By: Bears Butt

Things settled down a bit and Sir Butt dismounted from Something in order to talk to the man face to face.

“What is troubling you Huffing? You don’t mind me calling you Huffing do you? Or would you rather be called Puffing? Or Huff Puff”? Asked Sir Butt.

“Sir Butt, please call me Huff. All my folks and friends call me that”. He answered.

“So be it Huff”! Replied Sir Butt “Now what is the trouble that caused you to run out across Common Ground to locate me”? He asked.

“Sir Butt, I have been running straight for many days without rest and for a good cause I might say. You see the people of the land have no reference to Sir Butt except for your name. And since you are SO VERY FAMOUS in all of Common Ground your name comes up at all the pubs every day and night. People will toast good things in your name but there is just something lacking. Perhaps a song or statement that we could all prost to”. Said Huff.

“Hmmmmm”, hummed Sir Butt. “A song about Sir Butt? I don’t know about that. You know I’m the worst singer in all the land and I won a big contest as being such a while back. The Best of the Worst as I recall. I don’t think a song is a good thing Huff”. Replied Sir Butt

“But Sir Butt, there has to be a song or poem or statement that makes people realize we are talking about the all knowlegable one, the only Sir Butt in all of Common Ground! Our protector of travel”. said Huff

“Huff, perhaps you and the people of Common Ground are right, but I don’t think it necessary to have such as that. Why can’t they lift their glasses up and just say ‘Here’s to Sir Butt’ and let it go at that”? Sir Butt asked.

“That is what is being done today, but there must be more”! Exclaimed Huff and then he went on….”You are a hero to us all! None of our lives would be what they are had it not been for you taking out the dragons in the deep canyon! Nor the mini biting dragons on the highlands”! Said Huff.

“Well, Huff, let us travel together back to where you came from and perhaps we can come up with something in light of what you are asking of me. We can work on it together”! Said Sir Butt.

And so the tale continues. What is it exactly that the people of Common Ground want. Sir Butt is trying to figure this one out and as yet has been unable to determine why they people wants anything more than what they have now. Very troubling to Sir Butt, but he does not let on to Huff about his concerns. He just hums his little tunes in his head and lets Something take the lead.

Bears Butt
August 5, 2015

Written on August 5th, 2015 , Sir Butt

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