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It’s been a very busy time lately what with the 4th of July stuff going on in town, the farm stuff getting ready for the hay season, visitors camping on the farm and unwanted fishermen hitting the pond etc. etc. etc.  I finally had a moment last night to go down and test out some new arrows Weasel bought me.

We actually did a trade.  I won an arrow rest at one of the Brigham Bowmen 3D events and I certainly don’t need it for my bow.  Weasel could use it on his new bow and so we worked out a deal.  He would buy me 6 new arrows and I would give him the arrow rest I won.  We both win in a situation like this.

When asked what kind of arrows I would like I told him “arrows that could double as target arrows and hunting arrows”.  He studied the books and came up with Gold Tip Warriors as the arrows of choice.


These arrows are carbon shafts in 500 spine and they call them 3555’s.  They weigh 7.4 grams per inch and he had them cut to 28 inches.  Then he put inserts in the ends and 100 grain field tips screwed into those.  The object is to shoot an arrow of proper flex (spine) and a field tip weight that is equivalent to a broad head I plan to use while hunting.

I looked at these arrows for several days and wished I could have gotten out to shoot them right away, but that didn’t happen until last night.

I checked my brace height of my string once I had the bow strung and it was still at 8 inches.  8 inches is the mid point of the recommended brace height for my bow.  Not that it is the right brace height, but it works even though it is noisy.

With my first arrow nocked and ready, I was a little bit apprehensive about taking that shot.  I wanted the arrows to fly straight and true, but there is SO much about arrows that I don’t know and SO much more about types of arrow materials, fletching lengths and shapes, grains per inch weight, nocks, inserts, tips and the list goes on and on….it just plain gets crazy trying to figure it all out.  Well, I took a deep breath and drew back the string to anchor.  Concentrating on the yellow circle 20 yards down range I released the string and to my surprise I watched the arrow flying perfectly straight all the way to the target!  No wavering at all!  YES!!!

For the rest of the evening, even though it was a short one for me, the arrows continued to fly straight and true.  They went exactly where they were pointed and even though not always where I wished they would hit, they did fly straight!  Here is one end that made me pretty proud.


All in the circle and all looking pretty straight sticking out of the bale.

Later on and just before I got too tired to draw the bow back, I shot this end:


Three in the center all touching one another and the other 3 in the outer rings with one just missing the outer ring by a hair.

I like these arrows!

So for you new arrow shooters out there who have a similar set up to mine….Samik Journey 64 inch bow with 55 pound limbs, drawing about 27 inches….try out some 3555 Gold Tip carbon arrows with a 100 grain tip.  They aren’t too expensive and for me they fly pretty much like darts!

Bears Butt

July 7, 2015

Written on July 7th, 2015 , Archery stuff

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    Weasel commented

    Now that you know the 3555 size is a good one, any Gold Tip shaft in that size is going to fly like that for you… You have CHOICES!

    July 7, 2015 at 2:51 pm
      Bears Butt commented


      July 7, 2015 at 3:40 pm
    Bones commented

    Just get’n better all the time.

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