By: Bears Butt

Our home has had a bad case of “being sick” since before Christmas!  When will it end?  There are days when we feel pretty good and think it’s all over, and then whammo…the “feel bads” are winning again.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  By 4 p.m. I could feel the fever beginning to attack and by 9 I was had!

Some day it will go away and it can’t be too soon.

So, about 3 a.m. this morning I awoke to the need to hit the bathroom and noticed my side of the bed was wringing wet from me sweating!  I did my duty and then drank 2 big glasses of water and went back to that damp environment.  At least it was warm.

Now is when things started to get interesting.  I could feel I had a fever and the sweating began almost immediately, but I lay there trying to go back to sleep.  For the next two hours this is what I remember:

I found myself at a rendezvous and I was carrying my possibles bag, rifle, powder horn, No Grimaces’ rifle and possibles bag, Trackers favorite movie camera and a tri-pod.  I was wandering around through this large gathering of mountain folks trying to find anyone that looked familiar.  None of them had I ever seen before.  All of them seemed to be “traders”, with their blankets stretched out and they were sitting in small groups discussing stuff and trying to lure people closer to look at their goods.  The land where this rendezvous was being held was not flat, it was filled with deep, rocky crevasses and cedar trees barely hanging on to the edges by what little root systems they had holding them up.

Somehow I  got away from the burden I was carrying….I laid it all down someplace…and now I was frantically trying to relocate it.

Still nobody looked familiar.  I scrambled trying to scale one of the many rocky cliffs to get up on the top of it.  The rocks I grabbed gave way and tumbled down the narrow crevasse below me.  People down there, out of sight from me, were yelling up for me to stop tumbling rocks down upon them.  I had to make a mad scramble back in the direction from where I had come.  A traders blanket drooped over the edge of the cliff I was on and partially kept me from reaching the far side.  I made it after a very tough struggle.  And there lay my rifle and all the other things I had misplaced.  I tried to pick it all up, but it was too much to carry.  I looked around and there were no people who looked trust worthy enough to leave any of it with.  I was in a very big dilemma.

And then, just as quickly as I had misplaced and found again, my load of guns and camera equipment, there were two young boys insisting I join them in finding something.  What that was I’ll never know, but we ended up at a large bleacher filled with people watching young people perform on a stage far below them.  And then I was alone.  Someone called out that they knew I hadn’t voted yet and that I needed to get down to “the building” and vote before it was too late.  I scrambled up the bleachers and over the other side, suddenly finding myself in a wood shack with extremely steep stairs leading down to a door.  The stairs were filled with old rusty tools of every sort.  A hammer fell and someone above me yelled at me and asked why I dropped that hammer down on the table below.  I looked down and there were lots of hammers laying there, I kept struggling to get down the stairs through all the tools, trying my best not to knock any others to the floor below.

When I made it to the door, I opened it to find a long narrow room filled with people.  It was pretty dark inside and a guy was carrying a wooden box, like an old fashioned shoe shine box and yelling if anyone wanted to vote as the time was closing fast.  I yelled out that I needed to vote and he proceeded to hand me a paper and pencil……


I awoke to Winemaker getting up to go and do her exercises.

So, what does a dream like this one tell you?  Pretty confusing if you ask me, but it was so vivid I was able to recall all of this later on when Winemaker and I were having coffee.  A fever dream for sure.

Bears Butt

January 29, 2014

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