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This Daylight Savings Time stuff has really got me out of whack!  Couple it with a scratchy throat and little sleep and it will take me awhile to catch up with everything going on.

Yesterday on the trap line was a very warm one!  Over 60 degrees!  And the rats were somewhat cooperative.  I ended up with 15, but one was a small one we didn’t skin.  And Bob netted 12 on his line!!!!  That was a very good catch!

My rats seem to be a pretty good mix of males and females, but his were mostly males and they are definitely running!  Nature has a special way of telling the critters when it is time to do what and I guess even though the weather has been unseasonably warm, the rats have got it all figured out.  Here we are at the end of our season and they decide it is time to do their thing.  We will take advantage of them while we can and as long as the fur isn’t slipping we will load up.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day out on the line.  Tracker is going to accompany me in order to video the testing of the latest Orbitor rocket boosters.  The plan is to stack all five of the booster rocket motors on top of each other, (parallel) and blast them all off at the same time!  Can you imagine the noise?!?  Over 1.3 million pounds of solid rocket fuel will be consumed in less than 2 minutes!!!  We are in for a real treat and I hope to video it myself and post it up on here.  The Orbitor is the newest rocket that is planned to take people to Mars eventually.

I’m running late right now and have to cut this short, but my expected catch today is 8 rats.  The run effects Bob’s trap lines more than it does mine.  Why?  My lines are pretty well self contained, while his line gets rats commuting from one area to the next.  His line is in an area that connects two different waterfowl management units.  Remember when you were in high school and it wasn’t really too cool to date the girls or boys from your school, but it was way cool to date the ones from the rival school?  Well it works the same with rats.  Those in the Salt Creek waterfowl management area like to date the rats in the Public Shooting Grounds WMA and vise versa.  When they meet up in the crossing zone they battle and cause damage to their pelts.  It’s just the same as high school.

Gotta Go!

Bears Butt

March 10, 2015


I guess the rat Gods are telling me the season is over.  Yesterday I caught 14 keepers and 1 small toss out rat….today….ONE!  And a coon.

Written on March 10th, 2015 , Daily Trapping Events

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