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It’s been a day or two since I’ve posted a trapping update.  Yesterday was Tracker and my day to head out to the trapline for a couple of reasons.  One was the Orbiter Rocket Motor test firing and the other was to check my traps that are out that way.  We were in quite a traffic jam for about a half hour as hundreds of people were going to see the test firing of the rocket motor.  I hadn’t thought of that aspect of things.  Had I put my thinking cap on I would have gone at least a half hour before we actually did.  As it were, we made it but with no time to spare.  We were set up to watch from our position when the announcer said “T Minus 3 minutes”!  That is how close we were to missing it.

Well, we did get to see and feel it and it was a very big deal.  Lots of noise!  Lots of fire!  Lots of rumbling of the ground!  Very cool experience AND if I can ever get my video to publish on You Tube, I’ll be sending you there on this site.  But it hasn’t happened yet.

Back to trapping!

Tracker took quite a few short video clips while I checked my traps and I ended up with two rats for the day.  No coons or skunks.  However, they did manage to knock over one of my dog proof traps and covered the entire thing in mud.  Do you think they know what it is?

Meanwhile, Bob came out and checked his traps after the crowd had left the rocket motor test site and he managed to catch 4 rats….3 from a colony trap he had set the day before.

Today I’m heading out to Doris’ place to set her pond and hopefully I’ll run into Richard and make arrangements to set his slough.  He has to remove his bulls however before I’ll step foot in there.  If it’s anything like last year it should be good for about 50 rats.

After setting Doris’ pond I’ll come back to the Big Spring line and pull it.  Two rats is not worth the trouble.

If I catch two today it will be a bonus catch, in my opinion.

Bears Butt

March 12, 2015

Written on March 12th, 2015 , Daily Trapping Events

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