By: Bears Butt

And off they went, Sir Butt sitting tall on Something and Huff walking alongside talking about the task at hand.

That evening as they settled in for the night they discussed the days discussions in brief and decided that perhaps, just perhaps, there could be some statement about Sir Butt and his trusty steed Something. After all, Sir Butt is nothing without Something! I think we can all agree to that. Add to that, Sir Butt is nothing without his sword Cache. After all, once again, no dragon would ever be beheaded without the ever sharp, non dulling edge of Cache!

So which is more important, sword or steed?

Well, one could surmise that without those two things no dragon would ever be killed. And none would be killed either if it were not for the brave (or stupid) Sir Butt riding atop Something and swinging that sword. It’s a combination of the three that make for dead dragons hither and yon.

And the three companions drifted off to sleep.

It’s probably not an issue at this point to say that Cache is the sharpest sword ever made. The steel it is made of is not steel at all but a special blend of whatever was molten in the pot when it was poured and drawn. It’s been said that the edge is so sharp it can cut your stare! And it is also said that you can not see the very edge of it as it is so very thin it is invisible, and yet it will cut at the slightest touch.

Picture if you will a standard “in your knife drawer” cutting knife. The blade is sharp…I assume…and you can touch the cutting edge if you are careful and it won’t cut you. Sir Butt’s sword Cache is not like that. If you ever even THINK about touching the edge it draws blood. So I advise all of you not to try to touch it…that is…if you ever get to see it.

Bears Butt
August 9, 2015

Written on August 9th, 2015 , Sir Butt

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    Thanks for the bow hunting pictures and story.

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