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MyFirst3shotgroupSo, you can see by this picture from the other night, “my group”….sure they are far apart, but look closer….they are all within the picture and all in the blocking behind the target, even though one is lower than the others.  During that night’s shooting I actually did hit the paper once.

So, let’s look at “perspective”.  Weasel has been actively shooting his bow for about six months.  He has been very diligent and practicing nearly daily.  He has joined a league of shooters and is doing very well, I might add.  He has two different team mates on two teams.  His average is in the 270′ somewhere and his handicap is under above 10 and under 20.  So, when you think about it, with a possible 300 score, he is up in the upper tear and a contender for some very good high ranking scores.  If he would settle down and take every shot like he does when he gets serious, he could just hit a perfect 300.  But he gets over confident at times and blows a shot out into the 7 and 8 ring during his 30 shot scoring which brings his overall score down and down and down again.

Back to perspective.  I hit the paper once on my first outing with the bow.  I also found out my arrows are too big for the bow I’m shooting and I need to get some smaller ones.  Does that discourage me from continuing to shoot until that time comes?  NO!  I went again last night and using the arrows I have, I decided to practice on my “form” and forget about the target.  Sure the target is down there so I will shoot at my bunk and not someone elses.  I chose lane 1 so I’m away from the serious other shooters that were there.  I have quickly learned that most of these bow shooters are pretty dang serious and require NO NOISE when they are on the line.  Weasel had the lady in charge turn on the radio to calm everyone down and even though I was closest to the radio, I could barely hear it.

So what about my perspective on bow shooting?  At the end of our session, I had hit the paper 4 times.  Improvement?  I think so.  And with arrows that like to “dance” as they leave the bow.  I could actually see the back end of the arrow shoot toward the ceiling as it left the bow, and then the point of the arrow pointed that direction and eventually the arrow found its mark down range.  Now, according to what I have heard and read, I should not be seeing that sort of dancing.  My arrow should fly in a straight line, all be it an arc in its flight to my target.  With smaller arrows I should see that remedied.

Bears Butt

December 31, 2014

New Years Eve!  Ya’ll be safe now, hear!

Written on December 31st, 2014 , Archery stuff

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