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WHOAAA!  We went to visit the baby at the hospital and decided to bring it home.  The doctors could find nothing wrong and so, being good business people they didn’t even charge us for an admittance fee!  How wonderful!

Expercon in Logan is the best!

So, I say to everyone on here, if you are interested in an Apple type computer, hit them guys up!

As for my baby….Well, I’ve been on line for about 5 minutes now and everything is perfect.  No humming.  No drumming.  No loud and obnoxious noises of any kind.  And best of all no poopy diapers!  It is as if it is brand spanking new again!  And all because I unplugged it to take it to the doctor.  So keep that in mind Apple computer owners…if you are experiencing any sort of problem, just unplug it and wait 5 minutes.  Then plug it back in and see if that didn’t fix it.  If it does, please make a comment below this posting and let others know about how easy it is to fix Apple Computers!

It feels so good to have a Bears Butt again!  This morning when I posted that short story about why things were going so bad, it took about 20 minutes for me to “fat finger” my way through that with tons and tons of re-do’s because of those terrible auto-correct words.

So, what is going on besides having my baby home?

Ice fishing:  Saw some folks out on Mantua today and we drove past Hyrum….from ice enough to stand on in Mantua, to white caps on Hyrum!  What a difference!  No ice fishing up there yet!

Bow and arrow shooting:  I got a bow and 3 arrows from my Grandkids for Christmas and went to the range for the first time last night.  Boy was I tearing it up.  Her is my first 3 shot group:


Look close, you will see all three arrows.

Then in the room walked a man who knows all there is to know about shooting a bow like the one I got.  He first took the arrow rest off and put a new one on….correctly I might add.  Then he got a bow square out and re-set the arrow knock point.  He spent the next 30 minutes telling me that it isn’t so much about hitting the target as getting the proper form down pat when you first take up shooting a bow and arrow.  And then, he had me shoot with my eyes closed into a target backing that was all of 3 feet away.  I sort of felt like a kid being scolded for something and being sent into the corner to be out of the way.  But I did as he said, and sure enough, I could feel the bow string on the end of my nose and my anchor point on my jaw each time.  Next was my release…all 3 fingers needing to brush my cheek when I let the string go.  It all felt so good….AND to top it all off, I never once missed that 3 ft. X 3 ft. block of foam!!!!

So, after he had worn himself out shooting at his targets he came back to me and told me to now shoot at the paper target down range 20 yards.

I did and he stopped me.  My arrows were lifting in the back upon release.  He made a minor adjustment to the arrow nock point.  Still they bucked up!  (Or was it just me bucking up?)  He went away for a moment and came back with a different set of arrows.  Smaller in diameter than the ones I was using, like half as big around.  I shot those and low and behold I could watch the arrow all the way to the target.  Something I could not do with the bigger arrows.  I need arrows as small as those and will be ordering some very soon.

After shooting several sets of 3 arrows, Weasel  said he was tired and wanted to go home.  So, after my set of shooting I counted up how many times I hit that little yellow circle….once!

Don’t laugh!  A guys has to start somewhere!  Even a good fisherman starts with his first fish!

Bears Butt

December 30, 2014

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