By: Bears Butt

“Well, Huff”. Said Sir Butt “There are lots of things that can be said about bravery in the face of a two headed dragon. But you must know how a two headed dragon works within and I’ve been taught by the best…..well second best, because I’m the best, but I wasn’t always the best which then made me second best until I was taught and learned from then the best, when then I became the best and he became second best. You see?

I won’t go into how a two headed dragon works from inside, you can read about that in another story on if you so desire to know. What I can tell you now is that my trusty steed Something has everything to do with bravery in the face of ANY dragon. He is fearless as he CHARGES forward into the face of that danger and edges me so very close so as to allow the sharp cutting edge of Cache to take the dragons head off with ease. All I have to do is hold the sword out and hang on as the steed makes the charging force and hits the dragon perfectly with the edge of the sword.

As the rider on the back of Something, I get really proud to be a part of dragon head lopping and if my sword, Cache, had a brain it too would be proud of how it performs! We are a team you know. Cache, Something and Sir Butt….oh and don’t forget My Account, as I don’t always need to be yielding Cache. Like right now! There is no danger, so no need to have it in hand. My free hand can hold my pouch of ale…see”?

Sir Butt likes his ale and so to have his hands free to hold at least one pouch of ale is always a good thing to him. Way back in the day Sir Butt explained just how a two headed dragon works and you should go in search of that story. It will help you understand that two headed dragons might not be so dangerous as most folks think. Besides searching for that story will take up a good portion of your not so productive of a day anyway.

Bears Butt
August 21, 2015

Written on August 21st, 2015 , Sir Butt

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