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Weasel, Squirrel and I hit the range last night to post up our next to the last league score for the current “thing” we are shooting.  I don’t know what the “game” is called but we are shooting a five spot target.  Well, the ones that are good enough to do that are shooting a five spot target, I’m shooting at a big old blue circle with black lines separating scoring rings.  Each team of 4 shooters posts up 8 different weeks of scores, how those scores are tallied in the end is way outside my guessing abilities but somehow they will decide which team did the best, worst etc.  All I know is that my scores have been around 100 with my best a 144 and I think my average is around a 125 to 130.

The whole object for me, so far in my archery career is to get better.  I’ve read where someone (or many someones) has said, “shoot 60 arrows a day to keep the zeros away”.  It is obvious I need more 60’s in a day because even last night a few zeros crept onto the score sheet.  But, even at that, shooting an arrow and getting a zero is better than not shooting an arrow.  It’s fun and I highly recommend it for old and young alike!

The lanes were pretty empty last night as it was the first day of Spring and folks were most likely enjoying a backyard BBQ or something rather than coming out to shoot bows.  For us it was a very relaxing way to spend a few hours on a Friday night.

I was coerced into playing in this league by Weasel and an old friend from the blackpowder scene, Marv Bunderson.  Both Weasel and Marv can, and do, shoot regular scores in the mid to high 290’s all the time and they have handicaps that rival pro-golfers.  To say it another way, they don’t have handicaps.  Squirrel and I have very large numbered handicaps.  His around the 70’s and mine in the 130’s.  Personally I like a large handicap, it means I have room for improvement.  When I golfed I didn’t have a handicap, mostly because I didn’t compete in golf games, but I still could shoot close to a par game in 9 holes.  The game became boring to me and I stopped playing.  What’s the point if you only win a nickel, dime or quarter from the ones you are golfing with?  Even the beer was not cold enough by the time the ninth hole came around.  I digress.

So, with lots of room for improvement in my shooting ability, I stepped up and decided to join this team of good shooters.  Their strategy (there is one you know) is to have Squirrel and I join their team, knowing full well we will post scores that increasingly get better over the 8 weeks and of course add to our scores our handicaps and suddenly, the team score is beating the best of the best in the end.  A good strategy if you ask me.  However, with my fading eye sight, new bow, bad form, arrows that are probably not tuned properly, a brace height that needs adjusting and a myriad of other archery related items, my scores have not been what those two thought I would be posting up….until…..last night!

Squirrel has been improving remarkably well over the weeks!  I’ll make up some scores here, but they aren’t far off from what was real.  160, 170, 180, 200, 210, 220, 230 and last night 246!

246!!!!!  And 11 X’s!  That is only 54 points less than perfect!  And with 60 arrows shot, he is less than 1 point per arrow from a perfect score!  Add that to his handicap!  I’m pretty sure his overall score exceeds 300 for this weeks score!

Me?  Well, let’s just say I scored a personal best!  My number doesn’t compare to Squirrels, but for me I’ll take it!  I felt good shooting and even though I hit the board a couple of time with low shots and put up 5 zeros during the event, I still managed to also put up 5 X’s to offset those O’s.  Mark me with a 162!  I’m dancing around now!  Add in my handicap and I’m close to a 300 but not quite.  I think you will see our team up near the top of the leader board for this week!

I learned something last night about shooting instinctively like I have to learn to do….Trust in the equipment…..Keep your form correct…..Follow through with the shot…..Keep your eye on where you want the arrow to end up.

My last shot of the night went like this, as I spoke to myself in my mind:  Wynn, this is your last shot of the night, shot number 60.  Sure you are tired.  Your first shot of this 5 shot sequence went into the board below the target.  See it hanging there?  A big fat zero and an embarrassing loud BANG for all to hear.  Get over it!  Your other 3 shots weren’t too bad, now make this one count.  It’s your last shot today.  Trust in yourself.  Look at the big old white spot down there.  It’s huge!  Let your instincts find the mark.  A smooth draw back to your anchor point.  That feels great doesn’t it?  Oh ya!  You got this.  Turn the bow slightly until the string touches your nose.  The string is now lined up with the arrow…that’s good.  Now focus on the white spot.  Release when ready and let your draw fingers touch your cheek….nice!  Watch down the sight plain as the arrow arches toward the big white circle…..BULLS EYE!  A solid X!

As I turned around to put my bow on the stand, the guy who was scoring us was looking through his monocular at my target.  He looked up and said….”Show off”!

Bears Butt

March 21, 2015


Written on March 21st, 2015 , Archery stuff

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