By: Bears Butt

And so it was. Sir Butt explained all he needed to say to Huff. The rest you might say is history.

Huff thought about what Sir Butt had just explained to him and after several hours of non-talking as they traveled, he suddenly told Sir Butt what his thoughts were.

“Sir Butt”! Said Huff suddenly. “Sir Butt, you have answered the question and the question is going to come in a statement! A statement that all in Common Land will be able to relate to Sir Butt, without actually saying your name. Although some will still say it, they won’t have to and the people hearing it will know who is being talked about”!

“AH, OK. And what is this statement”? Questioned Sir Butt

“It’s so simple, Sir Butt”! Said Huff. “Here it is!

‘Whenever Cache is withdrawn from His Account, serious Charges are in store! Something always makes sure of that’!

What do you think of that, Sir Butt”?

“I guess so”. Said Sir Butt in a quizzical manner.


Well folks, as dumb as that was, that is the end of this story. Well, maybe not the end, but close enough to call it the end. There is another in the making but it won’t be tied to this too much, I’m sure you are glad for that. It has to do with the sharpening of Cache’s blade…but we all know that Cache’s blade never needs to be sharpened. You’ll read about it soon enough.

Bears Butt
August 23, 2015

Written on August 23rd, 2015 , Sir Butt

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