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The following recipe was given to me from one of my cousins, Evelyn Zundel, it says to use 3 lbs. of almonds and even though almonds are very good, try it with macadamia nuts! Any nut for that matter, and they turn out wonderful!

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By: Bears Butt

So, most of you know that I have a tough time following recipe directions.  Last night was not anything new.  I had to come up with some idea for supper and had to do it quickly as Sherry was due home within the hour.  We had some left over chicken from when I smoked a whole bird the other night (yummy, by the way), so whatever I was going to put together had to have chicken involved.

I went to the all knowledgable world wide web and queried, “chicken recipes”.  Up popped one called “Skillet, Chicken Cordon Bleu”.  Well, I quickly read down through the instructions and the list of ingredients needed.  Some were easy to decide if I had it in the house or not, while others were…well, What the Hell is that…!!!!  It sounded great and so that was what I was going to put together.

Here is what the list of ingredients are as per the internet:


The image isn’t really clear, so I’ll have to tell you what some of it says.  The first line is 1 lb. penne.  Well, for one thing I really have no clue as to what that is, but I think it’s like macaroni.  So, to the cupboard I went and found we had two partial bags of what looked like macaroni.  One was in the shape of bow ties, the other elbows.  I grabbed up both and dumped them into a pot of water and started it boiling.  Whatever Penne is will just have to wait for another day.  Butter, garlic, flour, salt and pepper, mustard powder, chicken, ham parmesan cheese…it’s all good.  I gathered it all up and set it near by for use when it was called for.

In a frying pan I poured in the chicken broth and then started adding the other stuff, like butter, salt and pepper etc.  As my macaroni boiled, I kept an eye on it while I mixed up the other stuff.  The recipe calls for Heavy cream.  Well, the heaviest cream in the fridge was Sour Cream, so that will have to do for now!  In went almost the entire tub we had.  The macaroni was almost done when I began chopping up the chicken and ham.  As those were chopped up I added them to the pan of melted butter and sour cream and seasonings.  It was actually smelling pretty good.  I turned off the macaroni and poured out the water then added the macaroni to the pan of other stuff.  Stirred it up really good and went back to the recipe to see what I had missed, if anything.  OH DEAR!!!  2 Cups of Gruyere!  What the hell is that?  Grabbing my iPhone I asked Serie what it was and she said “hard block of cheese”, or something like that!  Well, let’s look in the fridge…no blocks of cheese at all, but there was a partial bag of Mexican Blend shredded cheese, but certainly not 2 cups worth.  Well, whatever I had of it went into the pan and got stirred up with the rest.

Then the recipe called for putting it in the oven at 400 degrees after topping it off with parmesan cheese.  I liberally covered the top of the pan with parmesan and put the whole kit and caboodle into the oven.  Sherry came home and the first thing she said was:  “Parmesan”…yep, the house smelled real good of parmesan cheese at that moment.

Later on when we sat down to eat, I wasn’t real sure what the outcome was going to be, but it smelled good and unlike my failed attempt at “if it’s good by itself, it must be good mixed with other stuff that is good by itself…vienna kipper pie”, it actually tasted good.  Not exactly like Chicken Cordon Bleu, but it did have a hint of that flavor.  I’ll be making that again.  So, aside from not putting in the amounts the recipe called for and for not putting in exactly what the recipe called for I modified it to the Bears Butt version and I hope some day you too will try it.  When you do, keep in mind a cup of something is quite a bit and unless you like a ton of leftovers, you decide if you should really follow the recipe to a “T” or not.  Here is what I ended up with as MY recipe:  

Bears Butt

July 28, 2017


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By: Bears Butt


Sweet Bread!



Today is a multi-tasking day!  I saw Sherry off to work and then MY work started!  A big old pot of boiling sweetbreads and a double batch of chili!  Both of these dishes are yummy to my tummy!

Well, the sweetbreads are pretty much an easy task with one exception…preparation!  You can go on here and read how to do it, just search for sweet breads or sweetbreads and it will pop up.  Enjoy yourself and remember…even though your back hurts really bad by the time you get finished prepping them, the enjoyment of eating them later will make you forget all about the pain!

But the main reason for this writing is my chili recipe!   I always like to take a look at the recipe before I begin cooking even if I have it memorized, just so I don’t forget some important part or something.  Well, I came on here and did a search….NOTHING came up!  My first thought was that my site had been hacked and some of my stuff vaporized…but that was not the case.  I looked through every  posting under recipes and no chili recipe was there!  SO!  Today it will be posted up!

I’m currently waiting for my back spasms to die down a bit from standing over the sink the last hour and a half doing the 9 pounds of sweet breads, so this is a good break.


Please read all the way through this recipe before beginning to cook it!  I’ve warned you.

My chili recipe is not any different than anyone elses, but here it is anyway!

What you will need:  1 lb of beans…I like red beans, but pinto beans are good too.  Today I’m making a double batch so I have a pound of each and of course everything else is doubled as well.

1 Lg. yellow onion (chopped)

1 Lg. green pepper (chopped)

1 Lb. burger (today, one lb. of venison burger and one of beef, I don’t want to run out of venison too soon, it’s still 7 months till archery season).

1 Lb. Chili con carni mix

Salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder

1 Qt. tomatoes (the way mom always puts them up)

1, 8 oz can of tomato sauce (optional)

Simple ingredients for a simple yet delicious meal!

In a fry pan mix and fry the burger, onions and pepper until the meat is done.  If you have purchased greasy hamburger you will want to drain it off at this time.  Nothing will spoil your chili like having that tallow taste on the top of your tongue after a bite of chili with too much grease in it!  (I am finding myself smacking my tongue against the roof of my mouth right now).

When that is done, toss in the chili con carni mix and blend it in, add 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt and mix that up too.  Once all that is blended in together, you are going to add this to the pot of beans.

HOLD IT!  Where is this pot of beans?

I forgot to tell you at first.  You are going to have to sort your beans out and soak them over night….LAST NIGHT!  Well, you might as well tell the family you won’t be having chili until tomorrow night because you didn’t read all the way through this recipe before you started making it!  Don’t blame me!  I warned you!  It’s you that wants to make this chili!  Always read through the recipe and make sure you have ALL ingredients before beginning to cook it!  Also, make sure you are following the directions (some say “to a ‘T'”….I say, follow it…”sorta”).

So, now you have sorted the beans and picked out all the rocks and ugly stuff, right?  Then you put the beans in a large bowl and covered them with water, like an inch over top of the beans in the bowl, and soaked them overnight…right?  Now pour the swollen beans/water through a colander (a bowl with lots of holes in it.  If you don’t have one of those just carefully pour the water off the beans and be done with it.  Pick up dropped beans and put them in the pot with the rest….it’s O.K.).  Give them a quick rinse and then dump them in a pretty big pot.   Pour water in the pot until the beans are covered by at least an inch of water (2 is better) and start the pot boiling.  CAUTION:  Keep an eye on the water level in the pot and add water as necessary during boiling process.

You know, pots of beans don’t come without some sacrifice.

Once the pot begins to boil you will have about 2 hours to wait until the beans are done.  Begin sampling the beans after an hour and 15 minutes.  Don’t over cook them, but don’t under-cook them either.  I hate chili with beans that sort of “crunch”, I’d rather eat chili with beans that will mush when I press them with my (un-tallowed) tongue against the roof of my mouth.  Those are the best!  Keep in mind too, this is not one of Chef Ramseys chili recipes, and it probably won’t be seen on TV anytime soon, so it is your recipe as much as it is mine.  Do what you want with the ingredients and mix things up a bit.  I’m old fashioned and like my meals plain and simple, meat and potatoes, salt and pepper…that pretty much sums up my meals.

Let’s pretend the beans are now cooked just the way you like them!  Grab up the pan of fried meat and add it to the beans!  OH, you didn’t save it.  You made taco’s out of it last night huh?  Well, it’s a pretty good way to make taco’s if you ask me.  Chili….Tacos….Mexican type food and they are a simple sort of culture…meat and potatoes kind of folks, why make a meat mixture any different for one thing than another?  I agree.  Well, get to cooking, you got chili to make.

At this point you are probably wondering…”Why doesn’t Bears Butt drain the pan of cooked beans?  Look at the water in that pot!  It’s all reddish brown and yucky looking”.  Well, honey, this is my recipe and if you want to drain them go ahead,  I like to think of it this way…Those beans have a lot of good stuff inside them and when I boil them some of that good stuff comes out into the water.  Thus the color.  Why would I want to take something that God put in them and dump it down the drain?  Besides, water ain’t cheap and if I drain them I will have to add more.

So, now I’ve added my fried meat mixture into the pot of beans (cooking water and all).  Pour in the quart of tomatoes and the tomato sauce and stir it all up really good.

The mixture in the pan is rather “liquidey” right?  Well, here is where really good chili takes a turn for the better.  Even though all the ingredients are now in the pot, slowly simmer it down, adding garlic powder, salt, pepper and chili powder to your taste.  The seasonings get stronger as it boils down, so be careful, especially with the salt.  Keep in mind, you can always add it to your individual bowl if you so desire, but you can’t take it away from the big pot once it’s in there.

Don’t plan on leaving the house at this point in time and please don’t put a lid on the pot of chili.  Let is slowly simmer and steam and make the windows in the house fog up…it’s all ok!  The neighbors will wonder just what is going on inside your home….”Hey Ruthy, there is something going on over at Bears Butt’s place.  The windows are all fogged up and I know for a fact Sherry has gone to work.  What have you heard from your hair dresser”?…..

You will simmer this and stir it often as it cooks down, this part of the process takes a couple of hours or more.  Please don’t let the mix stick to the bottom of the pot.  Have just enough heat to make it steam and maybe occasionally blurp up a bubble.  STIR!  STIR!  STIR!  Keep this up until it cooks down to a “non-liquidy” state.  It will take hours for this to happen but when it does your mouth will be SOOOO ready for a good bowl of it you can hardly stand it!  It really doesn’t get any better!

Serve it hot, with maybe some shredded cheddar cheese on top, but certainly with some Saltine Crackers and a can (or two) of very cold beer!


Dec. 2022….I thought you might like to know just how much chili you can get from a double batch.  So, I put in 2 lbs. elk burger (pure ground elk meat), 2 chili bricks from the store, one large onion, one large green pepper and two pounds of beans.  Cooked it all up really good.  I ended up adding at least 12 cups of water while it cooked, mostly to get the beans tender.  Once it was all together I turned the heat down to minimum (number 2 on my stove) and let it simmer, stirring about every half hour.  It simmered down to a consistency I like, sort of thick…it yielded, 14 bowls of really tasty chili!

Bears Butt

January 21, 2016 (I can’t believe I didn’t post this early in my doings)

Updated December 9, 2022

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By: Bears Butt

burritoAlways experimenting!  This morning I decided to try a new (to me) burrito.  I have been thinking about this one for awhile now and today was the day to put it to the test.  Bacon is always a good thing to put in food and this is the main ingredient.

So, this is what I put together.  Two smallish hand fulls of hash browns.  I cooked them until they were fully done.  Then I put in two large spoon fulls of salsa and made sure it was all mixed up with the spuds really good.  Next came 4 eggs and of course those too were mixed really good and I kept stirring it and mixing it until the eggs were fully done.  Then came bacon.  I had put the bacon in the microwave until it was crispy and done to perfection.  About 1/4 pound of bacon.  That got crumbled into the egg/spud mix and when it was all mixed up, I added a large hand full of Mexican blend cheese.

The burrito breads were heated and the mix added….rolled up like the picture above and served piping hot.

Winemaker and I pretty much ate in silence as we both savored and “tore apart” the mixture in our minds.  We also listened to the million crows outside our door and watched as MaPa’s tore after magpies getting peanuts from the feeder.  He is always a hoot to watch try and catch a magpie.

So, what is the verdict?

Even though the taste was “OK” the mix had too many spuds.  Half that amount would have been plenty.  There needed to be more salsa also, perhaps twice as much.

Another thing I found out and of course this is all your choice and flavor desires, but the bacon I have is some we purchased for $1.99/pound and has printed on the packaging “good for recipes”.  These are also marked as ends and pieces and from what we have seen so far, maybe even some of the slabs had hit the floor a time or two before being sliced.  It is good flavorful bacon and cheap compared to the “big time bacon” that is being sold for $3.98 and more.  I don’t mind $1.99 bacon.  Anyway, I put 1/4 pound of the bacon in this mix and it just wasn’t quite enough.  Also, make sure it is crispy deluxe without being burnt.  Once crumbled into the mix and placed inside the burrito bread it got really soggy and reverted back to being “not crispy”.  Maybe that can’t be gotten around with bacon (I don’t know).

So, give this one a try for yourself and let us all know your results.

Next, Kipper/Vienna burritos……………….NOT!

Bears Butt

December 16, 2014


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By: Bears Butt

BaconWrappedChickenThe name on this picture pretty much sums up this recipe.  I stumbled on this last night while trying to think of something different for our supper.  Winemaker has to work until 7 p.m. and so doesn’t get home until about 7:45 or so.  Supper is late to say the least.

So, we had decided to have “chicken” for supper and when we decide on anything, it’s up to me to make sure it’s ready to eat when she walks in the door.  I went on line about 5 and found a recipe that called for wrapping up chicken legs with bacon and then tossing it in the oven.  That sounded really good to me, but we didn’t have legs thawed out….we had boneless, skinless thighs….Bacon wrapped on almost anything is going to be good (except kipper/enchiladas).

Here is the “modified” (I never follow recipes exactly) version of what I found on line:

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees (I thought that was going to be way too hot, but proved perfectly)

Rinse the chicken parts off and let them drain off.  Once that is done, wrap bacon strips tightly around the chicken pieces.  I thought I would need toothpicks but ended up not needing them.

Place each wrapped chicken in a baking dish.  I had 5 pieces of chicken and so they didn’t hardly touch each other in the dish.  I’m sure you could pack them tightly if you needed to.  But with mine loosely placed I had room for other stuff.

I cut up a couple of spuds and placed them in and around the chicken.

Now the fun part:  I shook some salt over the top of all of it, not a lot, but some.  Then grabbed up the pepper and did the same.  Garlic powder?  Oh Ya!  That too.  I looked for the chopped dried chives but couldn’t find them else I would have sprinkled some of that on it too.  Hmmmm, what else?  Onion flakes!  A dash or two of them went on top.  I guess you could put pretty much anything that sounds good to you on top of them.  I saw a recipe that called for lemon, but that just doesn’t sound right to my way of thinking.

So, once I was done sprinkling all the spices and stuff on it, I popped it in the oven and set the timer for one hour!

Several games of Candy Crush were had before the timer buzzer went off and when I opened up the oven door….YUMMY goodness came wafting my way!  The bacon had the burnt edge look just like the picture above and the spuds were done to perfection!  Even had some spuds sitting in the bacon grease, which is always a favorite of mine (Unless Edjukateer is cooking the breakfast meal and wants to dump the hashbrowns in a half full pan of pure bacon grease….there are limits).

A smallish pan of green peas and supper was ready!

Give this a try some time…you won’t regret it!

Bears Butt

December 11, 2014

Written on December 11th, 2014 , Recipes
By: Bears Butt

Kinford cutting cooked dutch oven omeletThis picture is one I took off the internet, but mine looked just about like this one.  Today, I decided to try out an idea I have had for a few days, what with the upcoming holidays approaching fast and the fact that the grandkids usually spend New Years Eve with Winemaker and me, I always try and have something extra special for their breakfast on New Years Day.

Well, everyone likes a good old omelet and so this morning I decided to give my idea a try and test it on Winemaker.  So, while she was down in the basement listening to the news and working out on the treadmill, I mixed up the following:

In a bowl, I mixed up

2 cups of shredded and frozen hash browns

1/4 cup diced red peppers

1/4 cup diced green peppers

4 eggs

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1/2 diced medium sized yellow onion

4 pre-cooked cut up sausage links

1/4  cup diced up pepperoni stick

Blend it all together in the bowl and pour it into a baking pan (I used a pan similar to the one in the picture)

Sprinkle some more shredded cheese on top

Pop it into a preheated oven set at 350 degrees and leave it for 35 minutes

At the 35 minute mark, turn the oven to Broil, and start some toast

When the toast pops up, turn the oven off, butter the toast and get ready for some yummy eating!

Served with milk or orange juice, a bit of home made jam for the toast…..what better?


Well, Winemaker had no idea what I had concocted up and when she came up to get her shower she said on her way past the “den”, “Something in the kitchen doesn’t smell right”.  I remarked as she continued down the hallway, “It’s the smell of a clean oven”!  She cleaned it last week.

At the table, she remarked it was kind of spicy, but not too spicy.   I asked her what the “secret ingredient” was…she said she didn’t know….yet.   When the meal was all gone, she asked me what the secret was….I told her Pepperoni….Bingo, that is when she put two and two together.

So, next time you are ready for a really tasty, wake your mouth up, breakfast…give this one a go!

Bears Butt

November 20, 2014



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By: Bears Butt


I found this picture and recipe on “”  I thought it so well written I just had to share it here and for tonights supper, guess what we are having?

This is how it is written:

For you cavemen, here are the ingredients and the directions.


Cooked ground elk or wild game – if you have ground game sausage, use that!
Taco Seasoning
1 ripe tomato
1 avocado
1/2 yellow bell pepper
Any other veggies you desire
Sour Cream
Shredded Cheese


– Open cool beverage and sip, set down
– Place ground game in skillet and cook over medium high heat
– Wash hands
– Sip beverage
– Add seasonings
– Sip beverage
– Chop veggies
– Sip beverage
– Warm tortillas in microwave
– Open a new beverage
– Place warm tortilla on plate and top with ground game and favorite veggies, salsa, cheese, and sour cream
– Fold together

ENJOY!!! (sip beverage)


I’m liking this!

Bears Butt

October 27, 2014

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By: Bears Butt


We have had a pound of ground elk meat in the fridge for a couple of days and I told Winemaker we needed to do something with it today.  She suggested a “Hot Hamburger” supper…..YUMMY….I like hot hamburgers!

So, you may or may not have heard of a hot hamburger meal, here is mine!

I took the pound of ground elk (any kind of ground meat will work), I diced up 1/2 an onion and a whole medium green pepper (I picked mine fresh out of the garden…nice huh?)  Added about 1/2 tsp season salt and a pinch of garlic pepper and mixed all that up with my hands!  When you are mixing this sort of thing and you think you have it all mixed and ready… it again….mix it some more.

So, I’ll make 1/4 pound burgers with this mix….4 to be exact.  Then I’ll fry it up and set the burgers to the side.


Hot hamburgers are not just hamburgers that are hot….they are served on a piece of bread or toast and they have gravy poured over top of them….my mouth is watering….I must be like a Pavlonian Pup…..What’s that?  Oh I guess I’ll have to tell you about Pavlov and his dog some time, or you can look it up on your own.

With the burgers all done and out of the pan, DO NOT toss out the stuff in the pan!  This is what is going to make your gravy!


Set the pan of “drippings” to the side and get some flour out of the cupboard.  It doesn’t take much, maybe 1/4 cup, sprinkle it in the pan and stir it into the drippings.  It will soak up the grease and pretty soon you will have nothing but flour coated with the pan drippings.


Now you can choose to add, water or milk or a combination of both.  One thing to keep in mind, milk will burn, so keep stirring it and take it off the heat as soon as it is thick enough for your liking.  I usually begin with a 50/50 mix of milk and water, about 1 cup.  I pour it into the flavored flour  along with some salt (to taste) and begin to stir it up, I never stop stirring.  Keep the heat LOW and it will eventually thicken up.



When it is just the way you like it, pour it out of the pan and into another container that is good to put into the oven to keep hot.  I like a little dish with a cover.

So, now you have your burgers and gravy all made.

Pop a couple of slices of bread into the toaster and toast it up.  If you are eating by yourself, only toast one slice.  For this meal, make sure you have a date.

Now on the cooking channels they are always telling you to make a veggie of some kind….I’m not really big on veggies…..I’m a meat and potatoes guy….Heck, didn’t I just put in onions and green peppers into the meat!  That’s enough veggies!

So, for my spuds, today I’m going to cook up some Tater Tots!  They are easy, ready to heat and eat right out of the package!  AND they are made with REAL potatoes!


There you have it!  Put the burger on top of the toast, cover it with gravy, put some Tater Tots on the side and serve it up!  Goes very well with beer!


Winemaker insisted on mixed veggies for our meal.

Some people like some ketchup and mustard….you decide on that!  Mine?  I’ll eat it plain and simple!

Bears Butt

Oct. 20, 2014

Updated with pictures Oct. 22, 2014

Written on October 20th, 2014 , Recipes
By: Bears Butt


Making good tasting jerky is always a fun thing to do.  I have my own recipe and have gotten really used to it.  Recently, on Facebook, one of my friends posted up a picture of some of his home made jerky and he has allowed me to post his recipe up on here to share.  Looking over the ingredients I can see it would be VERY HOT to my liking, but it can be toned down.  This is the time to be posting up a recipe like this one as folks have either gone out and harvested their big game animals or are about to.   Give it a try and post up how well you like it.

Shawn L Spring:

3 lbs. Sliced elk strips
2/3 c. Worcestershire sauce
2/3 c. soy sauce
2 teaspoons seasoning salt
2 teaspoons Accent
1 teaspoon pepper
1/8 cup apple cider vinegar
Red Pepper Flakes

Slice into 3/8-inch strips, be sure to cut with the grain. Combine ingredients in a small container (i use a zip lock bag) and stir or shake. Put the elk strips into the marinade, make sure the meat is totally covered. Allow meat to marinate overnight. To finish the elk jerky recipe, slay (lay) strips over a rack and bake at 150°F for 6-8 hours. You can also use a dehydrator for this elk jerky recipe rotating trays every 4 hours for 12 – 16 hours. Sprinkle red pepper flakes on before applying heat to dry. I use A LOT of red pepper!!!

Bears Butt

October 17, 2014

Written on October 17th, 2014 , Recipes
By: Bears Butt


Yesterday was my day to decide what we were having for supper.  I have had a craving to chew on a bone and so looking into the freezer I saw a package of “bone in” pork ribs!  YUMMY!  Perfect!

I’m always looking for the “just right” way to cook ribs and this day was no different…on to the web I went.  Do you realize there are no less than 10 million recipes for BBQ ribs?  It seems like everyone has one on line and they are almost all the same….rub them with this, rub them with that, cook them this way, cook them that way and they all look just about the same.  Well, I decided to make up my own recipe, how wrong can I go?

With the ribs thawed out and at room temperature, I mixed up my own rub……1/2 cup of brown sugar, a TSP of salt, a TSP of garlic powder, a TSP of onion powder and a TBL of paperika….I blended all that in a bowl and then rubbed it all over the ribs…even the bones got rubbed.  Then I wrapped it loosely and let it sit on the counter for about 2 hours.

As time to cook came around, I preheated the oven to 300 degrees….why 300?  It just seemed like a good temperature to cook ribs that’s all.  I put the ribs in a shallow baking dish and covered it with foil (tightly) and tossed it into the oven.

It was about 2 hours later, after running to town to pick up a part that had been made for the farm I pulled the dish out of the oven and took off the foil!  Boy did they smell good, but they didn’t look like they were done yet.  My mind went racing….what do you usually have as a side dish with good old ribs?   Baked beans always comes to mind.  Down stairs I went to look in the food storage area for a can of Bushes baked beans or whatever we had….the only thing I found was normal old pork and beans…what the heck, I can make my own baked beans out of them.

I opened the can and looked at the contents….hmmmmm….pork and beans.  I remembered there was a time when I was in the service I opened up a can of pork and beans and sat right down and ate the whole can….I digress.  Setting the can on the counter, I pulled the ribs out of the dish and set them on the foil.  There was a lot of grease and juices in the pan and so I dumped it out and put the ribs back in the dish.  Then I spooned the pork and beans over top of the ribs.  It sort of looked good, but it was lacking something….those just aren’t baked beans, they are just pork and beans.  To the fridge I went in search of something else to put with them…..a fourth of a bottle of bbq sauce was calling from the bottom shelf.  Up it came and I dumped it all over top of the beans.  Now that is taking shape!

OK, with the ribs almost but not quite done it needed more time in the oven.  I put it back in without covering it….set the timer for one hour and came in to look at Bears Butt Dot Com (or Candy Crush whichever came first).  I went through all the classified groups on Facebook and even his classified.  You never know when someone is “giving away” something you really want….like Swarsky binocs, or a Nikon spotting scope….It seemed like just a few minutes went by when the buzzer on the timer went off!

Opening the oven door revealed a most delicious looking meal.  I poked the meat with a fork and it revealed “fall off the bone” tender ribs!  OH BOY, is Winemaker going to be in love with supper.

Then back to the fridge and pulled out the left over biskets from the other nights supper…wrapped them in foil and tossed them into the, now cooling down, oven….temp set at 200.

When we “finally” ate supper, I was like an amoeba….I crawled over the plate and when I crawled off the other side it was as clean as if it had come out of the dishwasher!  Those had to be the BEST bbq tasting ribs I have ever eaten!

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

Bears Butt

October 16, 2014

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