By: Bears Butt

How many chances does a guy get? Last night as I sat on my stool in the blind, it felt rather strange, at least stranger than it has all week. The usual slight evening breeze was missing and the air was dead quiet. The sounds from the freeway seemed to be less as well and I picked up a faint doe or fawn bleet up in the swamp. At that sound I messaged Weasel that I thought I heard it.

Then, I turned and looked toward the North from my seat, something I rarely do. There stood a nice buck, looking into the swamp almost on top of where Weasel was sitting before he changed blinds. Had I not looked when I did, I would not have seen the buck as it turned and walked out into the meadow, obscured from my view by the trees.

I stood and readied myself for a shot. I positioned myself in such a way, that when the buck came within view, I’d have about a 10 yard shot. Suddenly I saw the buck through the last remaining leaves still holding on to the stems of the sucker trees growing up from the bases of the mother trees. It stopped.

I thought to myself, now, take your time on this shot. Come to full draw and anchor, pick the spot on the deer where you want to hit. This is your chance for the liver and onions you have been promising Sherry. I was calm and even though my heart was racing, my mind was clear. I knew what I needed to do. But the buck just stood there.

He needed to take two or three more steps to give me a broadside shot. I caught myself pulling on the bow string a bit too hard and was about at 1/3 full draw. I let down and took a deep breath. Why is the buck not continuing on his journey? I could see just a portion of the bucks antlers through the leaves and could tell when he turned his head. It seemed like he was about to turn around and go back to where he had come from, when suddenly he did step forward. I could see his full head and neck and he turned to look away from where I was standing. I had no shot at this point even though he was only about 10 yards away.

He stepped toward where he was looking and started to walk in that direction. It was a perfect situation for me. The buck was quartering away, totally unaware that danger and death were mere feet from him. I drew back, came to full draw and settled into my anchor. This was going to be a chip shot. I settled the white strip of tape I have adhered to the shaft of my arrow just behind the broadhead, placing it right behind his last rib and let go of the string. The buck jumped to his right and I just knew I had hit him.

I sat back down on my seat to wait. I had some doubt about whether I hit him or not. I texted Weasel, I’m not sure If I hit him or not! I could not see the buck as it ran to the north, keeping the trees between me and him. Then just as quickly, I see the buck walking up alongside the toolies of the pond to the west of me across the meadow. Some 60 yards away. I missed him! I texted Weasel with this info, but then kept thinking, Everything was perfect! How could I have missed. Were there 2 bucks? I texted Weasel, were there two bucks? His response, I only saw one.

Doubt filled my soul and I watched the big buck walk away into the sunset.

I texted Weasel, I need to go find my arrow, to confirm whether I had hit the deer or not. He texted back that our hunting time was over and to go ahead out into the meadow and find my arrow.

I walked right to the arrow and examining it found no hint of a hit! DANG! The biggest buck we have seen to date on the extended, a very nice 3X4!

Will there be any more chances? Well, if not I’ve had a very memorable hunt. I wish Weasel would get a chance.

November 6, 2020

Bears Butt

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    Wapiti commented

    You two are hunters, not killers.

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