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On a day like this one, we should all be very happy and for Winemaker and I we are about as happy as we can be under the circumstances.  Both down with the achy breaky flu…She is on here second nap since getting up this morning.  The “feel bads” are definitely winning and I’m about to dive into a 12 pack of my favorite beverage.  How can I feel any worse?

Well, it was after 2 p.m. when we finally felt like opening our gifts from the neighbors and friends and I had one heck of a pleasant surprise.  I had no idea I was one of the famous ones!

I have to give credit for all the hard work that went into this gift to Tracker and to Bones.  It is obvious they worked very hard at this and made it a perfect gift!  I THANK THEM dearly for it, but have to say that someone after my demise will have to actually open it and use it.  As long as I’m kicking it will be a sit on the shelf and look at thing.

We have all heard about, if not watched the TV series of Duck Dynasty and for sure you would have to be absolutely blind not to see the Duck Dynasty stuff in the stores.  Everything from calendars to t-shirts to coffee cups to face masks to, well about anything you can think of!  They even have a brand of pajama’s out as can be seen by these beautiful ladies sporting their Duck Dynasty clothing line for their Duck Dynasty Pin Up picture.

duckdynastygirlsThese girls are the real thing!

Well, here is what I was surprised by:


A remarkable resemblance if you ask me!  THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING OUR CHRISTMAS A VERY MERRY ONE!

Bears Butt

December 25, 2013

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