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Monticello Weather:

A beautiful sunshiny day ahead!  High 44, low 27 with light winds beginning WNW (you know what that means) at 10 to 15 mph, shifting to NNW by this evening!

Now that sounds like a great day!

Yesterday, among all the other things that went on, I spent some time on “field judging bull elk” web sites and downloaded some very interesting stuff.  One of the websites is called “”, they have an interactive deal, where they show a picture of a bull elk and you guess what the Boone and Crockett score is of the antlers.  It was a fun thing to get into, although I think they messed up on a couple of them.  One is clearly a 6X6 bull, and they called it a 5X6…oh well.  Then I downloaded some pictures where they tell you the “average” sizes of various parts of the elks body are.  For instance the length of the bulls chest from the hump on the back to its belly measures 36 to 40 inches and the length of its face from nose to bottom of the antlers is 15 to 16 inches.  You can use these to guesstimate tine length etc.

It also tells you the “rules” of the book and how to get into it.  The antlers have to have at least 5 points on each side plus a bunch of other criteria to get into the book.

Not that any of that will mean anything to me once I’m on the hunt, but who knows.  I’m sure that when I see a big bull standing or walking around, I’ll know if its a shooter or not.  The 4th point on a side is called “the sword” and if that is a big old long thing….BANG!!!!!

There was another web site that said to start with 200 points, which is pretty much an average young 6X6 bull’s antler measurements.  Then start adding up points such as length of each of the tines, width beyond 30 inches between the antlers and guessing the circumference of the antlers between the “G” points up to G-4.  You would have to have a lot of time to study an animal to do this, but I suppose a bull could stick around long enough for you to do that.  Probably it would be better if you were glassing it from a long distance away.

As for now….7 days and counting!

Bears Butt

Oct. 31, 2013


Happy Halloween!

Written on October 31st, 2013 , DREAM HUNTS
By: Bears Butt

FrontSideWithCapoteBRRRR!  Cold this morning!

Weather for Monticello:

Rain and snow this morning, becoming mostly cloudy this afternoon.  High around 40, Low 26, winds NNW around 10 mph, chance of rain 60%.

Looking at the long range forecast it is calling for a warming trend and the next chance of rain/snow will be Monday of next week.  We can live with that!

Do you know what NNW means?  Let me give you a little lesson.

On a compass there is a “N” that stands for “North”, and that is where the little arrow inside the compass points.  That tells you which direction North is.  There is also an “E” for East, “S” for South and a “W” for West.  So, if the winds are going to come from the South, the weather forecast will say “S Winds”, if they are coming from the West the forecast will say “W”.  But what about winds that aren’t coming from a straight on direction like South or West, or East or North?  Well then they must be coming from some direction between those points.  Like North West…NW, or South East…SE.  And if the winds are coming at you from closer to North it would be marked as North North West, “NNW” (North of North West) or if it’s coming from closer to the West than North, West North West, “WNW” (West of NorthWest).

Now for your test.  The weather forecast is calling for temperature of 20 degrees with winds ESE at 10 mph, and you are facing directly North with nothing on but a wet sheet, what part of your body will get coldest first?

Today’s schedule will be involved with making sure everything is in the camp trailer…stuff like coffee, sugar, toilet paper and the like.

I packed the game bags yesterday in a duffle bag and those will be tossed in the truck when we leave camp to head out looking for an elk.  You never know where the elk will finally hit the dirt and if we have to pack it out, those bags will come in real handy.

I also got my “warm stuff” bag sorted out and took out the kinds of things I will never need.  Loaded up the hand warmers and made an emergency kit of sorts.  One for fire starting, with fresh “strike anywhere” matches, a small candle and a charcoal stick hand warmer.  The rest of the bag contains gloves, face masks and a pull over rain jacket.

In my “take it with me” fanny pack I cleaned out the 3 year old Tootsie rolls, made sure the Kipper Snacks were in there, as well as three hunting knives, my pelvis cutting tomahawk, a liver and heart bag, small piece of rope and knife sharpener.

This “getting ready” is kind of fun and with only a few days left before we head out I know I’m over killing everything.  But when we get up on the mountain there should be plenty for everyone.

My workout this morning was a grueling one with lots of sweat.  My legs have gotten used to the 10% inclines and so the calves are not paining me like they were a week ago, or throbbing like two weeks ago.  This working out is sort of a good thing.  You should try it!  Just Saying!

8 days!

Bears Butt

Oct. 30, 2013

Written on October 30th, 2013 , DREAM HUNTS
By: Bears Butt


Monticello weather:

Still under that winter storm warning.  Snow accumulations 5 to 10 inches, beginning at 9,000 ft and above and then dropping to 6500 feet later in the day.  Winds 20 to 35 mph, reducing visibility to less than 1/4 mile and drifting the snow.  Snow and ice packed roads can be expected at higher elevations.

Other than that a pretty good day can be expected.  High near 46, low of 31, with 30% chance of showers!

That actually sounds like a good day to make some ground soup and some home made biscuits.

Now I’ll get off subject of the dream elk hunt, but I just have to tell you this.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to cut up a friends deer she killed out near Elwood.  She said it came out of a patch of corn and she dropped it in its tracks.  During processing it was plain to see the entry and exit holes and she really had made a great shot!  Only lost about 1/4 of one of the front quarters to shock.

Anyway, I have cut up a lot of deer in my time and this one has them all beat as far as fat goes.  It had at least 1/2 inch on its butt, which isn’t such a big deal, but what was a big deal was the fat that was layered between the muscles.  I’ve never seen this before.  It made for some extra work to get it all cut out but I’ll just bet this deer will be wonderful table fare!

Congratulations Shelly on one nice little buck!

9 days!


Bears Butt

Oct. 29, 2013

Written on October 29th, 2013 , DREAM HUNTS
By: Bears Butt


I missed out posting up yesterday because of the “Un-turkey Shoot” held at the Logan DWR Shooting range.  Our friend Muskrat held his 16th annual shoot yesterday to raise some funds to help Homeless Veterans.  He uses the money raised to purchase  clothing and other essentials that homeless vets can use.  It was a very fun event, as usual, lots of good folks, a great shoot and some excellent Octopork sandwiches and Buffalo Chili!  I doesn’t get any better than that!

OK, back to why I’m writing!

Monticello Weather for today:

Partly cloudy and windy!  High 58, low 40.  Winds out of the South at 25 to 35 mph….With gusts as high as 50 or more!  WOW!  Then tonight showers will develop after midnight and an increasing chance of precipitation to 30%.

Now folks that isn’t all there is to it!  They have been issued a “WINTER STORM WARNING”!

A warning means it’s gonna happen and you best get ready for it!

This warning is in effect from midnight tonight through 6 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Snow and blowing snow.  Snow will start falling early Tuesday morning with the heaviest snow expected before midday Tuesday.  Snow accumulations…5 to 10 inches!  Snow level from 9,000 and higher will drop to 6500 feet!  Winds out of the South at 15 to 20 mph with gusts over 35 mph expected!

Blowing snow and drifts with near white out conditions, snow and ice packed roads making for hazardous driving!

That really sound like it could be winter!

Will it be enough to drive the big boy elk down from the higher elevations?  I doubt it, but it should make them begin to think about heading for their winter ranges.  A dusting of snow would make finding them a bit easier, what with tracks and just plain visibility against the white background.  This time in two weeks we will have been hunting for three days!

10 days until we head South!

Bears Butt

Oct. 28, 2013

Written on October 28th, 2013 , DREAM HUNTS
By: Bears Butt


Here is some good stuff for you to ponder over and then go research for yourself.  Some, if not all of you know there is an internet system called “FireFox”, Mozilla Firefox to be exact and you can download it and use it to do all the internet stuff you need.  It’s like Microsofts “Internet Explorer” or the Google one called “Google Chrome”, I’m sure there are many others, but these are the ones I know about.  The purpose of this writing is about Firefox.

This great Mozilla Firefox thing is wonderful in todays world and I use it pretty much exclusively over the other choices.  It seems to be pretty quick to respond and I normally don’t have much problems with it.  (Now watch…all heck will break loose with it).

So, let me tell you about another Firefox that started a whole long time ago, long before the internet was even thought up.  And maybe, just maybe Mozilla Firefox has taken their name based on some of what you are about to read about…I don’t know.

It was 1966 and a newly graduated teacher got his first assignment in a school in Georgia.  A teacher with aspirations to become the best teacher in all the land…very motivated and intelligent.  He had a Masters degree and at the time, that was just one notch below a doctor!  (Now for my spin), this guy was pretty much like all the other teachers.  Engrained to make sure the students learned and could recite all the “important” dates and names that all the other teachers for decades before had done.  After all that was the way he learned all the good stuff and why would he change it?  He has a boss and if the boss says do things this way or that, well you best be doing it or go looking for another job!  Right?

So here he is with a group of typical 9th and 10th grade High School students, doing exactly what High School students their age do…stuff!  Stuff that isn’t quite right in the world of “listen to me” and “do as I say”…He had a burn in his podium from one of the students trying to light it on fire, during class!  A half a pocket knife blade sticking up out of the floor of the class room from one of the “little Johnnies” playing mummbly peg with his new Barlow knife, his chalk was missing from the box where he kept it and the tacks had been removed that held up his “world globe map”…irritation was not the word for him at this point!  A class room full of problem kids! (OCDC in todays world, not normal).

This guy was supposed to be teaching these kids about English, Geography and several other courses that other teachers had given up on.  He wanted to do a good job, but was at his wits end and wanted to show these kids just who was the boss.

Of course all of us know that when the kids don’t do what we want, we strike out with a vengeance and cause them grief and discontent!  Forcing them to do the unthinkable…learn something….Learn something that we want them to learn even if it is of no value other than teach them discipline!  What happened in 1492 and who was involved?  A big event happened in 1776, what was it and who did what to whom?  Who was the third President of the United States?  Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?  What did Helen Keller do that was so important?  What was the “shot heard round the world”?  That sort of stuff.  What good is it?  Sure, I can write stuff in this story, but do any of you know the answers to any of it?  Probably not, but you now have Google to look it up!

There are lots more important things to learn than that stuff.  Math is a much more important subject…at least you can use it in your everyday things.  Geology too…Hey Ed…What kind of rock is this?   And of course Ed’s answer is “Leaverite”!  (Leave ‘er right where you found it).  While driving down the freeway you can look across the valley and see the fanning shape of the terrain as it comes out at the bottom of a deep canyon…what’s that called?  An alluvial fan!  Everyone knows that.  And to me that is much more important than knowing that Betsy Ross made the first Official American Flag.  Good for Betsy.

So, here he is, teaching the stuff that the kids will remember (maybe) just long enough to pass the test with a D minus and then forget it all before the end of the next recess.  Why waste his time.

So, being the very brilliant man he was, he decided to get the class members to make up their own curriculum, sort of.  You see he was new to the area of Georgia he found himself teaching in and they had their quirky ways in them parts.  They had sayings that most other people in the U.S. wouldn’t know what they meant.  They planted crops by the sign of the moon.  They hunted and fished and made stuff by hand and ate weird things (pickled pigs feet come to mind).  So, in order to get his kids involved and still learn how “English” was to be properly used and how sentences were to be constructed and what an adverb was and how it differed from a adjective etc. he made them assignments to go home and interview their parents, neighbors or friends about the different things that made their people who they were.  What defined them in their individual characters and on and on.

He involved the kids in making up a list of what was unique about the area and then made the assignments accordingly.  As it turned out, nearly all (not all) but nearly all the students took a big interest in the project and in the end, (six years later), they compiled a book and called it “Firefox”!  And then they had it printed and sold it!  Not only did they sell it locally, but it became a best seller!

It didn’t take long before this old boy teacher became the favorite of all the students and everyone wanted to be in his class.  They ended up printing the original Firefox book and 11 more just like it with different stories and things that were a part of the history and living style of the local area!  They even went on to create a local museum and history building!

A true story folks!

A Google search will fill your screen up with nothing but Mozilla Firefox things, but keep scrolling down and changing pages and pretty soon you will find “Firefox Magazine” (maybe start your search with that)!

Do you want to know something about Church Ministers?  Snake Handling?  Foot washing?  Fiddle making?  Horse trading? Or about Sassafras Tea?  These are your books!

Bears Butt

Oct. 26, 2013


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By: Bears Butt


A much better workout this morning.  Sweating profusely at minute 14 and then later I realized I was getting a good deal when the program switched from a speed of 5.5 mph at incline 5%, to a speed of 4 mph and increased to incline 10%…It took 10 seconds for it to climb that 5%….I win!  Only had to do 4 mph at incline 10% for 50 seconds instead of 60!

Monticello weather for today:

Lots of sunshine today.  High 58, low 35, light breezes 5 to 10…almost sounds like it has for the past week.  BUT…….

Continuing special weather statement:  Strong winds Monday…followed by a potential winter storm for portions of the area.  A developing area of low pressure will dive south along the west coast of the U.S. Sunday night and Monday.   Then the system will turn East across the area bringing windy conditions.  As the storm moves closer the winds will give way to an increasing chance for rain and snow by Tuesday afternoon.  Sow levels are expected to remain above mountain pass levels early on, but will quickly drop to the valley floors by Wednesday morning as much colder air filters through the region….Temps on Wednesday may be running 10 to 20 degrees below normal in many areas…..

So what did you do yesterday?

Tracker, Wapiti, Bones, Ericka and I took some time to fix up Trackers dining fly to include a really nice area to put the cooking stuff for the hunt.  Tracker had a really old, but nice World War II Army tarp and he wanted to incorporate it with his dining fly and he had an idea as to how to do it.

We started at 9 a.m. and didn’t get it finished until about 3 p.m., a long day, but the time really flew by fast.

Of course a tarp as old as this one had a few tear issues here and there and we had to make do with the largest part we had to work with.  As it turned out, we didn’t have to cut it at all and still ended up with the largest part over top of where we think we will be putting our cooking stoves and tables and there are no holes over head!  Something I didn’t think we would have when we started this project.  I just knew we would be sewing some patches somewhere.

In the past, we would set up the dining fly and then put up two EZ-up canopies to one side.  This worked very well, but the amount of space we had to work under was quickly consumed by the stoves and tables and left a lot to be desired in the ambiance field.  We actually would have been better off if the EZ-ups were set out by themselves and away from the main dining fly.  But we did what we did and it worked just fine.

By utilizing Trackers idea, we will now have an area about 10 ft. X 14 ft. of nothing but dedicated cooking area and all of the area under the dining fly canopy will be available for sitting and talking around the fire!  A wonderful addition!


This picture shows it all, but the newly added tarp is in the shadow somewhat.  It’s on the right side and you can see the green tarp coming out from under the white tarp.  Tracker is going to pick up four 7 1/2 foot lodge poles and so when we get to camp the cinder blocks you see in this picture will not be there.  We used them to get the height we needed.


We took it all down in about 10 minutes and put things away very organized so that to put it up when we get to the Abajo mountains we should only need an hour or less.


It’s funny how something as simple as a dining fly in the middle of camp seems to just “make” the camp!  For sure we will probably be the only camp on the mountain with one.

Speaking of camp and hunting, there will be 13 other hunters on the mountain and I hope we get to meet them all and I hope again that each one of them bags the trophy of a lifetime!

12 Days!

Bears Butt

Oct. 26, 2013


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By: Bears Butt

CompletedBearsButtDotComI’m new to this working out stuff and have only been doing it for about two months.  When I started I used a pre-programmed exercise setting on the tread mill, the first real workout setting.  As I recall coming upstairs after that grueling workout I told Winemaker, “Who needs a gym?  You have that monster machine down stairs to kick your butt”!!!  I was sweating like crazy and my legs were pounding with pain!  I sure was “in the element”!  30 minutes of agony, but I worked through it with all my thoughts on climbing up and down the red rocks of the San Juan, in search of the big trophy elk that is in my dreams.

This morning I decided to re-visit that first exercise program….30 minutes…max incline of 6 %….max speed of 4 mph….At 15 minutes into the program and having been walking at 4 mph for almost 5 straight minutes, I could feel my head starting to heat up, but not sweating yet.  At 20 minutes into it, the speed had been reduced to 3.5 mph and the incline was on a firm 6%, my first drop of sweat leaped from my forehead, followed by several more through the rest of the workout.  But, by the time the program was over, I felt like I had cheated myself out of a good time!  Not once had the excursion caused me to breath through my mouth…not once!  It ended way too soon and then it was on to stretches, push ups and sit ups.  I came upstairs and told Winemaker, it was not much of a workout.

Does that mean this workout stuff actually gets you into condition and that you get used to doing these things and they become easier and easier as you progress through them?  You can answer that, but tomorrow I’m going up to the max setting and hammer myself into shape!

Monticello weather:

OH OH!  Special weather statement!

Winter storm possible for portions of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado!  This storm will see snow levels running at or above 10,000 ft…with moderate snow accumulations confined to elevations above 12,000 ft…..blah, blah, blah, blah!

Other than that, a high expected of 56 degrees, low of 36.  Early afternoon showers with winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.  Chance of rain 30%!

So, it looks like there could be some inclement weather high up that just might make the elk think winter is coming and push them down toward their wintering ranges.  If I was an elk that is what I would think, and I’d make sure I was near a good road in case it really dumped and then I could walk down the road to a more comfortable place….just sayin!

Today Tracker, Wapiti and I are going to be working on a modification to Trackers dining fly.  The beginning of the camp!  I’m loving it!

In two weeks time we will be waking up in the San Juan, Blue Mountains…the Abajo Mountains to be exact!

13 days out!

Bears Butt

Oct. 25, 2013

Written on October 25th, 2013 , DREAM HUNTS
By: Bears Butt


Monticello Weather:

Partly cloudy, high expected around 60, lows around 40.  A change is coming to the area with a 30% chance of rain beginning tonight.  Light winds.

This weather sounds about right for this time of year.  Looking ahead a few days they have some snow in the forecast also.  More on that as we get closer to those days.


Had a bummer deal hit us yesterday.  Weasel took his truck in for a fix on a mystery problem and that got remedied after nearly $1,000 of fixes.  So, he was test driving it toward home trying to get it to do what it was doing before he took it in and everything seemed to be just fine…he looked down at this dash panel and saw the check engine light was on and the temp gauge was almost red lined!  He pulled over immediately and the engine died.

He called the repair shop and a mechanic showed up very quickly.  He checked the radiator and there was no fluid to be seen.  So he dumped in a gallon of fluid and it disappeared into the radiator.  They both looked under the truck to see where it was going and then it dawned on them that the fluid was probably going into the crank case area.  Weasel pulled out the dip stick and sure enough, it was full of oily water and foam.  DAMN!

So, back to the shop it went and the prognosis came back as a bad head gasket and assorted ugly stuff that comes when radiator fluid gets into the crank case area.  The shop owner recommended a new engine, $4500 installed, with a new radiator!  Weasel paid $3200 for the truck three years ago, is it worth this much more to be put into it?

Well Weasel made a command decision to forgo any more work on the truck and to call for salvage measures.  I went with him yesterday to retrieve it and I was able to drive it home…stopping periodically to make sure it didn’t over heat to the point of seizing up.

So, that was going to be the truck of choice to use on the elk hunt and the one to drive us around in the mountains.  Things are going to change now and I’m not totally sure what direction they will go.

Tracker and Bones have offered their truck as the replacement and it seems like the logical choice.  Not knowing the roads down that way I sure would not want to get that truck all scratched up…it’s nearly new.  Weasels was a tried and true “who cares about the paint job truck”, with numerous Rocky Mountain pin stripes down the sides.

We will see what comes of this as we get closer to the day of departure, 14 days from now!

Bears Butt

Oct. 24, 2013

Written on October 24th, 2013 , DREAM HUNTS
By: Bears Butt


2013 Baseballs world series begins tonight!  YAYEEEEE!  I guess.

I’ve never been into baseball, basketball, football or for that matter any of the big time sports stuff.  Little League…you bet…especially when the kids were playing and it doesn’t look like the grandkids are into that, so my little league days are over.  I never was coordinated enough to play little league, even though I did don my uniform religiously and went to the practices and games, but in my 3 year career I can only remember hitting the ball one time and made one terrible play at second base…all the other memories of playing are gone.  I was on a team called the “DZ’s”…it really doesn’t even sound like a good team does it?  Disease.   It didn’t stand for that word, it actually stood for the two coaches, Dick and Zundel and they were great coaches, they just couldn’t get me to be able to hit the ball or play the infield very good.  I gave them 3 years and tried really hard, it just didn’t happen.

What about basketball?  Too short and uncoordinated, my layups all came off the wrong foot and I could not get that habit out of my head…so I just cheered the team on.

Golf?  I did get pretty good at that silly game.  Once I was taught how to control where the ball was going to go, I went from scores in the 80’s (nine holes), to the 40’s and even into the mid 30’s before I hung up the clubs.  The secret was two fold:  Keep your head down was a biggie, but the best lesson I learned besides that was to take hold of the club handle correctly.

I’m right handed and so I would lean my club handle against my right leg, the ball on the ground was just inside my left foot and of course out away from my body a foot or so.  I’d lean over and grasp the club with my right hand and slightly turn the club, so the face of it was almost invisible from my prospective, then I would take hold with my left hand making sure not to change the angle of the club face.  Then keeping my head down and eye focused on the back of the ball, the back swing and follow through would send that ball way down the middle of the fairway.

Now if the fairway curved to the right, I would not change the face of the club at all from what it was as it rested on the ground and the handle leaning against my leg.  That way the club face would come in contact with the back of the ball and sort of  “slice” it as it lifted the ball.  It would actually give the ball a spinning motion in a left to right (clockwise) direction and the ball would sail down range and start to turn to the right as it went.  It was actually cool to watch it all play out, following the lay of the land and giving me much needed distance and still maintaining the ball in the playing field and not out into the rough.

If the fairway curved to the left, I would bury the face of the club to a point I could not see any of the face at all.  Again when the club came in contact with the ball it would cut across it and give it a right to left (counter clockwise) spin.  Flying down range it would then curve its flight path to the left, following the contour of the range.

I practiced that a lot at the practice range until I had it mastered.  Of course the real golf guys have a lot more tricks up their pant legs than I did.  But once I started consistently hitting near par, I lost interest in the game all together…too easy I suppose.

So, tonight starts the World Series games, best 4 out of 7 team wins all the marbles.  This year it’s the Saint Louis Cardinals against the Boston Red Socks.  Both teams sporting red in their uniforms!  I don’t much care as to which team wins because my interest in the game is only on the final scores!  Vegas has my money baby!  Well, close to Vegas anyway and as long as the scores land on my number I’ll be a happy guy!  No cheating fellas!  And no paying off the umps either!  Professional ball players, team owners and mafia types are like that you know!

There are a couple of other reasons besides my numbers that makes the games interesting to watch.  The commercials and the sports announcers “stats”!  I’m not sure which is the most interesting, but I can tell you the “stats” are a statisticians night mare.  They have stats on top of stats for each player, coach and probably even the bat boy/girl (girls are getting into the game too).

When was the last time you heard of a team winning a series after loosing the first 3 games?  Or hitting a grand slam after falling behind in the pitch 2 and 0 after 2 pitches?  What about sliding into home base with one shoe coming off as he rounded 3rd?  Getting hit in the head with a pitch his first 3 times at bat in one game?  Grounding to short stop and still making it all around the bases to home on errors?

They have stats for all of it.  Do yourself a favor in the game tonight and don’t get up between innings to get another beer, just once sit there and watch the commercials and listen to the announcers spew their stuff.  It’s comical!

Oh and by the way 15 more days until we head off to the elk hunt! There are my stats on that!

Bears Butt

Oct. 23, 2013

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By: Bears Butt


Monticello weather for today:  High 61, low 35, light breezes.

I’m liking this!  I think I could be a weatherman…”Weather Butt”…has a ring to it!

Today will be mostly sunny, with some clouds and a possible shower later in the day.  Expect highs nearly what they were yesterday with a possible cooling trend that may change to a warmer than yesterday temperature.  Winds will be light out of the South West early, changing and coming out of the North East by mid day.  You might even want to get your kite out for later this afternoon as the winds will have a tendency to increase as a decreasing wind change is expected.  We are expecting a big change in the weather come the weekend so get your coats out of the closet and bundle up those kids walking to the bus stop, but wait until school is on again because they don’t go to school on the weekend.

And there you have it folks, your weather for today.  It really doesn’t matter if you are reading this from Alaska, or Hawaii, it applies to everyone, everywhere at the same time!

Bears Butt

Oct. 23, 2013

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