By: Bears Butt

PackUpTheMuleWell today marked day two of no rats on my big line.  In fact I caught ZERO rats today and no traps were set off.  The season is over.  I went over to Doris’ pond and they have done a whole heap of work around the pond.  Widened the bank where the dam is, put in a very large drain pipe.  Dug out the pond nearly 3/4 the way around it and it looked like they used a hydro unit to do the digging as it is very deep.  They also raised the level of the water at least a foot.  The toolies that are on one end of the pond have water about a third of the way up on the stocks.  I’m sure when they raised the water level it would have drowned any rats living in the bank, or at least caused them to move out.  There was no sign anywhere, but I did set 5 traps, just so they can see I tried.

I don’t expect to catch any rats there and am planning on pulling the 5 traps tomorrow right along with the rest of my traps.

Pete closed the gate on my raccoon line area up on Bull Run which forced me to park on the side of the highway and open the gate.  It is not an easy gate to deal with.  That was all I needed to encourage me to pull all the raccoon traps.

So, it looks like the 2015 rat trapping season is over.  I stopped along the highway and talked to Bob, he had 5 rats and was feeling good!  He too is ready to call it a season.

Bears Butt

March 12, 2015

Written on March 12th, 2015 , Daily Trapping Events

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