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So, Squirrel called me last night and asked if I would help him win a million dollars by proving something scientific…..sure….what else does a Grandpa do?  He then sent me an email and said we would talk more in the morning.  OK.

Here is what the email said:

this is the problem:

Yang–Mills Existence and Mass Gap. Prove that for any compact simple gauge group G, a non-trivial quantum Yang–Mills theory exists on  and has a mass gap Δ > 0. Existence includes establishing axiomatic properties at least as strong as those cited in Streater & Wightman (1964), Osterwalder & Schrader (1973) and Osterwalder & Schrader (1975).

In this statement, Yang–Mills theory is the (non-Abelian) quantum field theory underlying the Standard Model of particle physics;  is Euclidean 4-space; the mass gap Δ is the mass of the least massive particle predicted by the theory.

Therefore, the winner must prove that:

For example, in the case of G=SU(3)—the strong nuclear interaction—the winner must prove that glueballs have a lower mass bound, and thus cannot be arbitrarily light.


So, if he can come up with the solution to this and present it in such a way as to convince scientists world wide that what he is saying is true, he will win $1,000,000!  U.S. dollars!

I began looking some of the stuff up that is highlighted in blue and it didn’t take very long for me to be tossing my hat off and getting myself another beer.  This is WAY over the top for a 65 year old even if I do have a minor in math.  2+2 is still 4 in my mind.  Quantum field theory?  Never heard of it.  But I can tell you that the guys in the back of my calculus class…the ones with the Bulbous backs on their heads…they know all about that stuff.  I’m convinced I got a C out of college calculus because I sat in the chair right in front of the teacher and I tried my darndest to understand what on earth the derivative of the derivative was.

Well, this morning came quickly and the phone began to ring….it was Squirrel…..I was in hopes he had forgotten….Come on up and let’s talk!

He arrived with a handful of papers…he said…I almost ran the printer out of ink printing all these important papers!

Sure enough, he had printed all the papers from the little blue highlighted things above.  He really thinks and is planning on figuring this out and proving it without a doubt that he knows what the answer to the weight of a glueball is!  And I hope he does.

So, he and I sat down at this wonderful machine in front of me now and started looking up some of the blue highlighted things.  Most of which he had already printed of course, but I had not had a chance to review them.  Soon, I was looking at images of Nuclear cells and stuff with hard to say words.  Some with blue, green and red circles inside mauve big circles, all connected with wavey lines.

YO!  Dude!  This is what he has to prove.  The wavey lines are what are called the Glueballs!  Do they have any mass or not?  Something is holding those other things in place and so of course it MUST have some mass or it wouldn’t be there!  Now the problem is finding out how much one Proton weighs and we already now how much the nutrons weigh, the difference is what the glueballs weigh…right?

Yang-Mills say the glueballs don’t have any weight…HA!  I differ!  Anything that is anything has some weight to it or it wouldn’t be something (anything)!  I’m not a rocket scientist but I know that!

We also learned that the interior of a proton contains 2 each of positive things and 1 each of negative things.  These are the things held together by the glueballs.  But occationally you end up with a proton with all negative things, or all positive things, or 1 positive and 2 negatives.  They all have names too but I can’t remember those names.

So, calculate for me (and him) the weight of the “least massive particle of the proton”…. OH and I THINK in the statement above…”glueballs have a lower mass bound”,  they actually mean “bound” is “bond”…….Bulbous headed people don’t always think straight.

Well, Cody James “Squirrel” Zundel, I sure hope you get this one figured out.  Don’t forget to ask your Grandpa for his input.  It will probably NOT help you win the big prize, but I do have something to say about all of this.

Bears Butt

June 15, 2015

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    Wapiti commented

    It could possibly be: Glueballs weigh – .03850007145 minus pie. This will impress Mr. Duck who named Squirrel. It will also impress Squirrel who will know I am trying to help him win a million bucks.

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