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About a year ago, I was looking on Google Earth and located a small pond high above any access roads near home, at that time I told myself…Butt, you need to make that hike!  It isn’t as though I’m into hiking all that much, it’s more that I like to find out of the way places that might hold a game animal I’m in pursuit of.  At this pond there could be deer, turkey, moose, elk, grouse….all of those critters live and play around this place.  At the same time I also saw, not too far away, the remnants of an old cabin.  I figured I could hike and visit both some day.

Well, this old body of mine will be 67 come August and if I’m going to be doing any hiking I figure I best be getting on with it.  I needed a full day, good weather and an excuse to go.  Yesterday I had two out of the three and chose to “do it”!  What do I mean I had two out of the three?  I had nice weather.  An excuse to go…turkey hunting.  But I only had until 10 o’clock….I had promised Wapiti and Tracker I would meet them in Logan at 11 a.m. to do a mountain man demonstration to a group of 90 some 4th graders!

I was at the parking spot at 5:30 a.m. and it was just light enough I could travel without the aid of a flashlight.  I also had the makings of a full moon (not quite).

FullMoonMorningSo, up the trail I had never been on before I went.  It is quite steep at the beginning and I thought as I plodded along that if it continued to be that steep, I could see I was not going to make it.  But after a couple of switch backs it mellowed out a lot.


As you can see the trail is very well defined and so a lot of folks use it.  It used to be a trail that ATV’s used, but that activity has been banned and so the trail continues to grow in to the path it is today.  I noticed some bicycle tire marks in some of the muddy spots.  So some very ambitious people are using it for that.  I know I could not bike up, or down for that matter, this trail.

I took pictures every once in awhile to document the trail so that YOU can see what it looks like if you ever decide to venture up it.


My goal was to make it to a pond that is situated just to the lower right of this point of pines on the hill.


I’m still quite a ways from there and I trudged on, all the time hoping a turkey would present itself for a shot.


The morning sunrise from up on this trail was very pretty.


And as I climbed and climbed my goal became closer and closer.  Again, the pond sits just to the right and down from that point of pines on that far hill.


Soon the trail began a slight down hill grade and I knew I was nearing a junction in the trail.  If I were to go to the left at the junction, it will lead me to the pond, the trail to the right will take me to old Petes Cabin.



It was an amazing morning for a hike like this one.  It had rained pretty hard the day before and so everything was wet and the air was crisp with the smell of the rain still in the air.  Not a breeze was blowing but I could hear running water rushing down the narrow draw to my left.  Some of that water would be coming from the pond, while other water would be coming from other narrow draws that seemed to converge on this spot.

I chose the left trail and forged the small stream.


The picture is looking back toward the junction in the main trail.  I took the picture after I made it across the water without getting too wet.  On up the trail a little ways farther I found an old fire ring where someone who spent a night or two camping had made.  What a nice little hide out for a quiet camp.


In the background you can see the trail climbing up the hill beyond the fire ring.  That was going to lead me to the pond.  Looking back toward the fire ring you can see the nice little grassy spot to pitch your tent.


It was only 100 or so yards from here to the pond and the nice little meadow that it sits in.  I really expected to see deer, moose and turkey in this meadow and I moved slowly and quietly up to it.


You should be able to put these two pictures together  and see how it looks.  The meadow stretches for 3 or 400 yards off to the south ending in a large stand of quakies.  A perfect spot for deer, moose, turkey and elk.  But wait!  Perhaps a fox as well!


I stayed around the pond calling for turkeys for about a half hour and decided I was wasting my time.  Except for the fact that it was such a pretty spot in the world to be…peaceful, quiet and beautiful.  I hope to return this fall.

Well, with it being around 7:30 a.m., I decided I would venture up to Old Petes place to see what that was all about.  What I didn’t know was in store for me was the extremely steep climb up portions of this trail!  And how narrow the trail is in some places.



There it is!!!!  My first view of the cabin from down below!  I knew I would make it at this point and so I continued my slow ascent until suddenly there it was!


In its day I’m sure Old Pete enjoyed staying up in this out of the way place watching his flock of sheep grazing the hillsides.  But those days are long gone now.  Luckily for me the cabin is still in as good of shape as it is.



I took a picture down toward the pond area to give you an idea as to how far it is from the pond up to the cabin.


That narrow strip just out of the shadow, way down there, is the meadow and pond.  I’d guess somewhere close to 1/2 mile, maybe 3/4 mile.  Don’t be scared of the steepness of the terrain…..the trail makes two switchback turns on the way up. 😉

Well, what a great place to be at 8:30 in the morning!  Time for a snack!


It was sure a pleasure to have had the health to be able to climb up to this beautiful spot.



After munching down a whole can of Kipper Snacks by myself, I looked at the time….8:45!  I have to be in Logan by 11, so that gives me 2 hours and 15 minutes to get off this mountain and drive to Logan.  I gotta hustle!

My trip down the mountain was pretty much uneventful until near the end when a hen turkey putted her way around a bush and then came straight at me!  When I finally decided to take a picture of her and reached for the camera, she noticed me in the trail and high tailed it out of Dodge as quickly as she could.  Why can’t I get a dumb tom turkey to do that?

I made it to Logan by 11 and got things arranged at the school before Wapiti and Tracker got there.  Our show went off with only one minor hitch….I demonstrated how to start a fire with flint and steel and had a good smoke going on right under a smoke detector.  90 plus kids were all yelling as loud as they could….”GO BEARS BUTT, GO BEARS BUTT, GO BEARS BUTT…..”  I’m glad the alarm didn’t go off!  We won’t do that trick again inside a building….always load and shoot parade loads outside and always start your flint and steel fires outside….two very important lessons for any of you who like to show off your mountain man skills!

May 24, 2016

Bears Butt



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By: Bears Butt


For what it’s worth, I’ve been driving this truck for Allans Plants, delivering flowers and bedding plants to mostly the Salt Lake City area.  I can usually make two trips from Pleasant View to SLC and make a couple of stops in SLC at each delivery.  It takes about an hour each way and usually 15 to 30 minutes at each drop (nursery) to unload carts full of plants.  It’s actually a pretty easy job, but does require some upper body strength to keep the tall carts from tipping over with the load of plants while pulling them off the loading ramp.  Other than that I get a lot of free time to think while driving both directions.

I have to say the Allan family works VERY hard at this and it’s obviously their true love.  To plant, grow and nurture what every gardener loves…flowers and vegetables.  I call them “babies” and you might say I’m sort of a doctor who delivers babies….just saying.

Yesterday was a big day for the delivery service I’m in, because tomorrow, May 8 is Mothers Day, and what better for Mother than flowers!?!  I made 3 stops but had to make two runs into town.  My first two stops took me to about 3300 S. and 9th East and I dropped off eight full carts of plants.  Hanging baskets make wonderful Mothers Day gifts and this nursery got a few yesterday.  Then it was off to Tooele for my drop off there.  Mostly vegetables at this place and the rain was just beginning to fall when I got there.  The rain wasn’t so bad, but the lightning was sort of scary.  I was on one end of the metal cart while a nursery worker was on the other.  He made a remark about lightning and how it was not a comfortable feeling holding onto a metal cart while it was hitting around us.  I reassured him he would not know it struck if it did in fact hit the cart.  He was less than amused.

From Tooele is was back to the plant plant for another batch of carts full of Mothers Day fun!

This last run took me to 9000 South and then West to a fairly large nursery there.  This one probably does the bulk of nursery business in that neck of the Salt Lake Valley and they were busy as heck when I got there.  I was even being asked by customers if we had any “red flowered plants with green leaves”…..That is a joke among us….I had to even tell some shoppers they could not take the plants off the racks because they had not been inventoried yet.  People are funny.  One young lady even waited while I pulled a cart off the truck because she could see some pink flowers on them and wanted to see them up close.  She went off and bought something else, even though those pink flowered plants were very pretty and of course they had green leaves as well.  Have you ever seen and pink flowered plants with green leaves?  Everyone should have some of them.

OK, now for the reason for this posting.  Traffic!  My late afternoon trip began about 3 p.m. from the Ogden area and scooted me into the Salt Lake City rush hour traffic on Interstate 15, the major carrier of traffic North and South through the state.  For those of you familiar with the Interstate situation in SLC, it includes a major junction of Interstate 80 which runs East and West across the nation and carries millions of people from one end of the country to the other.  And of course this is Mothers Day weekend and more people want to get back to see Mom, which added somewhat to the traffic situation.  The SLC area also has a stretch of Interstate 215 in it (called the Belt Route), which skirts the town of SLC itself, but connects all the surrounding towns as it goes.  Each town needs an exit and entrance and that adds considerably to the traffic issues.  The locals call the junction of I-15 and I-80, the “Spaghetti Bowl”!


Photo courtesy of the internet.

I forgot to mention State Highway 201…That is a major highway that routes folks East and West out of and into downtown from the western part of the valley.  Sort of a quicker way to get to the Jazz games if you live out by the Bingham Copper mine area or Tooele area.

With all those lanes of highway, you would think the traffic would flow like water through a pipe.  Each driver picking their lane that would take them to their destination and off we go at just over the speed limit of 65 mph.  Zip, Zip, Zip!

As I travelled South through this spaghetti bowl, my exit was 9000 South, the split off for I-80 is about 2500 South, no problem because I still have a goodly distance to go before I have to insure my big old truck is in the far right lane and ready to exit when I get there.  But wait!  Around 3300 South, or is it 4500 South, there is a bottle neck that gets folks on and off the Belt Route.  If my travel takes me South toward Las Vegas and I need to go West on 215, I have to get over to the right lanes pretty quickly or I will miss my turn.  There are three exit lanes going that way.  Oh, yes and of course there are three lanes coming off 215 that will take that traffic to the South….hey that’s the direction I’m trying to go!  Those guys are merging into my lane!

Well, everything was rather congested before I got to 4500 South and then it seemed like everyone wanted to be on the same road and in the same lane at the same time.  HOLD ON FOLKS!  I’m in this lane!  Around the 7000 South area I was able to take my phone out and snap a couple of pictures.  You can see “I’m not driving” at this point in time.


I see open space…close it up people!


Add a little bit of rain to the mix and there you have it!  Wet spaghetti!

This is only part of the issue.  I’m still trying to get to my drop off point.  The busy little nursery that carries all the plants mom wants for mothers day.  Maybe all these people are trying to go where I’m trying to go…?!?  Well, I made it about 4:20 and was able to unload my 4 full carts of goodies.  I’ve already told you about the shoppers.  I didn’t get away from there until nearly 5 p.m.  As most of you know I retired about 12 years ago and have not had to deal with traffic like this for that long and now I find myself back into it with a big old truck at my disposal.  When I look in the rear view mirrors of that truck, it looks like the back end of it has just left Willard, while the front is almost to the 9000 South exit.  I need to get over.  Make space people, I’m coming over!

Back on the freeway (freeway….sounds like a joke this time of day) and headed North….back to home!  The red and green lights are flashing at the end of the “on ramp” telling me when it is my turn to “go for it”….only two vehicles per light change and don’t you move before the green is in your lane or the automatic ticket picture taker will get you!  ZOOM!  I’m off as quickly as a 40 foot truck can zoom!  I turn my left blinker on as soon as I clear the solid line, indicating I can change lanes as soon as someone will be kind enough to make a space big enough.  Nobody seems to want to move or give up their position in this congestion, but soon a smallish black car decides he is going to lose in the battle if he doesn’t hit his brakes and let me over.  AHHH!  Now I’m in a lane that will take me all the way home.  As I sit there waiting for the millions of cars ahead of me to decide it is time to push on the gas a little, I check the time on my phone…5:05 p.m.  I should be home by 6!  Granted I’m still just a bit North of 9000 South.  Suddenly I realize I’m going almost 10 mph!  Hey folks we are beginning to move!  YEAHHHHaaaa!  At 6:10 my phone buzzes me that I’m getting a text….sitting in traffic, I see it is Sherry…”Are you OK”?…is the message, and since I’m not moving I hit the call button.  “Hi Hon, what time is it?  6:10; I should be home in an hour.  Ya, I’m just past Lagoon.  See ya, love ya”!   Just past Lagoon!!!  From 9000 South to just past Lagoon in an hours time.  I do recall getting the truck up to 35 mph in the Centerville area, that seemed like we were cruising pretty good.

Well, I made it home about 7:30, so that wasn’t too far off my guess.  There is something magic about the West gate of Hill Air Force Base that is a magnet for slow moving traffic.  From that point to home it was 60 to 60 mph with the rain beating down so badly you could not see anything in front of you, but that did not matter to the traffic…gotta make up for the lost time back behind us!  ZOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

OK, so I had a lot of thinking time and I decided we, the people, are our own worst enemy!  My observation was that over 90 percent of every car on that road, going North and South, East and West had ONE PERSON in it!  From Clearfield to 9000 South and I’m sure from Tooele to Park City had the same.  Talk about air pollution, wasted time, the few wrecked cars I saw (which was amazing in and of itself).  People!  WE have to do something about this!  I don’t have the answer, but it’s pretty bad when a little old Willardite can see what is causing the problem on our interstate system.  I’m certain the same issue takes place in the morning hours as people “try” to get to work….everyone is late (as usual), which causes road rage, overzealous driving habits and of course the major crashes that take place.  Going home, people are exhausted from there daily work routine, tired from lack of sleep (last night, which caused them to be late this morning) and because it is Friday night, there isn’t any big hurry to get home anyway.

Puttzing along as I was I thought, people could car pool, but then everyone in the car pool would have to have the same work ethic.  The work place could promote car pooling and give extra money to those who do!  There is an enterprising tool….management….Green thinking, green palming!  Work places could alter their start and end times to miss the major commuting hours!  Here you go management folks!  I guess the bottom line is people need to give up “their freedom”, in order to gain more time to themselves!

Happy Mothers Day all you mothers!

May 7, 2016

Bears Butt

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By: Bears Butt


Last week word came out that the Utah Department of Environmental Quality was offering a special “exchange” for gas powered lawn mowers and weed eaters.  In their writeup it said that a gas lawnmower polluted the air about the same as driving over 100 miles or so (I don’t recall exactly the distance you would drive a car to equate to mowing your lawn, but the distance was substantial).  With that, Windy, Weasel and I began our dialogue.

Do we want to play in this program or not…yes.  Do we want a couple of lawn mowers and a couple of weed eaters….yes.  Ok, let’s work out the logistics.

I read and re-read the rules and came to the conclusion that in order to “play”, we would have to put up the full purchase price on our credit card to the tune of $550 for a lawn mower and a weed eater.  Then after the exchange of a gas mower and weed eater (gas and oil removed), they would credit us with a substantial amount of credit for both and the end result would be a lawn mower for $100 and the weed eater for $25.  The credit would be applied back to the card in one weeks time after the exchange.  Windy read and surmised the same as I.  They had roughly 1,000 mowers and 500 weed eaters for this program.

So, this morning was the day for pre-registration and the paying of the money.  Beginning at 8 a.m. and only on line at the DEQ website.

Windy showed up at 7:58 and we logged into the site….at 8:01 (our time), the site opened for business and Windy was rocking his purchase of one lawn mower and one weed eater.  In the end he reserved his two units and only had to pay for the two finished price units plus sales tax, $133 and some change.  A very welcome surprise for both of us.  When he logged in, we found we had to pick a time for the exchange on April 23 (Saturday).  He chose 9:15, as the 9 O’clock time was full.  Now it was my turn to log in and make my purchase of one weed eater.  The rules would only allow one household to purchase one mower and one weed eater or one only of your choice.  Well, we really wanted to end up with two weed eaters and one lawn mower anyway, so I was to go on and buy one weed eater.

He logged out, I logged in….but the wait for the website to upload was not going well.  We waited and the little wheel on the tab turned slowly on my Chrome browser.  Then it crashed.  I tried again with the same results.  So I switched over to Firefox and tried.  It came up!  YEAHHH!  But then when I went to register the earliest time was 1 p.m.!  NO WAY am I going to go back down to Salt Lake city at 1 p.m. to pick up my weed eater!  I opted out.

By my computers time it was 8:19…19 minutes from the start of registering and they had only 23 lawn mowers and 4 weed eaters left!  19 minutes!!!!!

So, what did we end up reserving?  Well, of course one lawn mower and one weed eater.


A Kobalt 40 volt electric lawn mower!  And a Kobalt 40 volt electric weed whacker!


We will see how well they hold up, but the lawn mower comes with a 5 year warrantee.

Not a bad morning if you ask me.

Bears Butt

April 13, 2016

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By: Bears Butt

GroundsOn25th Photo was one I took off the internet.

Sherry had a hair appointment in Ogden this morning and it was going to take a couple of hours to get it done.  So, what was I to do in the meantime?  It didn’t take long to decide I needed a cup of coffee and I had never been to the Grounds for Coffee on 25th street, so off I went!

This little gem is owned by Sadie Clifford….who, by the way, is the daughter of Twister (Al Clifford).  I was in hopes of seeing her while I was there, but like a good boss she was away and letting the employees run the place!  I have not seen Sadie since she was a little girl and Twister would bring her and her sister to the rendezvous up on Curtis Creek…THAT was a LONG time ago!

Well, I ordered “A cup of coffee”….I have no idea what kind it was but it was very strong!  I have not had coffee like that since the deer hunt of ought six!  BUZZZZZZZZZZ!

Looking around inside the place there were lots of folks in there studying whatever it was they were studying.  Some just looking at the internet and it was obvious that others were studying courses probably being taught at Weber State University.  As I sat there the people were coming and going…some sitting and talking with friends who also had come in for a “cup of jo”.  It was a very interesting visit for me and I was very pleased to see the place doing so good.

Before I left I had to take a picture of the pretty girls that were heading up the place.


Very attentive and busy doing whatever it is they do when not waiting on customers.

So, for all of you with a desire to have a great cup of coffee, maybe a bagel or donut or some fancy flavored coffee…stop in at Grounds for Coffee on lower 25th street in Ogden!  You won’t regret it!

Bears Butt

March 18, 2016

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By: Bears Butt

I have something to share with all of you.  I like to gamble a little, not too much but a little.  I’ve never been one to play sports much, dabble yes, but not play like my life depends on it and for sure I find it a waste of time to watch it on the tube.  Baseball, football, basketball and all the rest, and yet I have friends who can’t live a day without some sort of view, story or dialog about these sports.  They even have imaginary teams they make up with the real names of players and they play their imaginary teams against their buddies imaginary team and bet beers and such on them.  I never could understand any of that.  How on earth do they know who won what?  Anyway, suffice it to say, I will watch the big games like Super Bowl and World Series, but only if I have a number on the game.  I really could care less about which team wins, as long as my number comes up and I win some money!

So, I get talked into “running a board”…..100 squares for $X per square.  I make up some rules and away we go.  It’s not too hard to find enough people willing to “pay to play”, as I have found there are a lot of people who think like me, but who have to have the game playing in their house because of a fanatic that lives in the same house and so they might as well have some money riding on the outcome.

Well the board has been full for several big games, but at the last World Series a small group of 5 guys who have coffee together have 5 squares on my board.  When the numbers for each of the squares had been pulled they complained that 3 of the 5 of them had “tied” scores….like 8 to 8, or 9 to 9….When confronted my defense was that I choose totally at random.  I have 100 playing cards with numbers 1 through 100 on them and I mix them into a box and pick one out at a time and corresponding that number with my list of names, beginning with the first name and going down the list, that name gets put on that square.  Square one is the upper left square and square 100 is the bottom right square.  In choosing what number goes at the head of the column or row, I take 10 cards out of the mix, 1 through 10 and pull the number and write it either in the first square along the top or the last square along the top and move either left or right across the top accordingly.  The same with the side numbers.  At any rate, it is totally random and anyone can end up anywhere on the board.  AND when you think about it, there are 10 numbers across the top and 10 numbers down the side, 10 of the squares in the field (of 100 squares) will be ties, who cares?

Well, they accepted that fact and went on about business.  Did they win?  I don’t know, but at least they had a square, which is more than most people….and I have a waiting list of people wishing they could get on the board.  The way it is set up, the 100 squares are spoken for until someone opts off and then the square becomes someone else’s…it’s all fair!

Randomness is always the most fair when it comes to something like this.  Some people run their boards by allowing the square holders to write their names in any open square on the board when the come to pay and will continue to sell the squares in this fashion until it is full.  Then put the numbers along the top and along the sides…those being the only randomness of their board.  I’ve played with boards like that and they are fine.  Any gambling board is fair, especially if the end of the game numbers are the same as my numbers on the board!  Then life is really good!

Ok, so it is Super Bowl time!  Big name teams paying out tons of money to big name players, who may or may not be taking bribes etc. to sway a game one way or another.  Maybe even deflating the balls to give them a better advantage.  The gambling casinos in Nevada and other places around the world are taking all sorts of bets on this game.  Bets on who will win the coin toss.  Which team will score first.  Which player on the team will actually carry the ball across the goal line.  Which water boy will drop his basket of water bottles.  Which players will pick up the drink cooler to dump on the coach when the game is over.  They bet on anything and everything.  And so, trying my best to be like them…..I have this board (insert humble smiley face here).

Giving a lot of thought into how to make this drawing as fair as possible so as to avoid these 5 guys from getting tied scores.  There are 90 squares that will not be ties and only 10 that will be ties.  What are the odds that I need to worry about any of them getting a tied score on this board?  Hey, gambling guys!  There you go!  What is the bet and what can I win?  They have a 10 to 90 chance of getting a tied score.

Well, I’m still worried about it and so I really put my thinking cap on.  I have a list of 96 names and the four of us who collect and distribute money get one square each for “working” the board, for a total of 100 names.  Today I decided to number each of the names on the list 1 through 100.  I mixed up the multiple square holders (some have two, some have as many as 5) so that each name had numbers representing their numbers of squares.

Then I went to the internet and found a “random number drawing system” and had it print me out a random list of numbers from 1 to 100.  The first number on this list was “51” and the last number on the list was “6”….as random as it gets.

Comparing the list of names to the list of numbers, number 51 was “Joe Dokes”(name made up to protect the innocent).  I wrote Joe’s name in the first square on the board.  The second number on the random list of numbers was “62”…The name on the list that was numbered 62 was “Martha S.” (We all know who she is), and her name was written in square two on the board.  I did this for every number on the random list and checked off the name from the list.  Multiple square holders were treated the same as their respective numbers came up.

I ask you, how could I have ever done this any more random than that?

OK, there is more to this than that.  We still have to select the numbers that go across the top of the grid and also down the side.  There are 10 squares across and 10 squares down…10X10 = 100.

I again went to the magic of the internet and used the random numbers list generator to give me two lists from 1 to 10….the first one I printed I wrote…across the top….the second one I printed I wrote…down the side.  Those numbers were written in their respective squares, across the top of the board and down the side of the board.

One last detail!  There are two teams playing in the Super Bowl…Denver Broncos and South Carolina Panthers.  A quick flip of the coin and I wrote the Panthers down the side and Broncos across the top.

Random as random can get!

Well, all of us “workers” like to make sure everyone playing has a copy of the board once it’s filled out and ready to go.  The rules are also copied and made ready to anyone wishing to know what those are as well.  Everything is above board and with that…Happy Campers Every One.

As I was highlighting the names of the 5 guys who drink coffee together I was thinking to myself just how fair I had been to everyone involved and then I looked at the scores for each of them.  Player one…5 to 6 (not the real score, in fact none of the scores I’m about to write are correct, but you will get the drift), Player two…1 to 1…..Player three…5 to 5…..Player four…8 to 8 and Player five…7 to 7.  (How about that odds makers?)

OH MY HECK!  Four of the five players have tied scores!  I’m going to be hearing about this soon.

Now for real.  No score at this point in the process is a bad score.  In fact every score is a winning score.  It isn’t until the game is played that the winning scores will be known.  But, as a consolation and as I have two squares of my own, I have offered any one of them the chance to trade one of my squares for theirs before the game begins if they would like.  I’m very fair like that.

Bears Butt

January 25, 2016


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By: Bears Butt


Yesterday afternoon Sherry and I decided to head on up to the Ice Castle exhibit near Heber, Utah.  The ice castles are actually West of Heber about 10 miles, nestled in the foot hills on the backside of Mount Timpanogos.  The weather had been quite mild but a storm was coming into the area but not expected until later in the evening.  Not to worry…we have all wheel drive!

So, we planned on leaving town about 3:30 and stopping in a place we had talked about but never been to…Taggarts Grill.

Taggarts is a whistle stop of a place as you proceed up Weber Canyon toward Evanston or points between home and there.  I’ve only stopped there once before in my life and that was when Bob took Rick and I fishing on the Weber River and we stopped in to see a caged Bobcat they had there.  That was a hundred years ago (or so it seems).

Well, we pulled into Taggarts and went on inside.  The pictues you are about to see of Taggarts Grill and the food have all been downloaded from the internet and I thank the photographer(s) dearly for these as I didn’t bother taking any pictures of the place myself.  I thought about it, but just didn’t do it…my bad!


Taggarts Grill looks just like this, only add about 6 inches of snow and ice all around it.  When we went in I found the atmosphere to be wonderfully rustic and rather Western.  Would you expect anything else from a place tucked away in a wide spot in Weber Canyon?

The very friendly waitress seated us at a table in a closed in patio with sky lights overhead and lots of windows around to see the snow outside.  We noticed too they have an outdoor seating area on the far end of the building for summer enjoyment!  A very nice cozy place with a fireplace that put off lots of warmth and was right alongside me!  I thought to myself as we were waiting for our meal, just how can such a small place tucked away like this afford to pay two waitress’ and 3 cooks?  After all, we were two customers among the 5 that were sitting in here.  Oh well, not my problem.

Sherry and I decided to order sea food.  She would order the shrimp plate and I the halibut.


This menu is a little old but will give you an idea of their prices.  Not too bad considering today’s restaurant prices.  Our sea food was priced a dollar more than this shows.

When the meal came, Sherry had about 10 medium whole body shrimp on here plate….Sorry Bones…no tails!  A salad and good old french fries finished off the plate.  I might mention too, the plates were rectangular and fit on the rectangular table perfectly.  Four people could eat at one of these tables and not bump into one another….something I have often wondered about at restaurants, using round plates on rectangular tables.  The table clothes were not clothes at all but butcher paper and the paper dispenser was hanging on the wall just outside the entry and next to the cash register!  You don’t see that everyday.

Back to the plates of food.  So, Sherry has shrimp and I had halibut.  Both plates looked the same with the exception of the meat.  They served us each with our desired salad dressing (Ranch in both cases) in small metal bowls.  The meats could be dipped in either cocktail sauce (Sherrys’ Shrimp), or tarter sauce (my halibut) and then there was the ever present Utah famous fry sauce in its own serving dish as well.

The salad:  This is not an ordinary salad the most restaurants serve.  I have no idea what the “lettuce looking stuff” is called, but it sort of tasted like lettuce.  It had olive slices, spinach leaves, small tomatoes, some other greenery and topped with a sprinkling of shredded cheese.  It was very fresh and refreshing at the same time!  No carrots, no purple cabbage and no normal lettuce.  I loved it!

The french fries were cut extremely thin and coated with something that make them crackle when you ate them and the flavor was WONDERFUL!  The halibut wasn’t too bad either and you had to watch out that your bite wasn’t too large because they were hotter than the dickens (heat hot)!

We didn’t have any, but they serve beer there as well, and I think wine…not sure of that however.

We enjoyed our meal and before we were ready to go, the place began to fill up with customers!  Everyone had on cold weather boots and clothing and were obviously either skiiers or snowmobile types coming in.  Large family groups and the place was about to fill up quickly.  That sure explained the number of people who worked there.  They were going to need “all hands on deck” and this was a Tuesday night!

So, off we go toward Heber and the Ice Castles!

Our appointed time to enter the Ice Castles was 6 to 6:30 according to our tickets…bought on line through Groupon for about $14…a saving of 4 or 5 dollars for the two of us.  Driving up the canyon we saw lots of deer and a few elk and even a bald eagle.  One lone fisherman on Echo and as we drove into Heber and headed West the sun had long since gone down and it was getting dark.  A light snowfall was beginning.  That would not damper our trip.

We wanted to see these Ice Castles in the dark because we had heard there were lights and music and the whole thing sounded great and we would probably miss something special by seeing them in the daylight.  Even though we had read that no matter what time you go see them they are great.  Upon arriving at the parking lot we first noticed it was PACKED!  Where in the heck are we going to park?  As I sat there in the line at the very beginning of the parking lot, I noticed a “space” right next to a car that appeared to be the first in the row…Heck, this car can fit into that space!   And in I turned…sure enough, as my headlights hit the snow bank I saw tire tracks from someone else who had been parked there!  Front Row Parking!  You can’t do any better than that!  For those of you who might be planning on adventuring up that way, be prepared for a LONG walk uphill from where you park to the event.  And don’t forget it is icey!

StinkingRulesYou can’t read these even when standing right in front of them, but these are the rules of the Ice Castle event.  Roughly it says, if an ice cycle falls on you you can not blame them because it was probably something you did to have it fall in the first place.  Any picture or movie you take while at this event and post it on your personal wall, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else and it is located by one of the Ice Castle people, it can be downloaded and used at their discretion with no payment to you AND no photo credit given to you either.  Kids found at the event after closing will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and in the event there were no bidders, the kids will be raised to become slaves of future Ice Castle events.  It went on but Sherry wanted to go inside.

I’ll let the series of pictures show you what you can expect and I wish (always do after you are finished with something like this) I had taken a video of the inside of the castle when we first entered.  It was pretty amazing and made the whole trip worth while (even if it had been half the event it is, would have made it worth while).







Does it look cold to you?  It was FREEZING!  And like a dummy, I forgot my gloves!


This is blurry, but they had made a slippery slide out of blocks of ice and the kids (and adults) were sliding down it and having a blast.















And after we walked and walked in what seemed to be many circles around the same thing, we asked a photographer lady if she had seen us come past anytime before now….she said she didn’t, but I think I remember seeing her once before.


There is an EXIT sign!  Surely a way out!  But not before I saw some stranger stuff that most people would not have taken pictures of:


DANGER!  DANGER!  Area is still under construction!  Do NOT enter!

And of course the “Employees only break area”:  EmpOnlyTwoBuckets

Well, it was a very fun evening and we highly suggest that if you have some warm clothes, especially warm boots and hats and gloves and coats….go see this.  Keep in mind too, you will be walking in about 6 inches of very cold ice chips and snow.  This walk is not for little kids in tennis shoes (even though we saw some of that), nor one for anyone without warm clothing.  They do have a hot chocolate, coffee etc. stand at the end of the trail inside the event and of course they channel ALL participants through their curio shop at the end of it all….at least it was heated and very warm inside there.  BEWARE of the lady standing behind the cash register….she is looking at all parts of you to see if you have picked up anything you aren’t going to pay for!  At first I thought I looked hot to her, but then I realized what she was doing.

Fun times!

On our drive home we had a little surprise…the weather had come in quite hard and we had to follow a snow plow up and over the Park City summit and then the travel down toward Echo was about 55 mph which then got worse as we entered Weber Canyon headed for Ogden….40 mph max following 3 big rigs with flashers going.  Slushy and slick!  By the time we got out of the canyon and onto I15 headed for Willard it was just rain and the temp raised to 38!  We made it home in time for a beer and then off to bed!

Bears Butt

January 20, 2016

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I took the 50 minutes to listen to this man speak and I strongly believe you too need to take those few minutes and listen to what he has to say.

North American Wildlife Model – Shane Mahoney nails it . . .



Bears Butt

January 16, 2016

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WOW what a day!   The assistant manager of the ranch, Marni Lee, told us there had been over 1700 guests register for the event yesterday!  THAT IS A LOT OF FOLKS!


The view from the visitor center showed a pretty good hurd of elk in the meadow…estimated to be about 300 animals.  We did see a couple pretty good sized bulls in the group, but mostly cows and calves, which is normal.  The ranch hands started off with the usual one wagon load of people to take them out among the elk with another in stand by mode in case the crowd got bigger.  By the end of the day, they had 3 wagons going out and still had over an hour waiting line!


I appears the hurd got bigger as the day progressed!  But that was outside!  Inside we were having ourselves quite a time showing everyone interested in what mountain men were all about.  Pretty soon the picture taking was becoming overwhelming and Edjukateer, Sara, Bones and I were deeply involved with that, while Wapiti handled the question and answer session by himself!  Tracker was busy with movie taking to document the event around the ranch and we didn’t see much of him until close to the end of the day!  We had a fun time and Edjukateer especially was busy taking selfies and pictures of the crowd using other peoples phone cameras!




A multi tasking mountain man taking two pictures at the same time…he said he was ambidextrous and then said that word had something to do with liking girls.  Those that heard him say that got quite a chuckle out of it!


The craziness of getting the next group ready to have their pictures taken while the group that just got done un-robed was sometimes hair pulling stuff, but we continued to get things done!


Capotes, hats and of course the guns and sometimes knives!  The kids were especially fun to watch as some of them don’t get to touch guns at home!

And of course there is always a “cutie” that comes to the show and entertains old Bears Butt!


Well, in no particular order here are some of the better shots I took to show off how fun this was!  I’m not sure who had the most fun however…me?  Bones?  Sara?  Edjukateer?  Or the folks that donned the gear and tried to sit steady for a thousandth of a second while we snapped the shutter!







Some tried to look serious, but it didn’t always work!  There are lots of folks who can’t be too serious when they are having this much fun!





























Some folks just gotta have a kiss when the urge hits them!



There you go again!













































AND what would the Elk Festival be without a visit from the Director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources!


Of course, Edjukateer and Bears Butt have to get in on the picture!  BUT…don’t forget about old Tracker!


So with the 2015 Hardware Ranch Elk Festival behind us!  There is still a whole winter full of sleigh rides in and among the elk!  Get on up there and have some fun!  It is more than worth the drive up beautiful Blacksmith Fork Canyon!

I’m sorry I didn’t get good pictures of everyone that came up.  I’m not the steadiest of camera guys and sometimes my camera just doesn’t want to focus.  But for those I did manage to get a picture of, it sure brings back some fun memories of the day!  Thank you folks for entertaining us old mountain men!

On behalf of the Willow Creek Free Trappers!  THANK YOU UTAH DWR FOR ALLOWING US TO PLAY!

Bears Butt

December 13, 2015

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I borrowed this picture from the internet…thanks to whoever took it!

Tomorrow Tracker and I are going to go off and do something a little different….we are going to go take pictures of rutting bucks!  Of course the place we are heading into is a deep dark secret but we will be staying in his cabin over night.  Once at the cabin we will be setting up our base camp at about 6500 feet and there should be some snow around from the recent storms that went through the area.  During our adventure we will try to reach the top of Monte Cristo mountain which sets at just over 10,000 feet.  I’m not so sure we will be able to make it that high, but that is the goal.

Our main purpose is to take pictures of the wildlife in and around that area.  The big muley bucks are now in full rut and they should be visible in almost every direction.

Tracker had heard about this several years ago and has yet to make the trip…this is the year.  One thing we have come to know is this:  If you want to do something, then do it!  Time waits for nobody and before you know it your time will be at an end and you will still be saying…I was always wanting to do that (whatever that is).

So, not knowing exactly how to pack, I’m probably over packed for cold.  Backpack full of water and goodies and of course some emergency stuff just in case.  Snow boots as well as regular hiking boots.  Insulated bib cover alls, the kind I use ice fishing.  Capote and warm gloves and lots of assorted other warm clothing.  I’m also packing my 17, just in case we see a coyote that needs to be dead.

Our food is limited to meat mostly as that is just what we do.  Salad and stuff like that is not something we think we need, at least not on this trip.  Steak, jerky, pepperoni, kippers, hot dogs…ya, that will do.

This will be a snap and chat excursion as opposed to a run and gun one.  And hopefully there will be lots of critters to take pictures of.  I’ll try and get a picture of the coyote just before it takes a dirt nap, but no guarantee.

More will come by the end of the weekend…until then!  Wish us luck!

Bears Butt

November 18, 2015


OnOurWay copy

It was Thursday morning and the sky was mostly cloudy, temps in town were in the mid 40’s and we knew it would be colder where we were heading.  But it was still a rather difficult task to decide what we needed to bring to keep warm.  Over dressing is not a good thing, but under dressing is even a bigger problem.  So, with the old saying “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it” went into effect.  And off we went!

Sunrise copy(discount the 5 white dots on the picture, that’s part of my camera)

Sunrise across the Cache valley was pretty interesting to me and so I had to take this moving picture of it.  We were in for an interesting weather day.

And even more interesting was the fact that Hyrum city had there Christmas lights up and burning as we went through town.  Hey guys, it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet!

ChristmasInHyrum copy

And on our way up Blacksmith Fork canyon the deer started to appear!

DeerInBlacksmithFork copy

We couldn’t stop to take pictures of all of them but there were plenty to keep our attention.  And when we arrived at the Hardware Ranch, the turkeys were ubiquitous [you-bick-quit-us] (seemingly everywhere at the same time).

HardwareTurkeys2 copy

This was just a small band of turkeys off by themselves.  I thought it a great picture where they were all standing in a line along the ditch bank.  They best be hiding as Turkey Day is fast approaching!

And as our trip continued toward Tracker and Bone’s cabin, the deer continued to entertain us!

FawnInGrass copy

Almost every hill had a deer or two on it…mostly does, but then there were the occasional small buck as well.

2PointChasingDoes copy

Nice2Point copy

The seven mile drive to the cabin took us about an hour because of all the stopping and looking at deer!  It was fun and a sure sign that our trip was not going to be a bust!

Arriving at the cabin, we had to “undo” things in order to make it ready for our overnight stay.  Bones is funny in how she places things in order that when she comes back to get ready for the summer, everything is in its place.  We messed things up really good for her this time!

AtTheCabin copy

AlmostReadyToGo copy

We were ready to head out about 11 a.m. with great prospects ahead!  I was really excited to think:  First:  I get to drive the Rhino!  Second:  We were going to drive up a road (trail) I have always wanted to go up and Third: The prospects of seeing some magnificent bucks was very real!

Well our trip began by heading up a very well used road through private property and on our way to Monte Cristo Peak from the west side of the mountain.  A beautiful piece of property with lots of very nice scenery.  Those who have ownership of the parcels are really lucky.  A gateway to some exceptional deer, elk and moose hunting country!

Well, here we are heading up a rocky stretch of the road and going slow so as not to miss the glint of an antler in the high sage.  I glanced to my left and saw a lone magpie fly off a branch on the hillside some 400 yards away.  I made a mental note of the bird but thought nothing more about it, when suddenly another magpie took flight and then I saw what I thought was the tip of an antler.  And then another.  I pulled over and glassed what turned out to be a dead bull elk.  We made the walk down the draw and up the other side to where the bull lay.

DeadElk copy

A fine specimen of a mature bull elk.  5 points on one side and six on the other.

Of course the first thought that came to my mind was it was poached and left to rot.  On further examination, without too much disturbance of the area of course, I think it died of wounds from fighting with another bull elk.  Time and an examination by an officer of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will determine the cause of death.  Of course anytime an outdoors person finds such a thing, they should contact the authorities and have it investigated, which I did on the site.  With only one bar on my cell phone service I called the poaching hotline (1-800-662-3337) and reported it.  I’m still waiting for a return call to set up a time to go to the site with the officer to investigate it. The animal has been dead a long time and of course there is no salvageable meat, only the antlers and ivories.   If that officer agrees with me we might be able to keep the head.  If not, the animal will become evidence.

Well, we spent about an hour dealing with this and then were on our way.  I apologized to Tracker for “seeing” this and having to deal with it.  An hour lost on our adventure…oh well!

Up the road a ways we came to a cross roads and since neither of us had been on this road, we made the decision to drive it and see where it went.

TheRoadToMonteCristo copy

That “road” sure looks more like a trail to me!  But we turned to the left and headed up it!  A beautiful drive through the snow that was on the ground.  Our tracks were the only ones on it.  The snow was about 2 inches deep and no problem for the Rhino to traverse it.  Never slipped a tire….well….once we got to here.  We had a time before we got here and at that time I thought we were done driving up this road.  But by unloading about 180 pounds from within the Rhino (Tracker getting out), it climbed right up that slick steep hill!  Thanks Tracker for sacrificing and walking up that hill!

Well, as we proceeded up this road toward what we figured would be Monte Cristo, we found ourselves in a narrowing of the canyon and of course the narrowing of the road.  Someone coined this area “The Switchies”….Switchies or not, I had some Twitchies of my own as we drove along it.

BeginningOfSwitchies copy

Whoever made this road knew to keep the cut of the road sloping into the uphill side and I was sure glad as some of this snow had ice under it and I hate sliding off the down hill side of a hill.  There was plenty of brush to stop our rolling decent should that happen, but it would have ruined a perfectly good day.

TrackerTakingPics copy

Tracker agreed.

By the time we got through the Switchies and up on the ridge line, it was time for some lunch.  I had brought along some hot dogs and fixins and so we found a really cool spot tucked away off the ridge and out of the wind and blowing snow to make a fire.  A wonderful little spot I might add.

AllTheEssentials copy

A close look at the scene and you should be able to see we have all the essentials…cold beer, hot dogs, buns, ketchup, mustard, napkins and of course a LONG stick to cook the dogs on.  The fire was warm and the snow about 4 inches deep!

SnowIsComing copy

As we enjoyed our hot dogs it was obvious that a snow storm was coming in.  It began falling as small flakes and soon was blowing and drifting.  Perhaps it was time we turned around and headed to lower country.

Snowing copy

The sign says Private property, but the road went around the gate.  We figure this road is probably a pass through road that people are allowed to travel to get from one side of the private property to the other.  I don’t know for sure, but we turned around because of the snow that was bearing down on us.  The wind was whipping up pretty good too and that made for a very cool ride back down.  I was SO glad I had brought ALL my warm clothes…back to the old saying….better to have it!

Back down and through the Switchies, the weather was much different.  Very little wind, no snow and it was much warmer…still glad I had all my warm stuff on though.  We took a little detour and then a short walk to look over the edge of the steep rock cliffs in search of bucks and bulls, but mostly what we saw was a deer that had pooped on a flat rock!  We didn’t see the deer only the evidence it left.

CrapOnAFlatRock copy

One must be constantly aware of his environment.

Back to the bottom of the mountain and the main road we took a drive down the main road to see what was there.  It was getting late in the day and the daylight was fading fast.  We saw some deer and I’ll post up a series of pictures of some of them at the end of this article.  As for now let’s just say we saw some pretty nice bucks.

Back at the cabin the sun was down and it was getting cold…I mean COLD!  So, Tracker went to making a good fire in the cabin fireplace.

TrackerGettingFireGoing copy

We had a wonderful day out and about and now it was time to relax inside, have a couple drinks and then eat our supper!  Tracker had planned on us to have a nice T-bone steak with Garlic Toast and he did it up right!  It was the best tasting steak I think I have ever had and the toast was perfect…crispy and yummy!

TrackerAndSteakDinner copy

This cabin of theirs is wonderful!  Warm, dry and all the conveniences of home!  It doesn’t get any better than this.  After supper and clean up, we sat and talked about all that we had seen that day.  And then it was up into the loft to catch some dreaming time in preparation for tomorrows adventure!

Morning came quickly and during the night we had some very strong winds, freezing rain and a bit of snow…of course that was all outside….inside we were comfy, warm and dry!

FridayMorning copy

I didn’t bother looking at the thermometer this morning but it was COLD!!!!!  The prospective of another great day of wildlife viewing ahead!

The following pictures are not necessarily in the order they were taken, but just to show you that we did indeed see a lot of nice bucks, here you go:

2PointAbove4Point copy

2PointChasingDoes copy

3Does copy

Does too!


20Inch4X4 copy

Big4Small4 copy

Bigger4WatchingSmall4 copy

BuckPeersBack copy

BuckWatchingAnotherbuck copy

Decent4Point copy

DroopingEar copy

LittleBuck2 copy

ModeratelyConcerned4X copy

Nice2Point copy

NiceLastBuckPicture copy

PrettyBuck copy

PrettyNice2Point copy

SkyLine2Point copy

I love skyline bucks!

SkylineBuck copy

Small3X copy

Small4By copy

Small4Eating copy

Small4PointClose copy

Small4Watching copy

Small4WithEyeGuards copy

TwoSkylineBucks copy

Two impressive bucks….not the biggest in the world, but pretty neat to see them together.

Well, that isn’t all the pictures I have of bucks and other deer, but that gives you a pretty good idea of what is available to see should you decide to drive up there and take a look for yourself.  OH, but that isn’t all!  During our travels we saw two of these guys too!

2BullElk copy

Not the best of pictures as I was holding my camera on full zoom when I took this, but the top bull is a 3X3 while the bottom is a nice 6X6.  They didn’t care if we were there or not, but then they were 500 yards down hill from us at the time!

And what would be a trip like this without seeing some bull moose?

BullMooseInGrass copy

Hey, there is another!

BullMoose2InGrass copy

And a third one!

ThirdBullMooseInGrass copy

Dang!  Three bull moose all together!

HereIsLookingAtYou copy

And if I had a tag, this is the one I would have taken just because he is so unique!


And so, you can see we had a really good time at the cabin.  I think we will be doing that trip again in the future!

Thanks Tracker for allowing me to join you on this trip!  It was a fun trip!

Unconserned2Point copy

DeerInMeadow copy

Bears Butt

November 22, 2015


Well it took a bit of time and several phone calls both from myself and from the DWR, but we finally made a time to meet to investigate the dead bull elk.  Tracker and I made sure we had some extra time before the meeting to be able to stop and view any wildlife we might encounter on our way into the meeting place.  We did manage to see this little guy on our way in.


A very tall 3 point.  We both thought it strange that the number of deer we were seeing just wasn’t what it was last week.  Did they migrate on through?  Were they just not near the road?  Were they just laying in the tall grass and sage?  Whatever the reason the deer just were not as plentiful as we saw last week.  None the less, we did see a couple bucks.


At the meeting place with the DWR Conservation Officers, we went on through the locked gate and drove up to the parking spot where the elk could be seen.  We were quickly told this was an investigation and that we were not allowed to take pictures.  I’m sure they would have rather not had us tagging along with them, but before long I think they became at ease with our presence.

The elk had been dead for at least a week, maybe two and was “quite ripe” but the officers took that in stride and literally dug right in.  Not a pretty sight for my old eyes, but I sure could see they had a method about what they were doing.  Both very professional, talking about what was going on and what they were seeing etc.   Samples were taken from the animal and saved.  Pictures taken as well and pretty soon it was obvious to all of us that this bull had been poached.

I really hate poachers and this one just added my hate for them.  A magnificent 5X6 bull elk, just reaching its prime and there it lay, bloated and wasted in every way.

Tracker and I continued to watch the methodical way the two conservation officers worked and we even helped where we could rolling the carcass over or holding on to it while they cut and carved the parts they needed for evidence.  I have always thought highly of the DWR personnel and the job they do, but this event put them at an even higher level in my mind.  I don’t care what they are paid, after this stinking endeavor, they don’t pay these two enough money!

The very sad thing is what we were told later on, back near the trucks.  They have investigated OVER 25 poaching cases since August on the Cache Unit alone!  25 cases of poaching of deer, elk and moose!  How sad is that?  How many of those poachers will be caught and brought to justice?  And how many of those brought before a judge will only get a slap on the wrist instead of what should be really tagged to them for the wanton disregard for animals that belong to all of us?

I can’t go into detail about what we saw with this investigation as it might be detrimental to the case, but I for one was very “down in the heart” to think it was a poaching case and not a natural selection that caused the big bull to die.  We were enlightened as to poaching in general:

There are those people who are really out there to take trophy racks and make somewhat of a living doing it.  Those types will kill the animal and tie the antlers to a tree and then drive away to come back many months later and retrieve their “trophy”.  My take on these thieves is they have NO regard for right and wrong.  They don’t need licenses and they don’t have any seasons.

The second type of poacher is the accidental type.  Maybe they were shooting at a cow elk and the bullet struck and killed a bull standing near by.  If that hunter does not turn himself/herself in for that accident and lets the animal lay there and waste away, they are poaching in the second worst way (the worst way is the guy who conducts his poaching as a profession).  Perhaps this hunter shot at something he thought was bigger than it turned out to be and then walked away leaving it lay there.  That is the same thing in this case.  A poacher with no regard for the animal shot and no remorse for leaving it rot.

The third type of poacher is the “opportunist”.  Here is a guy with a gun in the truck and suddenly there in his view and shooting capability stands a giant of an animal!  Something we all drop our jaw at first seeing it.  The mentality of this poacher is to shoot the animal because he can.  Not necessarily to get the giant rack, but just to shoot it.  It’s sad to think there are people out carrying weapons that just can’t stay off the trigger.

Investigation done, we headed home.





The most interesting thing happened just about the time we came out of the canyon….High upon the ridge, some 500 yards out stood a very large buck silhouetted against the sky.  I looked through my binoculars and almost in that instant saw an equally big buck coming up from below that buck.  I told Tracker…they are coming together!  And he quickly got out and started to set up his camera on the tripod.  Before he was ready to start his filming, the two bucks were locked in battle.  They pushed and pushed each other and the horn rattling was intense.  Soon they fought over the ridge out of site.  I maintained the binocs on  the ridge and after about 30 seconds here they came pushing each other around in big buck fashion, over and down onto our side of the hill.  The fight went on for over a minute, maybe longer.  I  have never seen such a spectacle in my life.  Sure I’ve seen bucks come together like this, but usually the battle lasts maybe 5 seconds or so and then it’s over…not this time!  Eventually the bigger buck got the best of the smaller (yet still big) opponent and it ran off, big buck still in pursuit!

A great way to end the day!

Bears Butt

November 25, 2015



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The other day I was rumbling through the garage and found an old candle I’d saved for making emergency fire starters.  I also had an 18 egg carton and decided today was the day to melt it down and pour it into the egg carton.  I cut some kerosene wicks down to put them in as wicks for the fire starters even though the egg carton would have been enough by itself.

Today I cut the carton apart and put the fire starters in a plastic bag and placed that in the hunting trailer.  I’ll probably be using the hunting trailer if I ever am in need of an emergency fire.  But then that could happen anywhere in the woods.  You never know.

So, I decided it would be a good idea to know just how long they would burn and with that knowledge you would know just what you had to do in preparation before you lit it.

The picture above is just after I had lit it.

EggCartonFireStarter2Two minutes later this is what it looked like.  I can imagine placing small twigs and such around it and having them start to burn.

EggCartonFireStarter5MinAt the 5 minute mark it was blazing pretty good.  If I had the need to get a fire started this would be more than enough time to dry out wet twigs and get it going, I would think anyway.

And at the 8 minute mark the flame went out.

EggCartonFireStarter8MinEight minutes is a pretty long time to get a fire going and so I think these will work just fine.  Place one in a plastic bag with a half dozen strike anywhere matches and put it in your day pack.  You just never know when you might need it!

Bears Butt

November 8, 2015

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