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A week or so ago I received the latest model Bug-A-Salt fly killing machine from Lorenzo the inventor of the Bug-A-Salt.  This latest model is called the 2.0 and is touted to use less salt per shot with more power to knock down the heartiest of flys.  Since Lorenzo was so kind as to send me this fine weapon on his dime, I told him in an email I would conduct a non-biased test and video the results so that everyone could see if in fact this new model was better or worse than the original.

After all, how can you improve on a weapon that already kills flys like no other weapon of its kind?  Since I don’t have any video editing capabilities I had to shoot two videos back to back.  These are raw videos, with no pre-takes.  The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 was taken out of the box, loaded with salt and went straight to the test firing room for this demonstration.  I will include both videos in this writeup.

So, that was the introduction and a quick overview of my testing range and setup. Next is the actual firing of the weapons and the final test results.

Get yours ordered today! Visit the website listed here:


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May 26, 2015

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These are my favorite warm weather hiking boots.  Typical of most hiking boots…made of leather, non-insulated, no gore-tex or other lining…just leather boots with a good sole and comfortable.  The only problem I have with them is they are not waterproof and so with all the rain of late, every time I go turkey hunting my feet get soaking wet and then it takes at least two days to dry them out.  So, I went onto a group site I’m a member of on Facebook and I asked them what they use for waterproofing their boots.

The answers came back in all forms…don’t own leather boots…Use Hubards leather dressing…buy Gore-tex boots….Use Sno-Seal…and more, but one comment that came back and made my eye brows raise was….Get a wax ring, one that is used to seal a toilet and spread that on the boots!  WELL NOW!  I think I even have a wax seal out in the garage.


I commented back to that guy that I would be trying his idea and see how well it worked.  I have not commented back to that thread yet and so you are going to see and hear the results right here on Bears Butt dot Com!

His suggestion was to clean the boots off and put them in the oven until the leather reached 200 degrees!


I placed some napkins on a cookie sheet and placed the boots on top of it.  Then popped them into the oven…oven temp set at 200.


These boots have been getting a real beating on this years turkey hunts.  The mud and wet grass makes it seem like you are hunting in a river bottom and not on a mountain.  It has the stickiest mud of anywhere I’ve hunted…but I keep going back.

Once the boots were heated a good deal of time, I took them out and began smearing the wax on them.



The warm leather had that wax melting in and around the leather like crazy.  I was not being fussy about how they looked either.  Just get that wax on there!




They guy said that once the wax was put on the boot, to put them back into the oven and re-heat them back to 200 degrees.  That will help the wax melt and soak into the leather.  OK, let’s do that!


I let them stay in the 200 degree oven for about 15 minutes to allow the wax to really get soaked into the leather.  The guy then said to wipe off the excess wax once the boots came out of the oven.  I decided I was not in this for a fashion statement!  I’m in it to have dry feet!  And so I left the excess wax hang on the boots!


They look like crap!

Well, how did it work?

We went turkey hunting yesterday.  It was raining like cats and dogs and so we chose not to venture out into the rain but goofed around until the rain had stopped before going off hiking.  We hiked in muddy mud, wet grass up to our knees, slipped and slid around for about 3 hours and when I got home, my pants were very wet and muddy, my boots were muddy like crazy, but my feet were very much DRY!

Here is what the boots look like this morning:


I’m sold on this way of waterproofing my boots from here on out.  A toilet bowl wax ring costs less than $2 at most hardware stores and after using this method and having dry feet, it sure as heck beats buying a $5 to $10 can of spray on junk that only smells bad and doesn’t do the job!  Yes sir!  I can hardly wait to see just how many times I can venture out into the wet and still have dry feet.  It just seems natural that the wax should have penetrated the leather and maybe, just maybe I will never have to waterproof them again!

Oh yes, and look what I just saw on my boot:


Whatever Dri-Tex is, it doesn’t work folks!

Bears Butt

May 24, 2015


That waterproofing has lasted through all the hunting seasons, work sessions on the farm and general use.  Today I had to clean some mud off the boots because Sherry wouldn’t let me walk in the house with them looking the way they were.  So, while I was at it I decided to put another coat of wax on them.  Following the same instructions as above, I now have them coated again with wax.  They were still water proof from last May’s application, but it was time to coat them again…turkey season is just around the corner!

Folks!  You have just got to give this a try!

Bears Butt

March 10, 2016


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One of these mornings I’m going to sleep in and enjoy the day!  But today is one of those days when the turkeys are calling and I gotta be there!  I’ve been invited by Weasel and Kenzie to join them in a morning hunt.  An unusual morning hunt I might add.  Why?  Well, we got to sleep in, per Kenzies request.  Why do we have to get up at 2:30 in the morning to go turkey hunting?  That was the question and the answer….we don’t!

So, it is now 5:43, a time we are usually sitting in the blind waiting for the gobble wake up call.  We are still at home with an hours drive time to get to the blind.

This will certainly be a different day of hunting and perhaps one that will pay off.  Gobblers don’t like to get up before it is time and we don’t want to disturb their sleep.  Maybe by obliging them, the Gods of turkey hunting will offer us a reward.

Do we have a plan?  Sure.  But in the rain it might not pay off.  I do have my newly waxed boots on and that will be a story coming soon!  Today will be a great test for them…it is raining by the way.

Do we live in Oregon?  Perhaps with the Continental drift theory that I hold dearly too, we may have entered into that part of the world.  We have had rain nearly every day now for two weeks and the forecast calls for rain for the next week as well.  Some folks are still saying “We need the water”!  Farmers in the local community are calling for an end to it and I watched as one local guy (Arnell) chopping his week long laying cut hay, which means he got tired of watching it lay there molding and decided to chop it up for silage.  Smart move.

Dear God:  Please let us have a week of sun!

The West coast is getting hammered with small earthquakes, we are getting unusual rain, the rendezvous is being rained out, nobody I know is going camping this long weekend and we are going on a turkey hunt and joining the late goers.  Something just doesn’t seem right today.  But I will be posting up a follow up story on here later today.  As for now, I have to go make a sandwich or two and get my things ready for todays hunt!

Bears Butt

May 23, 2015

UPDATE:  When we got home from our hunt yesterday I had a rain gutter issue that needed to be addressed and by the time I got done with that it was too late to update this.  So here you go:

We left later than usual to go hunting which was a nice change.  Like is said, to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting change that doesn’t come is quite stupid.  So mixing it up just might be the ticket.  Our hopes were high.  We decided to take the long way into the hunting area as the rain was coming down very hard and we knew we did not want to venture out into it just to get soaked.  Our trip took us past the 2015 CVR rendezvous site:


A very muddy mess.  Sorry guys!

We made it up to our hunting area and looked over part of the area from the dry confines of the truck and could see no sign of it letting up.  No turkeys either.  Our decision was to go for a drive and maybe even up to Hardware Ranch looking.  We left this spot and headed for Mendon.

Mendon is an area with quite a few turkeys.  Enough in fact that the residents have complained loudly and the DWR created a Fall turkey hunt in this area to thin out the flocks a little.  So, even though it was raining hard we still thought we might see a turkey as we drove in…and by golly, we did!  One lone hen working her way to her nest.  We only saw one other vehicle in the area and that won me a beer from Weasel who thought we would see at least 4…my bet was two.

From here we headed to Hardware Ranch where we have seen turkeys before in the middle of the day.  What we found up there was a poor young gal trying to fix a section of wooden fence that had fallen down.  We stopped and tried to help her get the fence upright, but that failed and so she made the decision to pound in a few T-posts and string some barbed wire.  We did that and were on our way within an hour.  She really appreciated the help and I for one appreciate the fact that she was willing to try and do all that work by herself.  She is a part time summer hire for the ranch and doing a very good job!  Sara!  I’ll put in a good word for you!

Back in the valley, the rain had stopped!  YEAAA!  The folks over at the rendezvous site will be happy(er) now!


At our hunting spot we looked hard for turkeys and made a great hike through the thick and wet grass and brush.  The mud was slicker than snot and Kenzie found her behind on the ground more often than not as we slide down a very steep hillside.  Traversing up the other side was not an easy task either, but we made it in pretty good form.  Up on top of that hill we glassed and glassed to try and find the birds.  Nothing seemed to be on our side of the mountain.  So, up and over the next ridge we went.  As we peered down into what we call the “steep and deep”, we spotted 4 gobblers an a ridge 600 to 1,000 yards away!  Big old big birds for sure.  Three of them had beards we could see from that distance as we looked through binoculars.  There was no way for us to get on those birds and so we decided on another plan in hopes of hearing gobbling closer to where we were.

After an hour or more we took a short break to eat some Kipper Snacks and rest:


Sometimes it isn’t about the killing of the animals you are in pursuit of, it’s the little things that happen during the hunt that makes it a memory.  This is one of those moments for me.

Good times for sure…Turkeys 12, hunters 0.

Bears Butt

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By: Bears Butt


About hunt number 11 last year Weasel was able to connect with a nice gobbler.  Today marks our hunt number 10 for this year.  It’s 2:55 a.m. right now and a light rain is falling outside.  My enthusiasm for venturing out into that rain is not on a very high scale….BUT….we are going.

I’ve been wet so much this hunting season it’s not funny.  My leather boots tell me I might want to look into some rubber hiking boots for the future.  I’m sure that with the weather they have in Alaska and the Yukon, there are such boots available.  Continental drift has our weather pattern changing (my opinion) as we drift more NW’erly and in 1,000 to 10,000 years our weather will be nearly identical to that found in Anchorage.  I’m sure someone will discover a material to make hiking boots from that can handle every climate type from extremely dry and hot to ankle deep standing water.  I could use a pair of those right now.

On the bright side of todays hunt, the weather forecast says:  90% chance of rain until 6 a.m., reducing to 10% for the remaining portion of the day.  Looking outside right now (letting the dog out), it’s 100% chance with no change in cloud cover from here to forever.  I’m a little bit sick of rain right now.

So, what do turkeys do when it rains for 40 days and 40 nights?  Well, two of them have high hopes of being the ones chosen to get on the boat, but the rest of them must do something to keep fed and sleep at night.  Weasel and I have a plan.  We always have a plan.  Set up in our usual spot and wait…typical….but the difference is not taking off our back packs and being ready to sprint to cut off the birds once they begin their morning gobble.  What if they don’t gobble while on the roost?  I guess we sit tight and hope the rain stops soon.  Just like last time, no decoys, no calling (and a very high hope that “Jerry’s friend doesn’t come back”).

We have had as many as 13 bearded bad boys around us in this area we hunt and there is no reason we couldn’t have that happen again today.  The one thing I have learned in my lifetime is this:  You can’t get them by staying in bed and even though that sounds like a wonderful place to be right now, I’m pouring myself a cup of coffee and making up a sandwich.  It’s time to head off into the woods once again…Hell or high water!

I’ll post up the outcome later on!  Stand by.

Bears Butt

May 20, 2015


Weasel and I arrived at the usual time…O-DARK-THIRTY…perfect for a morning stroll into the woods.  The clouds were hanging around and it had been raining but it had stopped.  The walk in left me with soaking wet feet.  My “spray on” water repellent does not work…see previous post for “Not Bears Butt Approved” spray on repellent….As I settled into my blind for the wait for daylight the clouds built up quickly.  By first light and nearly fly down time, rain was falling…Did I say I was getting wet?  I did have on my rain pants and jacket under my camo outer clothes and so I knew I would not get wet from the rain, maybe from sweating inside the plastic stuff, but not from the rain.  What I didn’t know was the right pant leg of the rain pants was pulled up and the water that was running down the leg was pouring into the boot.

About 8 a.m. the rain was coming down so hard I decided to go and join Weasel in his nice heated tent.  Well, it’s not heated, but it was pretty dry compared to my little hide out.  The birds were all quiet and I’m sure they are hating the rain right now too, just like us humans.  Short prayer:  Please God, Give us a break from this and let some sun shine on us for awhile!

Well, the rain didn’t last too long and sitting in the blind made my knees hurt really bad and so when the weather broke I ventured back into my hidey-hole.

Not long after that, Weasel texted me that there were gobblers up on the hillside above him.  I texted back that I would go up the trail and try to get on the hillside above the birds and wait for them to come to me.  They have travelled that trail before and I wanted to be there waiting in ambush.  I went slowly and with purpose.  The mud is soooo slick on this hillside you really have to watch every step and with mud building up on the souls of the boots it doesn’t take much to slide down after painstakingly making a few feet of progress.  I was doing quite well and as my view above the trees between me and where the gobblers were got better and as I neared my hiding spot, I looked across the draw (100 yards or so), there on the hill opposite me were 4 gobblers, their necks stretched toward the sky, watching my every move with total concentration….BUSTED!

One of them began to put and all of them walked back over the hill from where they had come.  I texted Weasel that I had been busted and that I would try to cut them off on the backside of the mountain and then I headed off to do the task at hand.  The nearly straight up hill and slippery mud was my punishment for attempting to cut off the birds.  I would have been better off staying in my blind down below and taking my chances on them coming past it….but NOOOOO….and so up I went with my one boot 1/2 full of water.

Over the top and partway down the other side and then I skirted around toward where the birds had gone….there they are!  Down on a sage brush flat and they are working their way around the hill toward Weasel…perfect!  I texted him what I was seeing and then I waited a few minutes until the birds were out of my sight.  I dropped down the hill about 2/3 of the way so I would be on the same line as the birds walking towards Weasel.  I kept expecting to hear him shoot.  I could happen any moment.  I slowly walked around the hill, through the oaks and deer were busting out all around me.  It took about 2 hours for me to cover the hill and arrive back at Weasel in the blind.  Nothing had come his way.  And then we heard the distinct gobble of a bird back up on the hill above us!  They had obviously gone from the sage flat, around the point of the mountain and then straight back up the hill to the point Weasel had seen them earlier.  I see now how they got the name “turkeys”.

With the gobbling going on, I could not venture being seen as I made my way to my hidey-hole and so I went through the trees to cover the other side of a wash nearby.  I sat there until we hadn’t heard a gobble for over an hour and then made my way back to my hidey-hole blind.  We stayed until 3 p.m. and then called it a day.  Nothing came our way and we only heard one gobble between about noon and 2 p.m.  We had high hopes but it just wasn’t meant to be.  So, Weasel went to retrieve his card from this trail camera and I waited by his pack.  As I stood there waiting I looked up on the hill above us and there with stretched out neck, looking down on us was Mr. Gobbler himself!  9 inch beard waving in the breeze….THAT SON OF A B*@C#%….and he gobbled as we hiked out of sight!  Icing on the cake for him, poop on our ears for us!

Bears Butt

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By: Bears Butt


Yesterday was a fun morning of turkey hunting despite the rain, fog, sloppy mud, cold, miserable wind etc. etc. etc.  I’ve come to realize in order to be a dedicated turkey hunter you have to be partly crazy, numb to what is normal and have an obsession only found in a turkey hunter.  I’ve also come to realize that I could never be a guide.  Guides have to do this sort of thing every day and not for fun, but for profit.  A guide has to put up with people worse than I am and “hope” they get a tip by the end of the day.  I could NEVER be a guide.

OK, so today it is Weasel, Squirrel and I who will don our camo, put on our still wet from yesterday stuff and venture out into the wet and wild woods for another try at those stupid (and smarter than us) turkeys.  With all the rain that fell yesterday (Noah knows how much) it is wind still and not raining right now, where will the turkeys have found themselves when it finally came to roosting last night?  I picture all the turkeys in Northern Utah strutting around with their waddles held high.  Not because they were proud, but because they wanted to breath!  I saw water flowing in streams where there have never been streams before.  In fact, I saw a stream (usually there when it rains), and another crossing it at a 90 degree angle flowing a completely different direction!  Cross flow streams!  And I even think I saw three streams of water in that same section where not only was there a cross-flow, but a third stream that was flowing the opposite direction of the main stream!

There was a ton of water flowing yesterday!

So, what about todays weather?  Rain is a possibility.  But right this very second it is wind still, partly cloudy and only a 20% chance of rain…at least until we get to the mountain.

Dress code for the day:  Rain gear, boat, paddle, life jacket, bible….not necessarily in that order.

Should the waddles have waived appropriately down steam last evening, we should find the turkeys roosted in their normal spot.  However with the prevailing streams they could be anywhere on the mountain, like they were yesterday.  All we can do is go out there and hope we find them, or better yet, hope they find us.  We will be camped in the same spots.  Weasel and Squirrel tucked away in a nice cozy tent/blind, me spread out among the wet sticky ground leaning against an oak tree being drenched by whatever falls from the tree leaves and sky.  Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.  Let’s hope Squirrel gets a shot!

When his dad asked him last night about his desire to go hunting today or staying in his warm bed, he opted quickly to go hunting!  With that….I’m up and ready to take on another raining day challenge!  Let’s go!

Bears Butt

May 17, 2015


We came back early this morning because of something you will learn in a minute!

Our timing was perfect once again, arriving on the scene well before light and the hike in was uneventful.  The weather was partly cloudy but it hadn’t stopped raining very long before we got there.  Everything was WET, WET, WET!    By the time we got to our respective blinds I was soaked from the knees down, including my newly water proofed boots.  Some stuff sold called “Silicone Water-Guard” isn’t worth a crap.  I hate wet cold feet…this was going to be a long day!

I built up my blind a little to make it more homey and maybe keep a gobbler from noticing some of my movements.  I always like to make my blinds look like the beginning of a log cabin!

The forest was quiet again this morning and at 6 a.m. another vehicle had parked up above and a couple of hunters hiked down into the valley.  That happened right at fly down time!  And just barely before I heard their truck door slam shut, I heard a bird come off the roost.  I landed just up the hill from me and I heard a soft hen call as it slowly made its way away and up the hill.  My attention went from “Alert!  Gun up and pointing in the direction of the fly down”, to “Sit back down and relax, we have to wait some more”.

It wasn’t until about 10 minutes later that I heard a gobble far off in the distance.  I heard that twice is all.  Yesterdays rain really did a number on the birds in this zone.  But we will just sit tight and wait them out.  Sooner or later they will come through here.

I watched the deer move to and fro across the valley.  They would feed up hill and then across the hill, then back down the hill and eventually up and over the hill.  That place has a lot of deer in it and there is no reason for them to be leaving.  Lots to eat, plenty of water, loads of cover and nobody bothering them.

About 8:30 3 adults and a young boy appeared high on the ridge above the valley.  They glassed down into the area for about 2 minutes and then two of the adults split up and hiked down into the valley below.  This is the valley we are set up in and they are hiking down and will be up the valley from where we are.  Closer to where that hen was going that flew down earlier.  Maybe they will kick something our way.  That is always a hope.

Well, with just himself and the young boy up on the ridge, Mr. Know it all decided it was time to teach the young hunter to be a lesson or two on turkey hunting!  “Let me show you how to call a turkey”!  He was very loud in his presentation talk!  He pulled out a box call and let out a series of squawks that would make even a deaf turkey run!  Then added, “And this is what turkeys really like to hear”….another definite lesson on what not to do came pouring forth.  Finally, he needed to show the youngster just what it takes to make a turkey come running and another fine display of squawks and squeals came belching forth from the box call.  I’m thinking “perfect”!  That young man is really getting to know how to hunt turkeys….well, how to call them anyway.



Again I’m thinking, man you sure do know how to hunt these birds!  Good job man!  But that isn’t the end!

I’m looking up at him standing there on the ridge thinking wonderful thoughts about his knowledge, when he raises his gun and lets go a blast from the past….BOOM!   And then he yells “TURKEY!!! TURKEY!!!!!   TURKEY!!!!”

Oh My Hell!  He didn’t really just do that did he?  Again echoing down through the channels of all turkey-dom….”JERRY!!!!   JERRRRYYYYY!!!!  JERRRRYYYYYYYYY!  COME ON BACK UP THE TRUCK IS BEHIND US!  LET’S GO WE HAVE ANOTHER PLACE WE NEED TO CHECK OUT”!!!!

Well, by now Jerry and the other guy are working their way back up and over the ridge.  My thoughts are on how stupid some people are when I suddenly came to the conclusion that IF there was some birds working their way up to where we were, they would be going the other way right now.  We might as well head on home!

I picked up my stuff and headed down to Weasel and Squirrel.  Squirrel was ready to go, he was shivering from cold wet feet just like I was and so we packed it up and headed for the truck.

We stopped about half way up the steep hill and glassed a lone gobbler down the hill below where our blinds were and sure enough it was going the other way and into the next drainage.  Thank you very much Jerry’s friend!

Bears Butt

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By: Bears Butt


70% chance of rain today!  But is that going to stop 3 dedicated (insane) turkey hunters?  I think not!  Kenzie, Weasel and I will be out in the wet woods trying once again to fool the elusive birds!  We just need 3 bearded bad boys to come close enough for some number 5’s and 6’s to take off their heads….that isn’t asking much is it?

With this threat of rain most people will stay home, which is good, because it’s Saturday, when most are able to play.  Let’s hope they do stay home.  We figure the birds are going to be doing their usual routine and we will be there to interrupt it.

Again we have a plan.  I have made some cardboard cutouts of us and painted them to look real.  Mine looks like a hunter sitting on the ground aiming his shotgun.  Weasels is sitting in a tree stand aiming his shotgun and Kenzies is standing next to the trail looking pretty.  We will place these in strategic spots around the area with the decoys and then we will go and hide somewhere else.  The birds will think the paintings are us and stay away.  We will ambush them as they run from the paintings.

Well, that was in my dream.  So far, it seems no matter where we set up the birds know it and go somewhere else.  I don’t get it.  So, we are leaving the decoys home and keeping the calls in the box.  Today is just plain, set up and hope they come along.  They have heard so many calls by now they know that noise to be danger.  In that respect, if someone does venture out in this rain today, I hope they bring their full entourage of calls and calling knowledge….sing it….”The Hills are alive, with the sounds of calling!!!   The turkeys can hear and they come to me!”  (Sounds like a Sir Butt song to me).

Late season turkey hunting calls for patience and good luck.  The reading on the web says the males are mostly all lonely and in groups, while the hens are on the nest making new turkeys.  If that’s the case, if we see one, we will likely see more than one!  Bring on the big bearded bad boys!  Will this, the eighth day afield, be the day?

More to come later!  Hopefully with pictures!  Wet feathers will have never smelled so good!

Bears Butt

May 16, 2015


It’s 11 a.m. and I am home.  I left Weasel and Kenzie in the blind…they were warm and dry…I was wet and cold!  But that wasn’t the reason I came home, I have to go to a piano recital for Sydney in Logan today.  So, I had to call it a morning of hunting and come home to clean up.

The morning dawned quite cool compared to what we have had for morning temps.  You could see your breath.  The breeze was very slight but you could see clouds floating above that looked like they were carrying some good rain.  When 6 a.m. arrived it was obvious the birds were off their usual routine.  It was quiet in the hills all around us.  At about 6:15 I heard the first gobble of the morning….WAYYYYYY up the hill from us.  And then another in that same area.  And then one a little closer but still not where they have been lately.  This was going to be a great day.  I figured they would come down our way once they flew from the trees.

As I was sitting there anticipating the fly down a single hen swooped in from my right and landed about 20 yards in front of me!  My heart raced to think there would be an onslaught of birds gathering in front of me!  I was up and on the shotgun, safety off and swung over to the hen, hoping I would see a beard.  She walked in behind a bush and then reappeared to my left and about 10 yards away.  She had no clue I was anywhere around.  No beard, no shoot.  I kept the gun up until she walked completely out of sight, then held it 30 seconds longer to make sure she would not see me lower it.  All went well.  Still hoping for more birds to drop into this zone, my heart was still pumping hard.  But after about a half hour I gave up on that idea.

In the meantime the gobbling continued up the hill and even though they were getting closer to me, I knew they would stay high on the hill and skirt around the trees above us.

So, there I sat when the first rain drops began to fall, and then the second wave of raindrops fell, and then the third and when that started it didn’t quit!  In fact I can look outside right now and still see the third wave falling!  I sat in that downpour for two solid hours hoping and waiting for the turkeys to appear in front of me…nothing.  Even the few birds that had been chirping quit making any sounds.  I did hear a deer snorting behind me and later Weasel said it was two bucks that had caught my scent.  He also said he saw 6 gobblers go over the hill behind me.  Those were the ones I could hear gobbling earlier.

Well, I left Weasel and Kenzie in the blind like I said.  They were going to continue to sit there in hopes of the 6 gobblers coming down and around the backside of the hill they were on and into their waiting gun sights.  I hope that happens.

On my drive home, the fog was so thick near the top of the pass I had to turn my lights on just to see in front of the car and that was at 9:30.  The fog stayed thick until I was almost to the bottom of the hill on the other side of the mountain!  Cold and rainy wet, I had to strip down in the garage before entering the house.

Turkeys 8, hunters zero!

Bears Butt

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It’s that time of year here in Utah for everyone to be watching their credit card information!  Mostly to see if there are pending charges for the Utah big game draw!  It is a big deal!  For those of you out of the state, everyone who wishes to hunt big game in Utah and want a “near 100% chance” of that happening, need to enter into the lottery draw for the tags.  The state Division of Wildlife Resources uses this as a means to get more money and money seems to be the big driving force for a lot of things wildlife related.  So, we go along with it, or we don’t go hunting.

So, you must have your “license to purchase a license”….a combination license which allows you to fish and hunt, or a small game license, which allows you to hunt small game like rabbits and birds.  This is the big thing and the number one way the DWR gets their money up front.   Once you have that, you can now enter the drawing for a big game license.  The application fee of $10 goes to the company who has the concession to conduct the drawing, the Division gets none of that.  Each big game species has a different fee attached…for instance, a general deer tag costs $40 for us residents.  It’s a ton more for you non-residents…sorry folks, that’s just the way we run our business here.  Ya gotta pay ta play!  Not only do you too have to purchase your out of state small game or combination license, first, then your $10 and then the huge amount of money for the tag, should you draw it.  It costs soooooo much to play it isn’t worth it to 99.9% of people who don’t live here.  Nuff said about that and I’m sorry to my California cousins who would love to come and take home a 4X4 muley buck from the Crawfords.

Well, we had to apply way back in January in order to get our ticket in the bucket and now they have drawn the winning tickets out of the bucket and are hitting the listed credit cards to seek payment.  As those cards are being hit and cleared through the bank, the DWR will compile their emails for distribution to the masses to let us know officially that we either drew out or not.  The bigger deal is just what did we draw if in fact we drew at all.

A lot of families, most in fact, who have family members who hunt together or hunt the same species of animals, will apply together and use one credit card to pay for it.  They can also apply separately and use the same card to pay for that.  So, when the credit card gets hit, the mystery then becomes “who drew”?

So, what did I apply for this year?  A general deer tag for the muzzleloader season….a pretty standard one for me but that might change with my interest in bows and arrows, who knows.  That tag will cost me $40 like I said and I have a pretty good chance of drawing it, seeings how the DWR increased the number of deer tags from last years numbers.  Almost anyone who wants to hunt a deer can usually get a tag…not always, but most of the time.  You might have to opt for a bow hunting tag or muzzy tag rather than an “any weapon” (center fire rifle) tag, but you can go hunting if you desire.  Once the draw is completed and there has been ample time for people to turn in tags or change their mind on hunting etc., then any tags remaining can be purchased over the counter…..get in line early, because the remaining tags sell out quickly!

I also applied for a limited entry antelope buck tag using my muzzleloader in the same area as my deer tag.  Should I draw that, I will be able to hunt deer and antelope at the same time, using my smoke pole of course.  This special hunting season opportunity is one that I lobbied with the DWR and the Wildlife Board to get approved.  I hope like heck I draw one of the 15 tags available.  I’ve always wanted to shoot a buck antelope with my smoker…one of the few big game hunts (kills if you will) remaining on my bucket list.  That tag will cost me $55 if I’m a lucky guy.

And last on my application is a once in a lifetime moose tag…I only had 3 points (3 consecutive unsuccessful attempts in the past) going into the drawing and I doubt that tag will be drawn with my name on it….yes it’s possible, but like getting struck with lightning or winning the Idaho lottery.  Dry Dog says, “No lead, no dead”….and that applies to this drawing as well.  So, to draw this moose tag would be like Dry Dog actually hitting and killing a deer by shooting at it over 200 yards away, with his muzzleloader.  He makes a lot of attempts and spends a lot of money on powder, ball and caps.  No Lead…No Dead!  He also brings home a deer nearly every year.  I can see him smiling now.

3DryDogSaysHappyTimes copy

So, here we are watching and waiting for our credit cards to get hit!  Everyone wants to see it happen!  Sort of like waiting to open the Christmas presents under the tree!  When will it happen?  For some it has happened already and now they are waiting to find out just who in the family drew what tag.  Did they draw that hard to get limited entry bull elk tag that EVERYONE seems to want?  Did they draw the (to us) coveted Crawford Mountain tag?  Make it happen cap’n!

And over the loud speaker, echoing in the empty basketball court arena, can be heard:  “ATTENTION!!!  ATTENTION!!!  WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE DRAW THE CRAWFORD TAG THIS YEAR”?

Good luck to all and I sure hope we get the chance to head off to the Crawfords this year!

Bears Butt

May 15, 2015


My credit card got hit yesterday for $40!  A muzzy deer hunt is in my future!  I have not given up on the $55 for an antelope as of yet!


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By: Bears Butt


Well it is now or sometime next week for me!  The weather is going to change to rain tonight so Weasel and I are going to go once again to try and fill our tags!  Those gobblers have us going!  Remember last time we went, we would have been closer to the birds had we stayed in the truck, but this time we are going to out smart them…..ya right.

We have our plan…go in early…go in light…stay mobile…run and gun…don’t stop till you drop…(almost sounds like my younger days hitting the bars).

At any rate, we did our work yesterday and today is our day to play!  Come on turkeys!  Give us a chance to blast your beady little heads off!

More to come later!

Bears Butt

May 14, 2015


Ya, so today marked our 7th day out trying to bag a turkey.  They are winning!

As we pulled up to the parking place I saw my headlight hanging on a fence post:


YEA!  My headlamp…I tried it quickly but it didn’t work.  I figured the batteries must be dead.  I can deal with that later.

We hit the slope right on time and because I had a new blind to establish I needed the extra time.  First to find my spot and second to get me some cover.  You see I don’t have a store bought blind.

We got there just right and I stumbled around until I had everything I needed in place and then settled in for the duration.   My hopes were high.  Remember that the last time I was here the birds flew down “across the ravine”,  well now I’m across the ravine!

My blind went well and soon I was settled in for what was going to be a “LONG DAY”!!!!  Remember we are getting to the area at 5:00 a.m.!!!!  Turns out we didn’t leave the area until 3 p.m. today!  THAT was a long day.  Try that on your butt without moving very much!  I’ll feel it in the morning.  Here is a picture I took later in the day once the birds had settled down.  You are going to like this story.


So here I sit and it’s still very dark outside.  My view is just what you can see here, not much to either side and I’m hearing stuff…..scary stuff.  Grunt and groans, snapping twigs, something shuffling in the grass…I’m not too comfy, but I stick it out without calling out loud noises.  And to my surprise I’m still alive!

As the morning light came to be, the morning was beautiful but quiet (again)…no gobbles.  When it was time for the fly down I heard a cackle and then saw two hens sail past to my right.  I waited for more but there was nothing else.  Bummer dude!  So they go off on their way up the hill to my right and out of sight.  I wait.  I wait some more.  I wait still.  I’m thinking, “is that it for today”?  No!  IT CAN’T BE!

Time continues to go on and it gets lighter and lighter.  Soon I can see the sun coming up, even though covered with clouds it is up.  And then I hear some “PUTTS”….the birds are still on the roost but they are putting!  That is not normal.  Then all goes silent.

My hearing isn’t that good in either ear, but my left is better than my right and I’m turning my head often to try and pick up any sound I can.  Then I hear it….a gobble coming from atop the far hill!  I look up in time to see 9 heads appearing over the horizon!  All of them looking down toward where I am hiding.  I slowly raise my binoculars and low and behold every one is a gobbler!  9 gobblers!  I’m so excited now I can hardly stand it!    Yes they are far away…like 600 yards, but they can still see my lonely hen decoy.  I carefully reached for my call and gave out a “lonely hen, come and git sum” call….5 of the nine birds raced off that mountain like there was no tomorrow!  My heart was really racing now in anticipation of those 5 birds coming to see what was up with lonely little “Gretc- Hen”.  I twisted my body in all sorts of configurations to get the gun up and ready for the first bearded wonder to come through the brush.  I held my position as the gobbled and came running in my direction.  My side was beginning to cramp up as I help firm and steady.  I was thinking, I can’t hold this much longer, come on big bearded boy.  But nothing came.  I heard them gobble and it sounded like they were right on top of me.  Not one, but at least two of them gobbling at the same time.  LOUD, I might add!  And then out of my peripheral vision I saw two hens sail down and to my right past where I expected the gobblers to come out.  I waited and waited and then heard the faint gobble of one going away….bummer!  Those two hens were taking them away from Grec-Hen.

I calmed myself and relaxed, my cramped side was really paining me bad!  I need a blind with a recliner, hot coffee when needed, a caller, a masseuse and a gun bearer.

Well, that was not the end of the day.

Soon I saw the 4 other gobblers up on the hill take a right turn….that means they are coming my way!  And I can see them!  They came to where I watched them cross the hillside across and over my decoy about half way up the hill.  All 4 gobblers!  They disappeared into the trees.  Weasel is just down the way at the bottom of the hill those birds went across.  Maybe he will get a shot, I thought.

Gobbling continued high and low all morning long and I counted at least 13 gobblers around us.  This was going to be our day for sure.  All we need to do is sit quiet and wait.

Then I saw movement coming down the hill toward Weasel!  I slowly lifted my binocs and sure enough RED HEADS!  5 of them!  OOOOOOO!  Weasel get ready it is show time!  From my angle I didn’t know if he could see them or not and they were as silent as could be….coming in quiet.  Weasel had his decoy out and if they saw it they should come running!  As I watched the show unfold the only one I could see with a beard stayed high.  The others had red heads, but I could not put beards on them.  They came down off the hill and one came in front of Weasel about 30 yards out.  I kept waiting for the sound of the shotgun…..nothing….the birds finished up feeding there and proceeded to go back up the hill and disappear.  DANG!

We continued to wait where we were and heard some gobbles below us…again hoping they would come up to pass by our position….that didn’t happen….We called it a day at 3 p.m.

That is turkey hunting folks.  You think you have them cornered and suddenly you are the one with nowhere to go!

Bears Butt



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By: Bears Butt


Chris Barton posted up a video today about some really good Olympic type recurve bow shooters who were asked to take off their sights and stabilizers and shoot a few shots at a target about 35 yards down range.  The target was about twice as big as the one I’m shooting at down at the field.  Well, of the three shooters, only one hit the yellow part of the target and the other guys missed the whole dang thing a time or two.  I guess when you decide to shoot without sights and get good enough to hit the target then you are doing something.  Well, in my eyes at least.

So, with that little bit of incentive, plus the fact that I’m feeling pretty good about my age and health, plus having to take a trailer load of tree branches to the field, PLUS having to check the water on the fields, I told Winemaker I was going to take my bow and do a little practicing.   Which I did.

So, after getting all the other stuff done that I had to do, I set up in the usual place to do my practicing.  Starting first with my Gap Shooting.  Things went differently today.  My last couple of times gap shooting had Point On at 45 yards.  Today that happened at 40 yards.  HMMMMM.  Not sure what is going on, everything else seemed to be the same.  OH WELL.  It will average out.

So, back to my 20 yard shooting.  I have not been down there for over a week, May 5 to be exact.  And so, I started off rather rough.  I’ll tell you folks, practice needs to come often or you will lose where you were at.  Today proved that to me quickly.  But after several ends of shooting all 8 of my arrows my groups started to tighten up.  I told my faithful dog “This is my last end, buddy and then we will go home”.  He was tethered to the truck.

So, as I was finishing up my end of 8 arrows, here came Weasel to shoot his bow.  I finished shooting and then asked him to come down and see the results of my last group of shots!  He was impressed.



Sure there are two arrows that didn’t even hit the target backing, but then there are 3 in the yellow, one in the red and one in the blue and one in the white!  That was a good spot to stop my practice for the day.  Probably 120 arrows in today shooting!  I didn’t count the ends I shot.  And by the way 2 of those yellows are X’s!!!!!

I think I’m getting the hang of this stuff!

Bears Butt

May 13, 2015

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By: Bears Butt


There are no images except in your own mind as to how this all goes.  A colonoscopy is very important for people at high risk of cancer or older people (older than 50 they say) who can develop cancer issues without even knowing it.  Cancer knows no boundaries and strikes all ages, all healths, everywhere!  I have a friend who’s father never saw his 56th birthday because of colon cancer.  Another well known Utah TV outdoors celebrity died of it as well.  Neither of these two men knew they had anything wrong with them and all because they never went and had the procedure done.

Well, this is number 2 for me and I thought I’d like to lighten things up for those of you who are “dreading the day”!  When you think about the whole deal it really isn’t that big of a thing.  If you want the doctor to find anything or better yet, NOT find anything wrong inside your body, you have to give him/her the best view possible.  And that requires you clean out your belly!  Of EVERYTHING!!!!

I have read the prep instruction a couple of times during the last week and still missed one important part….no solid foods the day before the procedure.  Well, this morning after hunting turkeys in the wee hours of the morning, I made myself a nice big breakfast!  Spuds, eggs and sausage patty.  It sure was good.  And then just before beginning the cleansing process, I sat down with Winemaker and started to eat a good old meat loaf sandwich and have some chips.  As I was munching away I pulled out the instructions and started to read them again…..”You must begin your liquid diet the day before your procedure, beginning with breakfast”!  HMMMM.  Guess I blew that one big time!

Well, will this cleansing still work?  I’m counting on it and following through even though I messed up.  Should the Dr. get in there tomorrow and can’t see anything because of “debris” in the way of the lens, or having to wipe it off a lot.  Well, he will say, Hey fella!  Go do that all again and come back in two days!  Doctors don’t like their time wasted you know!  They have patients, not patience!  But it’s OK for you to sit in the waiting room for an hour…just sayin.  That is another subject and I’ll now get back on track….is this on track at all?

OK.  The instructions said to mix a 8.3 oz bottle of Miralax with 64 oz. of water, soda pop or other clear type liquid and prepare to spend the next 2 hours and 40 minutes consuming it.  That is 5.3 beers worth of liquid.  So, why does the picture above show two big bottles of soda and two Miralax bottles?  You have to do this twice with at least a 4 hour wait between them.

Well, I have just had my 4th 8 oz glass of that yummy mixture and have nothing better to do than sit here and type this.  I can already feel the need to be somewhere else very soon coming on.  Wapiti Dung told me earlier today that when I begin this process to make sure the neighbors yard gets plenty of fertilizer on it.  I don’t think I’ll do that and I sure hope everything down at the city treatment plant is working properly.

I told Winemaker earlier that perhaps I should have considered the drought situation before scheduling this procedure.  She just grinned.  But, I’m going to keep track of the number of gallons of “flush water” this is going to take.  I have placed a pad of paper and a pencil near my next sitting spot and will make a hash mark for each time I flush!  Gotta go!

You would think by now a better way would have been figured out.

Glass 5 is having a tough time finding room down there.  Someone must have messed up with the instructions saying to drink 8 oz every 20 minutes.  Maybe this is what happens when you eat solid food before starting this.  So, if you have never done this and are embarking on it…please follow the instructions closely.  You do not want to feel like I do right now.  Maybe I should go lie down.  NO!  I’m trying to educate you on this.

I tried to find out on line when colonoscopy procedures first came to be and could not find anything on the history.  But I do know that my dad had it done and he has been gone for over 30 years.  Ya, they had indoor plumbing back then just like they do today only the flushes consumed a whole lot more water then than they do now.  Did you know the last name of the inventor of the toilet with a flushing system was “Crapper”?  I just thought I’d throw that out there for your education.  Before that it was a wooden out building with a seat that had a hole cut in it and a partial moon cut out of the upper portion of the door.  I digress.

Just so you know, I’ll explain my body right now.  My belly is bloated up like a mule deer buck that has been dead since being shot first thing this morning and you just found it.  I’m still good though because flipping it with my thumb only sounds like a ripe watermelon and not a drum.  I’m just afraid that the next time I write “Gotta Go”, I might be awhile!  Being awhile should save on total gallons of water don’t you think?

Let’s talk about this Miralax stuff.  I remember my dad telling me about having to go to the bathroom alot and he would always mention “dose of salts”.  I have no real idea what “salts” he was talking about unless it was Epsom Salts.  This Miralax contains Polyethylene Glycol.  (Heard the buzzer and went for glass number 6 and then it hit!  WHEW!  Back to more normal, no more watermelon).

This according to Wikipedia: Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a polyether compound with many applications from industrial manufacturing to medicine.

Using it for industrial applications as well as medicine….powerful stuff right there!  Nothing like dad’s old “salts”!

Again the buzzer reminds me to go get another tasty glass of polyether!  There was PLENTY of room for that one!  I just did some math and 64 divided by 8 = 8…..I have already had 7 glasses of what I thought was 8 oz of polyether and its only been one hour and 40 minutes.  I still have an hour to go according to the instructions but by my rate, I only have about 2 more glasses of good old poly in the mixed container!  I’ll cut back on the next go round!  I guess I got too excited to see things get going.

More on Polyethylene glycol:

Commercial uses[edit]

Industrial uses[edit]

  • Nitrate ester-plasticized polyethylene glycol is used in Trident II ballistic missile solid rocket fuel.[33]
  • Dimethyl ethers of PEG are the key ingredient of Selexol, a solvent used by coal-burning, integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants to remove carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from the gas waste stream.
  • PEG has been used as the gate insulator in an electric double-layer transistor to induce superconductivity in an insulator.[34]
  • PEG is also used as a polymer host for solid polymer electrolytes. Although not yet in commercial production, many groups around the globe are engaged in research on solid polymer electrolytes involving PEG, with the aim of improving their properties, and in permitting their use in batteries, electro-chromic display systems, and other products in the future.
  • PEG is injected into industrial processes to reduce foaming in separation equipment.
  • PEG is used as a binder in the preparation of technical ceramics.

So, I have been drinking this poly stuff and have consumed 7 glasses of it and am just now finding out it is used not only for what I’m taking it for, but also is used in the filling in paint balls AND in solid rocket fuel!  The last one says it is used as a “binder”…..Trust me when I tell you this stuff is NOT a binder….At least not a “hinder binder”….Gotta Go!

Ya baby!  Not much left in the track and still at least one more glass of poly left for this first go round.  Maybe I’ll stretch it to two more smaller glasses!  The taste of this stuff reminds me of Dr. Harimoto from my college days, talking about the law of diminishing returns.  There would have to be another theory about this stuff and what it does however.  Because I know I have not consumed all 64 ounces yet (in one end), but there has been a WHOLE LOT MORE than 64 ounces going the other way!

Well folks, only one more glass to go and the first wave is done!  How do I feel?  Well, still bloated, not watermelon bloated, but bloated.  The 4 hour break from drinking that junk will be more than a reward and I think I will even indulge in a beer.  It’s a clear liquid with no pulp and it contains nutrients.  One of my college professors called beer “The all food drink”!  I believe him!

Bears Butt

May 11, 2015


WOW!  What a night!  Little to no sleep, but it’s over and now to go see the doc.  What about gallons used?   First off you need to know I have one of those economically green water use toilets…1.28 gpf, I used 35.84 gallons!  And a full roll of toilet paper.  But, it wasn’t as bad as I remember from 11 years ago.  I think since we have switched to toilet paper instead of those costly Sears catalogues, things are much better.  Charmin, Extra Soft in the super roll!

After the doc gets through with me, I can eat and I’m starving!

I’ll post an Update to the Update later to let you know the doc’s findings!  HELLO!!!  Is my head up there?

Butt (literally)


Back from the doctor.  It’s time to re-fill this body with solids!  The doc says he doesn’t want to see me for 10 more years!!!  YEAAA!  No polyps, no nothing!  I must be a boring scope for him, nothing to talk about.

The nurses and all the staff were great at the facility.  Pretty women everywhere, all caring and nurturing.  I had to lay down after they put the IV in my arm, I almost passed out.  Wimpy me.  Anyway I got a free ride down to the room where the puffer machine resides and when the anesthesiologist came to put me out, she said it wouldn’t take long for it to work.  I asked her if she wasn’t going to ask me some sort of questions and then tell me how many I got right when I woke up.  She said I had already answered them and POOF!  Next thing I knew was the recovery room.

So, don’t be afraid to go and get your screening.  Sure you lose a nights sleep, but then you can relax for 10 years knowing you don’t have any bad issues building up inside your body.

I think it’s time for a nap.

Bears Butt

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