to the capture pen.  I think the theory is to have the whole herd close and maybe more elk will get inside and get captured.







With a good crew like this one it didn’t take long before we ran ourselves out of work.  5 big bales all strung out across the ranch and 200 to 300 hungry elk taking care of it very quickly!

So, we needed a picture of the kids from the Mount Logan Middle School:


Hey!  But who is the guy in the dark shadow?


When the elk were all fed, it was time to move down to the troughs and pick up the left over test food.


The kids were interested in learning about this special testing and it was up to “Doctor Alex” to tell them about it.


With them gathered around one of the troughs, she explained just what the experiment was all about and what the person who thought it up was hoping to see come of it.  I hope that person finds the results they hoped for.

We went on and cleaned up the troughs and then “headed back to the barn” (now we know where that statement comes from)!!!

Cleaning out the trough



What a fun morning to be at the ranch!

I know for you, Brad and Marni, it’s just another day at the office, but when I look at these pictures and concentrate on the scenery, I just have to say “What a beautiful office to have to work in”!!!!

Thanks for having us up there and please invite us back soon!

Bears Butt

January 21, 2014


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