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The last day of the year 2013!  And Weasel, Windy and I are taking all the grandkids out on the ice for a day (or whatever) of ice fishing!

It looks like we will be heading to Hyrum Dam, mostly because of the closeness of the bathrooms for the girls.

Whether we catch fish or not, it’s just getting them out and into another environment than they are used to.  The weather is supposed to be relatively warm today with little or no breeze.  You could not ask for a better day to be on the ice.

If the fish will cooperate just a little bit and give each one of them a bite or two the day will be perfect!

Later on this evening, Mom (Grandma) and I are having the entire group of Grandkids to our place for a sleepover!  This might be the last one, as the two oldest are now 12 and entering into that age where it just isn’t cool to be seen with your parents or any adult for that matter!

More on the day’s activity will be posted here.

Bears Butt

A.M. Dec. 31, 2013


I promised an update to this, but didn’t get around to it until right now!

I have to say, the fish Gods were very kind to us on this day!  Every drop of the line produced a hit and that was just what the doctor ordered to keep a bunch of 5 to 12 year olds on the ice!  Little Chase (5) stuck with it for over 4 hours before he started to complain about being cold.  That was 3 hours more than I had expected!  And even though we put most of the fish back the kids still insisted on keeping quite a few.  After all, how can you throw the very first fish you have ever caught back into the hole?


P.M. Report, 2 days late!

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What with New Years day coming and most of the kids are out of school I am hearing some rumblings about the possibility of a rabbit hunt in the forecast.

While cruising the web I came across this video where the hunter is using a nice sized “bb gun” to do his killing.


Bears Butt
December 30, 2013

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Rear End, Year End!

If you have plans to do something special in 2013, you only have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to get it done!  I just thought I’d remind you of that.

Looking back at my year, it sure had its ups and downs.  I suppose every year does, but this one seems special to me.  More UPS than downs in my year, but there were some very down times too.

My post is not about the downs however because downs are never good.

Good is always UP!  So here are some of my years highlights!

Weasel, Conner and I (among lots of others) helped with the United Wildlife Cooperatives youth fishing day at Strawberry Reservoir!  That was a very fun day to be on the ice and we tried like heck to get the kids onto a fish, but to no avail!  Thanks to everyone who helped that day!

Trapping got off to a late start due to the very cold temps and deep snow.  Very unusual for where we trap, but in the end, with Wapiti, Weasel and Breks help, we managed to bag 740 rats!  A very good trapping year!

I think the highlight of my volunteer work was with the United Wildlife Cooperatives, Youth Turkey camp and hunt!  Another year with lots of fun and meeting new people!  Several of the kids tagged out and it was fun beyond fun!  I hope to be able to enjoy those two weekends again this year!

And then on one of my own turkey hunts, I “almost” got one!  A very close encounter!  One in which I just knew I had the bird down, but in the end it was a complete miss!  This year!  If things play out like last year there should be at least 2 birds in the pot and maybe more!  We will see!  But I think Weasel and I have them figured out!

Our families rented a big old cabin in the Island Park area of Idaho and spent several days up there and toured Yellowstone National Park.  I’ll tell you, renting a local cabin is the only way to go on a trip like that.  For 12 of us to be able to stay each night and it only costing us less than $1,000 it was well worth it!  Lots of wildlife just outside the cabin.  Quiet and peaceful.  Very nice!

In the DWR drawings I drew out my Muzz Deer Tag!  Not a big deal, but still.

And then in the Antlerless drawing Weasel and I both drew out on the Deseret Land and Livestock Cow Elk tags!  This will be a year to fill the freezers!

While practicing shooting with our Pork Guns to qualify for the Cow Elk Hunt, I got a call that would really set off my years highlights!  I was a chosen one once again and ended up with a Limited Entry Bull Elk tag in the San Juan Mountains of Utah!  Life would not be the same for quite some time after that news!

Labor Day weekend found Bones and I in charge of the Willow Creek Free Trappers rendezvous!  It was a very fun event and lots of folks came and enjoyed the time!  It was especially nice to have Black Arrow and his bride, Shy Mouse there to help us enjoy the time!  30 Years by dang!

The muzz deer hunt was another memorable event!  A huge camp as usual and this year (2014) should be even bigger with more hunters slated to be there…women hunters too!  Come on girls get your hunter education behind you!

My deer shooting abilities seem to be in the tank and I missed another one this year…one that was “in the bag” and still I missed it.  For 2014, I’ll be doing a lot more practice with  different “bullet” this time!  Maybe a Maxiball, maybe a powerbelt.  I’m not sure, but my gun will be eating quite a few of both for practice!

And then THE BIG HUNT OF ALL HUNTS!  I found myself surrounded in the Blue Mountains of Southern Utah, a portion of the San Juan National Forest.  Wild game everywhere!  Including the game we were after….Bull Elk…BIG Bull Elk!  And with so many around it almost goes without saying we brought one home with us.  I’d show you a picture but then it would spoil your reading about the entire hunt on this site…just look under the category “Dream Hunts” to the right and read the day by day story as it unfolded before us.  THAT hunt was the capstone of the year for me!

The next big hunt was to fill the cow elk tag on the Deseret Land and Livestock property.  A fully guided hunt for both Weasel and I and after two very fun filled days of sliding and bouncing, we both ended up with our tags filled and the freezers filled as well!

And to close out the year, we are taking the Grandkids out for a day of ice fishing tomorrow, the last day of the year!

How can a year get any better than that?

I thank the Lord everyday for these blessings.

Bears Butt

December 30, 2013



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HI, my name is Willard and I’d like to tell you about my buddies here at the Bay who got saved from the oil spill earlier this year.

You see, all of us were trying to figure out how we could disrupt the farm just up stream from the North Marina of Willard Bay but in all our efforts it seemed there was this “one guy” who kept trying to make things ugly for us.  Every time we built the dam up a little, the next day it would be totally wrecked.  We sent in several of our best design team members and a big crew of construction guys and they would spend all night long building and building.

Just when we thought we had things under control….BLAM!  One of them would get caught by a toe or a foot and end up having to be rushed to the medics for surgical removal of the metal devise held to his foot.  More often than not the medical team would have to go to the dam site for their work to be accomplished as the metal devise would not go down stream more than a few stick lengths.

Times were getting really tough for us.  We felt the need to build up a good dam at the mid section of the stream so our population could expand in that direction.  It only seemed right to us and we had some highly anxious families ready and willing to make the move.  The only element keeping them from that move was that “one guy”.

So, the planning crew met several times down on the big waters of the Bay and made a plan that could possibly change the course of what was happening upstream.  It was finally decided that a tunnel could be dug to the side of the main stream bed from the big waters edge, up and under the noisy sector where the rumblings of people movers continually traversed.  If the tunnel could be dug deep enough then the people movers would not crush it.  And so the plan began.

The digging of the tunnel was going very well and progress made continually until one night when a discovery was made that blocked the way.  The engineers said the blockage would have to be removed, to dig under it would mean the tunnel would be too deep on the other side of the noisy sector corridor.

Some of the workers tried their best to gnaw through the big tree root but only managed to damage their incisors and required much care in the intensive tooth repair center (ITRC).


There was a need for a big time beaver to get the call and he had to come from a great distance to be here: Paul Bunyon Beaver, the Rat, (PBR was his nickname), the largest beaver of all of the tribe was brought in for his council and he decided he could get under the root causing the blockage and lift it up and out of the way with his back muscles, enough as to allow the continuance of the tunnel and the rest would be history.

None of the Engineers nor design team had ever encountered such a tough root system as this one.  They all thought a continual chewing would eventually cause the root to be gnawed through as is always the case with tunneling.  You know, Put your shoulder to the wheel and push along!

With several of the crew in the ITRC now, about the only thing to try was Paul Bunyons idea.  And so, a lot of material was removed both above and below the root and Paul Bunyon was called to crawl in and under the root to see what he could do.  He had to move it at least the distance of half his body thickness or his work would be to no avail.

Paul Bunyon was on the site with all his colleagues on the night the root was to be moved.  A briefing was given on just what the engineers were to watch for as the root was moved and just when to tell Paul Bunyon to stop.  When enough is enough, well, it’s enough!

There were quite a few of us on the scene that night and Paul Bunyon Beaver was the man, err Beaver, to get the job done and done right.  I have seen Paul Bunyon Beaver fall a cottonwood six foot thick and he did it in two hours, all by himself!  I’m telling you there was never a sight like that one in all my born days.  That tree fed 136 families for three winters straight.  We ended up calling that area Cottonwood Bottoms (as opposed to Cottonwood Heights).

SmartBeaverRemember me?  Willard?  I’ve been talking so long I thought maybe you had forgotten who was telling this story.  Let me continue.

Everything was ready when Paul Bunyon Beaver crawled into his position and made ready for the command to push up.  When the chiefs of the engineering staff called for the move, Paul Bunyon gave it all he had to push that root up and out of the way.  He only let out one grunt that I heard when suddenly a gush of root liquid came blasting out of that cracking root!

The spray was as ugly as could be and I scrambled for high ground and away from most of the spray.  What an ugly, stinking mess was spraying out from the side of that root!  YUK!  And if it got on your fur it stuck like no bodies business.

Paul Bunyon Beaver came out from under that spray like the dickens and headed straight for the big water, coughing and spitting all the time.  Other engineers were doing the same and trying to get the sinking stuff out of their eyes.  This was not a time for panicking but panic we did!  Beavers of every work life scattered in every direction.  I made it out with only a slight spray of stinking stuff on my backside.  I consider myself very lucky as others were covered in the mess.

The spray continued for many nights and soon the sticky stuff had filled the last dam we had before the little stream entered the big water.  It was even spilling over the overflow of that as the bravest of the brave worked to plug up the holes and make the dam taller and taller.  Such brave, but dumb workers they were.  No extra pay, just more work in an every increasing ugly environment.  They got so sticky, none of the other beavers, myself included, would even talk to them at Beaver Dave’s  tavern after work.

And then one day, one of the normals, the people who we see every day at the Big Water stopped to see what the heck was causing us to build such a big dam and he began to yell and stomp and scream to the top of his lungs.  We all hid out in the deep grass and into our dens away from the sticky water.

It wasn’t long before there were so many of them people around we thought there was going to be another boat Regatta at the big water.  Something that hasn’t happened in so long I forgot why we didn’t like them in the first place.

There were people with wires and people with long poles and people with blow up things they tossed into the sticky waters and people with boots on wading where we like to swim and people with masks covering their faces and funny lights flashing all day and night keeping us all awake and confused.  It was crazy!

And then, not too soon after all of the people started showing up, here came some with nets and poles to catch us with.  Most of us hid out real good because we knew how, but those dummies trying to keep the dam built up were the ones that got all caught up.  They just weren’t told in time to stay put and they would be alright…but no….they got captured and hauled off some place never to be seen again.

I heard from my Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Gandpappy Beaver a story about how people catch up our kind and take their hides off and stretch them pert near as big as the side of my own house.  Then the hides would be sold to the highest bidder and he would make a hat out of it.  What a creepy thing to think about.  Did our friends, the hard but dumb workers get their hides all skinned off and such?  Will we ever seen them again?


Each one of them were put into cages like this one and put into a big old truck and that was the last we saw of them.  At least the last I saw of them.  I was going to get out of there before I was caught up and put in one of them wire things.  I scrambled and made it.

But not so for several more.  They captured up about six of my friends and all of them were gone!  In the meantime the rest of the clan had to fend for themselves.  That part of the place we called home was no place to be at, what with all the hub-bub going on.  Too many people stomping and calling out and yelling and doing stuff that us beavers have no business of knowing.  We met over at the tall willow North of there.


And talked about what we could do.  I assured them there were two places I was never going to go again…one, up the stream where the “one guy” played and over by the place where Paul Bunyon Beaver dun split the root.


Well, there you have if right from the Beavers mouth.  Six of my brothers were taken from the big water and who really knows what happened to them.

I came across some paper floating in the water about a month or so ago and saw one of my buddies pictures on it.  If I could of only been able to read what it said, I’d guess since they didn’t look like they were as spread out as my Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandpappy Beaver once told me, they must have been cleaned up and sent to another water place to start over with their lives.



So there you have the story of 2013, about the beavers of Willard Bay.  Are they the real heroes people make them out to be, some calling them “Beaveros”?  Or were they just the rodents doing what they do and they just happened to capture up a bunch of spilled diesel before it got into the main body of water called Willard Bay?

As for me, “one guy”, I’m very glad those pesky little creatures of the streams and lakes are gone to better places.  I’m hoping they were not relocated to a place that will cause someone else to be called “One Guy”!

Bears Butt

December 29, 2013


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There are times when the space allowed on Facebook is just not quite enough for a response.  One such incident happened yesterday and I feel bad that I was not aware of the posting until today.  It was a funny one.

One of my nephews and someone I consider a very good friend at the same time, asked why no body told him how good his new hair cut looked on him.  How when women go into a beauty shop and have their hair cut everyone praises them on how nice it looks.  (I don’t think anyone would dare to say how “not nice” it looked….ever!)

My dad once said (he probably said it more than once because my memory still has the saying stuck in my head)…The difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is about a week.

That statement makes real good sense.  If the barber somehow cut an end off too short, in one weeks growing time, it will catch up with the rest of the hairs and look just fine.  Or, it could be that people who associate with the person with the bad hair cut just get used to it in a weeks time and nothing more needs to be said about that.

First off Softball, guys usually don’t need to be told their hair cut looks good.  After all, how many ways can you cut the hair on a guys head and have it look any different than it did the last time it was cut?

Perhaps the kids of today are changing that for their generation, but with our age of guys…there just isn’t much change happening.  In fact, I could save myself two trips to the barber a year and $25 if I just shaved my head everyday at home!  Bald is bald!  Bald is beautiful!  And (if you get my drift and spell the words differently) Being bald is not half bad!  That’s what I say.

So, since I’m lazy enough not to want to shave my head everyday, or even every other day…look at my beard…I don’t shave it but twice a year.  The difference between my head of hair and my chin of hair is that gravity pulls down on the chin hairs and makes for a pretty full look, while the gravity attraction to the hair on my head tends to make them suckers fall out when they get just sooo long.  The ones on the side of my head get long and stay pretty thick but the top ones….well, there aren’t many of them left up there.

You my friend have the same genetics I have, only maybe a bit more.  Your hair retention genetics have saturated just a little more than mine and so your side hair “stand” isn’t much different than your top hair “stand”…see what I mean? For you, you can look in a mirror and see it.  Tip your head down and look out the top of your eye lids, or get someone to hold a mirror over your head so you can see what’s up there and on the sides too.

So, here you go…it might be brutal, but here it goes.

Softball, I have to tell you that the English language is quite the thing.  Sometimes when someone says something, it can have a couple of meanings at the same time and “hair” is one of those things.

When you are looking at a person with a “full head of hair”, what do you imagine in your own mind….just that, a head with lots of hair above the eye brows, above the ears and on top of the head.  As for the hair above the ears, well that hair might be growing down over their ears and that’s ok, the fact remains the hair is there in abundance!

So, when this person steps into the barber shop for a “hair cut”, that term is used in a very generic way and it means they are in there to get “all of their hair cut at the same time” and it will be shaped in some fashion that they like when they come out.

In your case, you go in for a hair cut, it’s just that “A hair cut”….sure there are several strands up there that will get cut, but the barber really has a tough job with your “head of hair”, maybe I should rephrase that to “head of hairs”…see the difference?  He has to be very precise in his cutting as he doesn’t want to miss one as then it would be much longer than that rest of them and it would look awful!  I’d hate to be you if that happened, because Grandpas saying would last until you got your next hair cut.

Softball you just have to give it up buddy!  No body is going to notice you getting your head of hairs cut, unless something tragic happens like the barber missing one.  If that ever happens you can be certain someone (a friend) will pull you aside and offer to trim that little sucker for you.

So, from here on out, please just leave the barber shop knowing that what has been done on top of your head is all good and you don’t need someone telling you how sharp you look!  You always look sharp, with or without a hairs cut.

I’m just trying to be honest with you!


Bears Butt

December 29, 2013

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So, today about 10 a.m. I moved on down to Weasels and picked him up.  Off to Mantua we went.  The morning was brisk and somewhat sunny and warm for a day on the ice.  Very little if any wind.  And that combination always makes for a wonderful day on the hard deck.

First Drop

We drilled a few holes and tried our luck, but nothing seemed to be working where we were.  So we moved into a shallower area closer to shore.

Now when you are talking about Mantua, the word shallow is relative, because Mantua is only about 10 feet deep over all and so shallow could be 2 feet or 7 feet…you decide.  I think I found a place that was close to 15 feet deep once, but over all I’d have to say the lake is 10 feet deep.

In our shallow area we could see our flashers just under the ice cap, but the beauty of it…I had a bite!  The first of the day!  YAAA!  I missed the fish but then I had forgotten just how shallow I was and when I jerked…well I almost hooked myself!  The one thing you learn about ice fishing is this:  The bite might be very light, but in order to set that hook into the fishes mouth, you have to jerk pretty hard and the deeper the line is, the harder you have to pull up.

So, it’s totally understandable for me to jerk the line up and out of the water when I saw the bite.  After all, it was my first bite of the 2013-2014 ice fishing season!

OK!  Weasel decided after a long wait that we needed to move out t0 a little deeper water.  I was all for that.  Another thing I have learned over the years of ice fishing, if you aren’t getting bites where you are…move!


So, we moved out about maybe 50 yards and after drilling our holes, we found the depth to be about twice what it was in closer to shore….not a bad thing to find out.  We also planted ourselves very close to a spring!  How do I know it was a spring?


Weasel drilled his hole on the East side of the spring and I drilled mine on the West.

I was using waxworms we picked up at the Perry Maverick….$2.60 for 12!  A bit pricey, but they are bait and you have to pay for bait!….Weasel was working shrimp.

On my first drop, and 1 1/2 cranks up…bam!!! …a bite!  I pulled up and re baited and dropped it back down.  No more than it hit the bottom and I felt a slight tug on the line.  I tightened the line a bit and pulled up (not so hard this time) and it was FISH ON!!!!!


It wasn’t the perch, bluegill or crappie I was hoping for, but for the quarter I was going to get from Weasel it was ALLLL WORTH IT!  I even tried to help Weasel out by putting that bad boy down his hole!  A dad will do most anything for his son!

With a fresh quarter in my pocket, I danced my way back over to my hole and re baited up.  The fishing was slow, but still just being out was wonderful.  And my coughing for the last week…GONE!  I didn’t cough but one time the whole time we were out fishing!

We had been in this “spring spot” for about an hour when a guy came along and started flying an electric remote control airplane.  I took a video, but it didn’t turn out very good.  The plane was cool an the guy eventually came out and talked to us about his doings.  We told him we didn’t mind him buzzing our heads and trying to get away with our fishing rods by catching the lines on the planes wings or the other antics he was pulling.  I just made all that up….it was fun to watch him do his thing around us.  He was a nice guy, just not a fisherman.

While he was doing his thing a fish decided it would do its thing with my lure and what do our wondering eyes did appear?  Fish and Quarter number TWO!


Another nice fat rainbow!  That one went down Weasels Ice Hole as well…I’m just trying to be a nice dad!

I told Weasel as I danced back toward my hole that trout usually swim in schools and to get ready for a hit on his line.  Re-baiting, I dropped the line down and pulled it up the 1.5 revolutions and BLAM!  Another fish on!


As it flipped and slithered on the cold hard deck, Weasel calmly came over and offered up this third (in a series) quarter, which I politely accepted, and did a jiggity jig two step hop as I dropped it in my pocket on top of two others I so rightfully earned!

This time I put the fish back into the lake via my own ice hole.  I have to teach my son that trying to make something happen in his own ice hole can only go so far and in the back of my mind I was thinking that with three quarter of his in my pocket, a fourth would be a very welcome thing.  It’s always easier to remember “I took 4 quarters that day”….than it is to remember “I got you for seventy five cents that day”…don’t you think?

As time was clicking by at an alarming rate.  (Weasel had to be back at home by 2:30…a time with no extension allowed)!  We were both watching our phone clocks in earnest.  As a polite gentleman as I am, and a very good role model for my son(s), I told Weasel we could go home at any time.  AND I politely reminded him that if we continued to stay and fish I just might catch another one and he would end up giving me a fourth quarter.  He grinned!

My line pulled and then pulled again and it was once more…FISH ON!

Quarter four in my pocket and fish number four back into the lake.  I offered once more the word that we should probably be going home.  He glanced at his phone/watch and said nothing.  I re-baited and dropped it in………………………

BAM!  FISH ON!  Quarter five!  I’m really on a roll now baby!

So, with time running critically low, my dad instinct takes over and I offer him my “hole/pole and I’ll bait it and drop it in for you” rutine…he took it!

I moved to his hole and had to re-rig his bait etc.  By the time I got it in the water he called “TIME”….and home we came!

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle!  I got him for five quarters!  It will take him the rest of the year to get them back!

Good day of fishing Weasel!  Thanks and I sure with your brother would join us…I’dahadtenquarters!  Just sayin!

Bears Butt

December 28, 2013



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Weasel and I are going off on an ice fishing trip today.  Not a long one, but fishing none the less.  We will be out long enough to test the waters and hopefully pull in a few keepers!  It’s more of a “get out of the house” type of thing, but also one in which to test our equipment.  We have a big outing with the Grandkids on Tuesday (New Years Eve Day) and everything has to be working perfectly!

So, today is the day to test things out!

By the way, the guy in the picture chopping ice, lead to the saying on this sweatshirt:


Bears Butt

December 28, 2013

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The season is well upon us at this time, ICE FISHING!  Ya baby!

The last DWR fishing report shows lots of ice on most of the Northern Utah lakes, enough so that it’s pretty safe to go out on it and drill some holes and do some fishing.  A very good report on Pineview last week as well!  The perch up there should have some good size to them this year.

So, what thickness should the ice be in order to be considered safe?

That’s a good question, but more importantly than the thickness is how “hard” is it….You could have a 4 inch thickness of ice with lots and lots of air bubbles in it and that is not necessarily good enough to allow a person to stand on it.  “Clear ice is hard ice”!  No bubbles! And as long as it is more than 2 inches thick…notice I said “MORE THAN 2 INCHES THICK”….it should hold a person walking on it and allow for fishing….be VERY careful even at 3 inches thick as this is not much ice under your feet!  A good hard jump up and solid landing on 3 inches could put you through and into the icy depths below!

4 inches would be better than 3, but I know a lot of guys who will take right off walking on 3 inches without batting an eye…I’m a LOT more cautious than that.  And when I don’t have a covering of snow or frost or something on top of that clear ice, I get the hebbie-jebbies walking on it….remember when we were some of the first on Pineview a couple years back, Edjukateer?

I found a site on the web where you can print yourself out a wallet sized card about what is safe ice thickness and what is not:

I printed out the card for myself and you should do the same.

Once you are on good solid ice you should not have any problem walking to some place in order to fish…the terrain on ice is pretty flat!  Pull a sled with all your gear, or in it’s simplest form, walk out with a 5 gallon bucket with your gear in it.  All you need is a license, fishing pole with a rig on it and a bucket to set on.  We fishermen tend to think we need to take more than that, however.  Stuff like lunches, hot drinks and bait.  Oh and of course the auger and ice scoop and what about if we break our line…we need more fishing gear to put on our lines.

And so, like all other outdoor activities, what starts out as a simple thing like grabbing your pole and walking to the lake, turns out to be something requiring days of planning and the tuning up of vehicles and special gear!

In this case, fish finders and big batteries, atv’s or snowmobiles, special automatic fish hooking devises, ice tents and heaters  etc. etc. etc.


Well, once you are out on the ice and have a hole or two drilled, it’s time to fish!


This picture reminds me of one of my fishing partners.  Shipley is his name and he has an attention deficit disorder.  When he is ice fishing he spends a lot of time drilling holes.  He also catches a ton of fish, I have to give him credit for that!  He is the person who showed me how to ice fish and taught me how to release fish…before I went with him, I always practice catching and keeping.  Now I only keep the good fish…perch, walleye and catfish…the rest of the fish  usually get put back into the lake or stream, unless they are deeply hooked and won’t survive being put back.  That’s another story.

This picture reminds me of  Shipley as well:


It is certainly time to go ice fishing!  And if you have never done it, make sure you have the cold weather gear to keep your feet and hands warm.  There is nothing worse than being cold and very far from the vehicle.  And if you take kids out on the ice, make sure they are bundled up well too.  They won’t tell you they are cold until it’s almost too late and they won’t like the experience and if given a choice probably won’t want to ever go ice fishing with you again.

Bears Butt

December 27, 2013


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On a day like this one, we should all be very happy and for Winemaker and I we are about as happy as we can be under the circumstances.  Both down with the achy breaky flu…She is on here second nap since getting up this morning.  The “feel bads” are definitely winning and I’m about to dive into a 12 pack of my favorite beverage.  How can I feel any worse?

Well, it was after 2 p.m. when we finally felt like opening our gifts from the neighbors and friends and I had one heck of a pleasant surprise.  I had no idea I was one of the famous ones!

I have to give credit for all the hard work that went into this gift to Tracker and to Bones.  It is obvious they worked very hard at this and made it a perfect gift!  I THANK THEM dearly for it, but have to say that someone after my demise will have to actually open it and use it.  As long as I’m kicking it will be a sit on the shelf and look at thing.

We have all heard about, if not watched the TV series of Duck Dynasty and for sure you would have to be absolutely blind not to see the Duck Dynasty stuff in the stores.  Everything from calendars to t-shirts to coffee cups to face masks to, well about anything you can think of!  They even have a brand of pajama’s out as can be seen by these beautiful ladies sporting their Duck Dynasty clothing line for their Duck Dynasty Pin Up picture.

duckdynastygirlsThese girls are the real thing!

Well, here is what I was surprised by:


A remarkable resemblance if you ask me!  THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING OUR CHRISTMAS A VERY MERRY ONE!

Bears Butt

December 25, 2013

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By: Bears Butt


While Sherry and I have had a pretty rough go the past few days, I think my fever broke this morning.  At least the bed was sure damp where I sleep…could it be that my age is catching up with me and that is wasn’t a fever at all?  I still had to go to the bathroom once I got out of bed.  I think it was the fever.

Anyway, this little picture is what both of our throats feel like right now…A Collard Dove shit in our mouths!

Anyway, we are alive and that is something to be very thankful of.

Everyone out there, MERRY CHRISTMAS from us to you!  Make the best of it and let’s try and get some fishing in before the kids have to go back to school!

Bears Butt

December 25, 2013

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